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  1. C&C95 - the chem warrior is kinda useless by virtue of its high tech level, even though they are kinda cool. I guess it's kind of a testamanent to C&C95's good balance that practically all of the mainstream units are good in certain situations. Even mammoths are useful in SP as damage sponges. RA - Yak, MRJ, MGG; but basically anything other than the 3 main tanks and V2's is pretty useless. Rangers? pointless when a 1tnk is £100 more. Shock troopers cost the same as a heavy and get massacred by artillery; so why would you ever build one? Tesla tanks cost almost the same as 2 heavy tanks and 1 V2 will kill one. I swear I've seen one taken out in a single Artillery shot. Mammoths too slow. MAD tank too situational outside of amusing yourself by detonating 3 against the AI. Ren - the tiberium auto rifle (the Sydney character) was pretty useless. It shot slow moving tib clouds that did next to no damage against tanks; a basic rifleman could take one out.
  2. has the latest version also fixed the missing shock trooper / mechanic voices ?
  3. I only really play RA on skirmish through the launcher (too noob to play online) - but recently the AI seems to be playing a lot better (actually building tanks from 2 WF's, rather than only building 1 WF and having millions of infantry) - I remember looking into the AI and finding only the rules.ini controls (that don't do much at all) - did they found a way to buff the AI? anyway RA plays a lot better now, with the highres patch, lobby allowing AI teams etc are there any changelog / readme's for what gets changed in the patch?
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