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  1. I can't even get mine to work, I tried comparability modes, i tried your patcher 2.0, I tried using the latest version of the ddraw.dll and i get nothing a black screen. i really wish i could play ts again on my Windows 10 ROG x64 edition gaming computer,
  2. Extract into the Custom folder Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ToOX58W1n5BXVQoSoXhlL4adEV8eoRub
  3. Judt as a selectable option to make the "patch" enabled and same with visceroids or how ever you spell it. just like you do with crates and short game. problem solved.
  4. Iso Format, Burn using IMGBURN at 1x speed or attach using Daemontool. Run compatibility using Windows 95 This Iso Contains Maps and More for Classic C&c(or C&c Gold) and Classic Red Alert(Along with the Expansions). Download Link From My Google Drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hnU13mcDk1q2ysdRk5AVRvW972ql8C3G Google drive link share pictures of the CD and Jewel Case Art and the ISO of the cd, Enjoy, -rabidsnypr My Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MrRabidsnypr
  5. i got this error and it stopped working and i don't get the error anymore and still don't work.
  6. Still banned. No reply. For real wtf is going on!!!
  7. Yea I sent a request removal and I am waiting on a email reply. Hopefully the ban is lifted before my next day off so I can play again.
  8. Yes. I also played down in Hampton Virginia at my other house too. I never done anything to get banned here’s a screen shot of it saying what I did. I go under the name abrcadet. The only thing I can think of I someone went under my name and spoofed my up.
  9. I did and there is nothing. Here’s a screen shot
  10. Look at the picture. Why can’t I be connected????
  11. Other Renegade games available Use a different version or check if your firewall or internet router is blocking it.
  12. I've been collecting games alot longer lol. I already knew it wasnt worth much but if you love CnC, you have to own the n64 game. Gtfo. Stop trolling topics. Thanks.
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