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    crash to desktop on start up

    Yup downloaded it yesterday, it works and loads up the lobby first time after install but then crashes back to desktop about 10 seconds after start up, after that it just doesn't run at all, just stops responding as soon as I click the icon
  2. Rockles

    crash to desktop on start up

    That is the log after crash, I'll double check the antivirus when I get home but I doubt it's that because normally it warns that it's quarantined stuff, it is a really dodgy install of yuri because the install files wouldn't work so it's a mixture of yuri CD, and origin install but it worked ok for the last couple of months, just wonder if maybe wiping the whole lot and starting from scratch might work
  3. Rockles

    crash to desktop on start up

    Hi there, I'm having trouble since an update the other week where by when I double click the cncnet icon for yuri's revenge to load up it just stops responding straight away, I've tried compatability wizard on windows 10 and nothing seems to work, if I reinstall cncnet it loads up and gets me into the lobby for about 10 seconds before crashing back to desktop and after that it just stops responding straight away when i double click the icon. Any help would be appreciated, I've enclosed the client file as well. Running windows 10 home if that helps client.log