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  1. It appears like my fix to my issue reported in my last post was only a temporary fix, because although launching the game from ra95-spawn.exe or ra95-TLF.exe makes the civilian buildings visible at all time, both of these launchers do not support the Soviet campaign videos, meaning while I could play through the Allies campaign just fine, as soon I fire up the Soviet campaign, there is no briefing, victory or defeat videos at all beyond the first briefing video. I tried to reinstall the game in minimal installation and/or disable the No CD Required option in the config menu thinking it would force the game to check for the CDs and load the data from the CD but unfortunately the game cannot detect mounted CDs it seems (or CDs mounted from Win 8's CD mounting program at least). So I am back to square one. I can either play the game without any of the Soviet campaign videos through ra95-spawn.exe, or I can play the game with invisible civilian buildings through ra95.exe, and both options bother me greatly to be honest. Is there a way to fix any one of those issues?
  2. I'm a couple missions into the Allies campaign and I have noticed one strange thing, namely civilian buildings fail to load properly when I load a savegame. For example, suppose I start the Soviet campaign, the first mission where you got to raze a civilian village, the very first time I fire up the mission, I can see all the civilian buildings on the battlefield, but if I save my game and load that savegame, or if I restart the mission from the Abort Mission menu, or if I go to the main menu and restart the campaign from scratch, suddenly the civilian buildings aren't visible anymore. I can see the oil barrels, the oil wells, the crop fields... but houses, churches and what are no longer visible on the battlefield. For all intend and purpose, the buildings are still there, if I put my cursor over one of them, the cursor changes from the Move cursor to the Attack cursor, I can attack those invisible buildings, and they will explode when destroyed. I can also select those buildings, however the white square and the health bar does not appear. The buildings are also visible on the mini map, but graphically, they become completely invisible on the battlefield. -Edit- I somewhat found a fix for my issue: This issue only happens when I launch the game from ra95.exe, or RA95Launcher.exe. When I launch the game from ra95-spawn.exe or ra95-TLF.exe, the game works perfectly.
  3. It took me a while but I managed to figure out where/how I contacted you back in 2011, it was through a private message on the CNCNZ.com forums. And the missing video I was talking about in 2011 was the briefing video where Carville warns you about the new Soviet subs, the one that starts with "Take a good long look, Major, because you will be attacking that harbor at dawn." This video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kwCfuP8mdQ When I played Red Alert in 2011, with RA95 that you had to install and run with shortcuts in Win98 compatibility mode (The pain!) and the older version of the Lost Files that overwrote existing videos, that briefing video was nowhere to be found, but I gave a quick look just now at the various briefing videos in the version I have now (installed with the RA Installer, and with the latest version of the Lost Files) and that briefing video plays at the beginning of Production Disruption. So everything is fine after all. Thank you again for all the work you guys did to make this awesome game playable on modern machines. Looking forward to dive back into Red Alert this weekend.
  4. First of all, a big huge thank you for everyone that has been involved in the creation of the Red Alert Installer. I had to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 8 a couple years ago and had become unable to reinstall the game as a result. Yesterday I got into a mood to play Red Alert and discovering this program was like finding an oasis in the desert. Also, big thumbs up for the seemingly extended soundtrack, I don't recall my older version of Red Alert having the Counterstrike, Aftermath and Retaliation tracks. I'm writing because I have a couple question for Nyerguds regarding the Lost Files: I've noticed that you've patched the Lost Files sometimes last year. Back in the days, it was highly advised to postpone installing the Lost Files if you intended to play the Red Alert Allies and Soviets campaign as the Lost Files would overwrite some of the Red Alert campaign videos. Has this been fixed? Also, I recall sending you an email or a forum message a long long while ago regarding some of the briefing videos. I believe at the time I had come across a lost file among the Lost Files, I think it was the video where Carville congratulate you for rescuing the hostages, or it could be the video where he tells you to destroy those submarine bases, or maybe it was one of Topolov's videos, I don't remember, it's been so long, but there was one video that wouldn't be shown anywhere in the game because no mission briefing or debriefing would link to that video. I sent you a message to report that issue and you said you'd keep that in mind next time you would patch the Lost Files but that was in 2011 or 2012 if I recall correctly. So I was wondering if you had fixed that little thing when you patched the Lost Files last year. All in all, thanks for all the good work you guys have done on those games, I am looking forward to replaying the first game when I'll be done with Red Alert.
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