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  1. I can see your point about Mechanics and I do use them from time to time especially when using vehicles to scout/harass however they are way too micro intense when it comes to larger groups of vehicles. Also Medics, Mobile Gap Generators are the opposite they reveal on a map you're hiding a small force of tanks and also Radar Jammers! Really!? When have these ever come in handy?
  2. But the Technician is a lovable rubbish unit nothing beats hording an army of them trying to take on 5 infantry units to their peril
  3. What is in your opinion the most pointless or feckless unit among C&C?? I mean I know that dude on Youtube did a thing on these years ago but I'd love to get a discussion going on this subject and can include any unit from any game in the C&C Series. For me unless you're camping artillery at your defense I must say I feel units that are pointless are the likes of The Mechanic in Red Alert Aftermath, Saboteur in Generals for the GLA and obviously the Technician in the first few Command & Conquer Series
  4. Not me mate I've never played Dune I am not even 100% sure if my ver of C&C: TD, C&C: RA (And Aftermath) is compatible online because I purchased the C&C Ultimate Collection
  5. Hello All. Been playing RA since it's original release however never ever played online something I intend to do, also really want to sink my teeth into some custom challenges/maps. I have been hooked on RTS Games all my life and was UK Runner up in the WCG Qualifiers on Starcraft Brood war back in 2007 just narrowly missing out on a trip to South Korea to compete. My favourite games in the C&C Series is in this order C&C RA, C&C Generals Zero Hour, C&C TD and C&C RA2
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