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  1. I go on a couple other forums when I'm not on here like Command and Conquer Renegade http://rencorner.com/ Techtools http://www.techtools.me/forum/index.php CNC Reborn and Renalert Forum https://secure.w3dhub.com/forum/ Blizzhackers.cc is my 1st and original home forums I was abrcadet on here. I found this forum from some one on Diablo 2: LOD on USEAST. He told me about botting and hacks for the game and it was awesome. I don't remember who told me. But Thanks for them for spreading the word. Blizzhacker.cc is howi got hooked on forums. I cant remember how I ran across Cncnet.org. I think it was on Facebook from one of the cnc pages I liked and ended up here.
  2. I wish people could get their hands on these games that are unfinished and finish them and release them for free. that would be awesome.
  3. you might need to update the program or find a newer version of it. because i couldn't use the 1.09 version. it wasn't loading the game for me
  4. Well, for those who dont knwo, I'm stilla big fan of Windwos XP, XP Pro. I have two systems I have with it still on them. As for the rest, they are Windows 7, Since I despised Windows 8, 8.1, and 10(!0 spys on you hardcore). So as a I.T. Major, I was wondering about the Community in the Windows XP. I love the OS. and the GUI. I always loved how it's so easy to learn and adapt and how easy it is to fix issues. I love it because it was always my favorite OS. I found out awhile ago, there was a Unofficial Service Pack 4. Yes microsoft still releases malware removal updates but this give you updates that you would need for every day security. I went to Major Geeks and downloaded the Service Pack 4 and installed it. Then i started to get Updates. I was so happy with the results and glad that I can still use XP with security updates. Service Pack 4 Link http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/windows_xp_service_pack_4_unofficial.html Note: the only problem I had was that Avira wouldn't let me install the updates because it blocks anything like this to update your windows files. I uninstalled it and installed the SP4 and reinstalled it.
  5. if you are using renlauncher 1.09. it did the same thing for me. here's 1.07. DO NOT UPDATE IT. If this is the problem. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ivdte7pdatqwrc8/RenList-1.0.7.zip
  6. I did make a guide. https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=4410.0
  7. So you're as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bodybuilders-arnold.htm Not buying it, bro. my bad, i didn't take steroids. Let's see pics of you guys? since you all are in such great "shape" O wait. People can only shit talk and trash topics I make. Good Job. If that was me trashing someone's topics, Mods and admins would be all over the place to warn me but no, people like these guys get away with it. Good job mods/admins.
  8. MP and in Multiplayer? if Multiplayer then that would be awesome.
  9. yea, it downloads the maps for me too and i dont see them under the data folder anymore too but i did find this tho(in the attachment)
  10. So I remembered about the unofficial cnc expansion packs with extra levels to play in multiplayer and single player for cnc dawn and red alert. How come no one has redone them to add on to the current hd games? It would be really nice and awesome. It should be done if no one has started it yet. Discuss?
  11. yea for real, This needs done asap.
  12. i love how people try to trash my topics.Sorry to rain on your parade weaveR(what kind of name is Weaver) I do wear it but not all the time because i don't want to ruin it. And I dont get beat up. I'm 6'2 and 240lbs. I have a back ground in 3 different Mix Martial Arts, I used to do Professional Wrestling and on top of that, I'm at the gym 5 to 6 days a week. So have fun with your thoughts of me getting "beat up"
  13. Those have to be the rare misprints where the covers a flipped by 180°! :O you know what I too the pics with my phone and uploaded them from that when i made this topic. They were fine on my phone. wtf. edit: I go on my computer and flipped it. it's fixed now
  14. it's mp3 but when i would try connecting it to come computer, it would ask to convert the files and i tried both way to converting and not converting for the files that are not mp3 format. But I got black Player on my phone and it plays more then mp3 files. i never had this problem before with 16gb sd cards. I ent to 32gb and now I have a 64gb. the 32 would act up after so many gigs would get on it and i thought the card was bad and i got another one. it happened again but when i would have more on then the amount the old one would accept. what's the chances of me getting multiple bad sd cards? I get them on ebay. My brother had the same problem too. He has a 128gb for his phone and the same thing keeps happening to him too.
  15. Can we get more people on TS Reborn???? Everyone is always on New maps and Marathon. Like, Do people not like TS Reborn?????