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  1. rabidsnypr

    Hello! anywone home?

  2. rabidsnypr

    Learning to live stream

    I just started not to long ago on how to live stream using obs. A buddy of mine that I play Socom 2 online with set it up because I got a capture card. I use my girl's computer because it' better then mine. I' still learning on how to use it for pc screen cap. I was live streaming me playing renegade earlier and I was messing with the screen. I could not figure out how to set up the screen better or fuller. I got it more centered then it being on one side. Advice would be nice. Here's the video https://youtu.be/UXzaZWgwDec Thanks
  3. rabidsnypr

    Other TS:Reborn Server????

    So i found another TS:Reborn Server. Where can i get the files to download it and play on it. Because Renlist says "Version Mismatch". Since it tries to load regular renegade. links would be nice. I have it on my w3d hub client but no one ever gets on it.....
  4. rabidsnypr

    Windows 7 Desktop Theme Packs

    I put the ones i found in a .rar file here. extract with winrar, winzip or that 7zip program. there is 1 windows 10 theme. i wanted to see if i can find a way to get it working with windows 7. i never tried it and it even says use at your won risk or something like that. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Okbt-jOyj2HFGdYSOKOpq8yd2cQKrln8 i added photos to mine too, so i have more backgrounds. when you have the theme window open, click on desktorp and drag and drop anything background pics you downloaded and check mark them or as these new school noobs call it, tick the box for the backgrounds you want to appear in your theme that you are using. if anyone finds any that i don't have please share them with me. thanks p.s. i found this old topic on google searching for themes. i also have windows xp themes i will upload and share soon too. yes, i have systems with windows xp and yes they still get updates.
  5. rabidsnypr

    Renegade Idea

    I got an idea, This might be dumb, or its in the works or it's the works(BFD:WOA). But my idea, I would help create it if i knew how too. Renegade: Dune 2000, it would be cool af, to hear the sounds and be able to be the unit on the ground. have the 3 sides and 3 bases, 3 teams battling it out on maps for the Spice! I really think it would be really awesome and i know for a fact i would play it. I always liked Dune, watched the movie when I was a kid. upgrade your unit like you can in CNC: Renegde, Watch your vehicle get created from a 1st person or 3rd person view. watch the sandworms attack units outside the base and watch them attack the base, then the team has to go and defend them off. Add upgrades so you can put concrete down etc. because https://w3dhub.com/ had renegade red alert and tiberian sun. why not have a Dune version.
  6. rabidsnypr

    Unable to Download Dune 2000

    i get this error Error establishing a database connection page link: http://gruntmods.com/?page_id=19
  7. Red Alert 3 Community Patch v 1.12.16 Now with a convenient installer for every available language with many bug fixes and enhancements. Fight in ranked matches to lay claim to the Red Alert 3 Ladder in the most polished version of the game yet. Read more and download the map pack: https://www.gamereplays.org/community/index.php?showtopic=1004431
  8. update: 9-27-17 added 4.4 scripts and removed 4.3 scripts
  9. rabidsnypr

    HJK6 crap has to go

    stop crying and make your own maps. just saying.
  10. well thank you. my brother followed it just fine too. also thanks for the rep. updated the w3d launcher ink. the old link didn't work.
  11. Updated!!!!! Updated 8/7/17: Added Renlaucher back with new link, Added New Link Server List for Ren Launcher Added Missing Textures for Rencorner Marathon Maps(It would show Westwood Symbols on Certain Maps) added link for TTscripts 4.3 added Renegade X links and info added Renegade: Tiberium Sun Reborn Link and Info added Renegade: Red Alert A Path Beyond aka Ren Alert(Renegade Red Alert) Go Back to Page 1, my First Post!!! https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3572-guide-how-to-setup-command-conquer-renegade-and-moreto-play-onlinewindows-users/
  12. I go on a couple other forums when I'm not on here like Command and Conquer Renegade http://rencorner.com/ Techtools http://www.techtools.me/forum/index.php CNC Reborn and Renalert Forum https://secure.w3dhub.com/forum/ Blizzhackers.cc is my 1st and original home forums I was abrcadet on here. I found this forum from some one on Diablo 2: LOD on USEAST. He told me about botting and hacks for the game and it was awesome. I don't remember who told me. But Thanks for them for spreading the word. Blizzhacker.cc is howi got hooked on forums. I cant remember how I ran across Cncnet.org. I think it was on Facebook from one of the cnc pages I liked and ended up here.
  13. rabidsnypr

    Cancelled C&C game revealed: Red Alert Alliances

    I wish people could get their hands on these games that are unfinished and finish them and release them for free. that would be awesome.
  14. you might need to update the program or find a newer version of it. because i couldn't use the 1.09 version. it wasn't loading the game for me
  15. Well, for those who dont knwo, I'm stilla big fan of Windwos XP, XP Pro. I have two systems I have with it still on them. As for the rest, they are Windows 7, Since I despised Windows 8, 8.1, and 10(!0 spys on you hardcore). So as a I.T. Major, I was wondering about the Community in the Windows XP. I love the OS. and the GUI. I always loved how it's so easy to learn and adapt and how easy it is to fix issues. I love it because it was always my favorite OS. I found out awhile ago, there was a Unofficial Service Pack 4. Yes microsoft still releases malware removal updates but this give you updates that you would need for every day security. I went to Major Geeks and downloaded the Service Pack 4 and installed it. Then i started to get Updates. I was so happy with the results and glad that I can still use XP with security updates. Service Pack 4 Link http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/windows_xp_service_pack_4_unofficial.html Note: the only problem I had was that Avira wouldn't let me install the updates because it blocks anything like this to update your windows files. I uninstalled it and installed the SP4 and reinstalled it.