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  1. Well for some reason AVG can't find the exe to add as an exception. When I browse my way to the folder it's contained in, the .exe file doesn't show, so how do I get around that? As for the dplayx.dll file, where is that contained? I reinstalled it again just now and didn't get any message asking me to install that, just the message asking if I want to install all components including videos, to which I clicked yes.
  2. First issue: When changing graphics settings, I get the message "Access to the path '..\Gruntmods Studios\Dune 2000\dune200.ini' is denied.". Second issue: When attempting to start a game, I get the message " The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000022). Click OK to close the application. Any help with this would be appreciated, thank you.
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