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  1. yeah, feck this game and the topic! GG bois
  2. So hostile, just trying to discuss what would help the game to grow but this kinda makes my point. All kind of guides wont keep new players when they are bullied out of games, without giving them proper reason. Rather point them out to the guides and be more polite so people wont get upset and just leave. I am not totally new and it is hard to get games at times already, so makes me wonder how it must feel for totally new guy. Love this game and it is sad so see where it is going...
  3. One good way would be to change attitude and not beeing an elitist pricks like 80% (maybe 90%) of the game. Installed game yeastarday and mostly getting kicked from every game or beeing called noob even before game starts.... if your name isn't known you suck because you haven't played 10+ years and are in the inside circle. Yeah, good way to get new players I guess
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