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  1. checked the firewall. renegade and renlist r both allowed. all of that and still getting the same msg. ive ran renlist by itself, and even ran renegade, as admin, minimized the game and ran renlist, as admin
  2. ok. looking at the link, it says windows might need to be updated. I checked for an update. it looks like its been a while since the last update. will update when I go to bed. will reply in a day or 2 when I can see if that works. hopefully I will
  3. ok. I had both files in my origin folder. also had them in my reneged/core folder. I copied them into my renegade folder. still getting the same msg
  4. ok. I run the game as admin, then I run reenlist as admin while game is running and still get the same msg
  5. ok. that solved that problem. now when I try to join a match I get a message: missing required file "ssleay32.dll"
  6. ive installed renlist, chose the game directory path, chose my name on the gsa tab, and when I try to connect I keep getting an error message.
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