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  1. -do you mean the unit on the map or the unit in the team defining window? units as they are on the map are in guard mode -not sure if or why it would be unique to various triggers, but i have quite a few other triggers that work with multi1 fine -they are the only rangers on the map
  2. Red Alert 1 mission creation: I am trying to create a team using the 2 rangers in the screenshot below, which will be triggered when the player enters the base via the west. I have followed the instructions that come with the editor using the examples provided but cant seem to get it to work. These are the trigger/team lines i have so far which is no different from what is in the examples/tutorials ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Ranger1 Owner: Special Existence: temporary (any linked event -> switch, destroy) Type: simple (event1 => action1 [+ action2]) Event 1: Entered by...Multi1 Action 1: Create Team... Ranger1 Action 2: Reinforcement (team)... Ranger1 Linked to: CellTriggers - 1 Units - 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Ranger1 Owner: Special Priority: 7 Max: 0 Num: 0 WayPoint: 30 Team: Ranger 2 Orders: 0 Move to waypoint... 30 1 Move to waypoint... 31 Options: Charge toward target ignoring distractions. Linked triggers: Ranger1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- trying to get them to patrol a road north and die in an ambush starting another trigger to lead the player to their next objective. im probably missing something but i just cant find out how to make this work currently the rangers just sit there and do nothing, still cant figure this one out
  3. well i did attach the tag as Red Alert 1 so thought this would be obvious... have since put Red Alert 1 on the first line of my other posts just to be clear
  4. Red Alert 1 modding: Im already assuming the answer is going to be no but is there a way to allow multiple players to build units from the same building (ie: barracks) would save me space building multiplayer co-op mission maps
  5. Ive made a bunch of irrelevant changes to various things just trying to get used to the editor and what it can do so you can more or less ignore those, for example the player start location is only because im testing it with the skirmish mode for now im intedning to make this a multiplayer co-op sort of mission (layers upon layers of triggers will be needed OMG o.O) i set myself a task and a half with this map but im loving it so far, always loved making maps now i can make missions its so good haha CO-OP10.MPR
  6. Red Alert 1 mission creation: is there some way to change ownership of units/buildings from say nuetral faction to the player? im having difficulty finding any trigger settings which allow me to do this
  7. yeh so this didnt work... simply didnt render trees placed in order of first to last (most recently placed trees seem to be rendered with priority) honestly, sounds a bit too complicated for me at this stage, first map ive made since getting the new cncnet editor so just trying to play around at this point, learn how to trigger and what not... ended up completing my map by replacing a large amount of what was going to be trees with sporadic ridge lines... it works well enough and because of the theatre (which holy s*** can i just say is so awesome) still makes it feel claustrophobic enough for me
  8. worked out for myself that i can exceed this limitation using the new editor =]
  9. So im making a jungle map, this means trees, lots of trees... however i have hit the limit of placeable terrain items. i have tried adjusting the limit in the .mpr for my map and re-opening the editor however this did not work. is it POSSIBLE to place more then this seemingly arbitrary limit? if so how?
  10. So am i able to add an icon for a building? would i need a special image format? would i need a special program?
  11. i also struggling to find any direction with adding build icons for example i have added the hospital to the map im building, but it has no icon for the build menu. for testing purposes i attached the bio lab icon using the "Image" line in the .MPR, but this also changed the graphic on the battle map to the bio lab, and had it cycle through its image set non-stop. im not a coder/modder/programer by any stretch of the imagination and ive taught myself pretty much everything i know (which is virtually nothing) i just want someone to say "look here it will explain it" haha
  12. Ive tried, ive searched high and low and cant find the answers that are simple enough for my little brain to understand. any changes i make to ore (how fast it grows, what its worth, etc) dont take effect - i have learned as much that im editing the MPR file, running it through cncnet, have even played my custom map over lan with other alterations taking effect, but no changes to the ores related stats... i grew up playing ra1, and now that ive found it again im hoping to sink some hours id greatly appreciate any help or advice
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