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  1. Most Useless Unit in C&C?

    I can see your point about Mechanics and I do use them from time to time especially when using vehicles to scout/harass however they are way too micro intense when it comes to larger groups of vehicles. Also Medics, Mobile Gap Generators are the opposite they reveal on a map you're hiding a small force of tanks and also Radar Jammers! Really!? When have these ever come in handy?
  2. Most Useless Unit in C&C?

    But the Technician is a lovable rubbish unit nothing beats hording an army of them trying to take on 5 infantry units to their peril
  3. Most Useless Unit in C&C?

    What is in your opinion the most pointless or feckless unit among C&C?? I mean I know that dude on Youtube did a thing on these years ago but I'd love to get a discussion going on this subject and can include any unit from any game in the C&C Series. For me unless you're camping artillery at your defense I must say I feel units that are pointless are the likes of The Mechanic in Red Alert Aftermath, Saboteur in Generals for the GLA and obviously the Technician in the first few Command & Conquer Series
  4. I personally with the world of games evolving like they are have a sort of toolbox style RTS where there is two formats available which is Traditional & Sand Box RTS which gives you the opportunity to fully customise create new units/armies etc without the need of major massive mods. The AI I'd like to see is ones that when you play them repeated they try to learn your patterns of play and counter with other strategies which means one there is no super tactic/build order. The sort of plot I'd like to create is a modern one with some more realistic opponents instead of the GLA like on Generals have physical countries a little bit like RA2 Where you have countries like Syria, Iran, North Korea and rebel groups/terrorist factions like present and historical ones such as DAESH/ISIS the IRA, The Basque Independence fighters and going further back like La Resistance of Vichy France in WW2. But also with alliances like on Generals I see some skirmish alliances that do not make sense like GLA and USA being on same team would simply never happen. I'd like to replace this with alliances that can only be applied to certain countries against others creating Blocs like NATO or the ARAB League etc e.g. if you had North Korea and South Korea as factions on a game never allow them to ally unless one is fighting the other an captures their construction yard for example which could then create a Unified Korea. Either way the above would require very very enhanced details and time to create. I'd create a mineral system like in Starcraft Brood War where you have two core minerals which depending on the maps layout can create some very tactical play. For example in Starcraft you have Minerals and Vespene Gas however you cannot construct advanced vehicles such as Tanks without the Vespene Gas. Also create a unit control count so on Starcraft again you get 8 units per food supply building you construct with a maximum allowance of 200 food/unit count and there is a hierarchy of units taking up extra unit points for example a Siege Tank takes 2 because 2 people would be in the vehicle
  5. Welcome, New Members!

    Not me mate I've never played Dune I am not even 100% sure if my ver of C&C: TD, C&C: RA (And Aftermath) is compatible online because I purchased the C&C Ultimate Collection
  6. Welcome, New Members!

    Hello All. Been playing RA since it's original release however never ever played online something I intend to do, also really want to sink my teeth into some custom challenges/maps. I have been hooked on RTS Games all my life and was UK Runner up in the WCG Qualifiers on Starcraft Brood war back in 2007 just narrowly missing out on a trip to South Korea to compete. My favourite games in the C&C Series is in this order C&C RA, C&C Generals Zero Hour, C&C TD and C&C RA2