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  1. I think your best bet would be directly contacting people via personal messages from who you know are experienced in map editing and asking them for help. I don't know this community very well, but I think you know at least some people Until then I've got a suggestion that would be very beneficial for the compilation project: An issue log. (If you don't have that already) Write down and sort all brought up issues in a document, sort out every issue you can't fix yourself, add as detailed as possible information about why and when these issues occur and then when you found help you got a nice "to-do-list" of all things in need of a fix. Maybe it's also good to link that list here, too. Even if you can't fix the issues now, a proper documentation is beneficial and ensures the project is easy to continue again when you (or even another person) is able to proceed. In all of my projects these have come in handy quite a lot!
  2. Another thing that seems to be bugged with the Bask185 missions are the buildable badger bombers. I freed a slot on my airstrip and built one, then it appears on it and I am not able to select it at all. Building one when the strips are full simply does nothing.
  3. Thanks! Also it's very interesting that simply destroying the conyard also works. Seems like "OR" was used when determing the mission objectives rather than "AND". Today's mission video features yet another not finishing mission most likely related to the last chinhook evacuation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9fgi-_CniA
  4. Here is the promised crash file to the 2nd mission. It seems to have something to do with the chinhook leaving the area as mentioned. ra95crash.zip
  5. Alright, I've started to plow through more missions! I begin with the top of the list and the missions from Bask185. I've encountered a crash opon a chinhook leaving the map (Allied 2 from Bask 185) and 2 problems with not properly finishing missions so far (Allied 2 and 3 from Bask 185). I did some research in my video of that and I am mostly sure it has something to do with an evacuation chinhook not ending the mission properly. Also I think you can easily ruin your mission by manually controlling the evacuation chinhook, but I am not quite sure. More of that and also the crash log when the video of the corresponding mission has been uploaded. For now here is the link to the video of the first mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esfdh2kMlHw I've had a case in the past of this mission not ending properly and I think it had something to do of me moving the evacuation chinhook before putting tanya in it. It still flew of the map, but no victory sign for me back then.
  6. The updated config program + the renaming to C&C95_123.exe fixed the problem and the game starts now! Thank you very much!
  7. Maps where I had a case of invisible buildings: Flame Dancers Set 2 Missions: 6 (nod temple), 10 (ore signal buildings), 12 + 12b (mosques), 13 (obelisks/light spheres). EDIT: I checked again and this still happens on my new setup with the RA95_SP.exe They all were invisible on simply starting the mission. Restarting and reloading can fix the problem. As I said about the start and ending issues: I "Will especially look out for those in my recordings so you can fix these missions to have proper starts and endings." I just came acroos a few cases when randomly testing a few maps to see if every thing works. When I play and record myself through a batch properly I can/will record and report you those cases in detail. I am fully aware that you cannot simply play through all missions and search for the needles. A few caees I actually remember from my random tests: Bask 185 Allied Mission 1 --- ending missing (I think this can be true for all of his/her missions). RA Reloaded Allied M22 The Ultimatum -- wrong starting location (this even leads to an easy loss of your tanya + stavros here). Sry, did not know that. I assumed fixing some triggers and stuff like screen starts would be a fast and easy fix -- still it would be sad if anotherwise good mission is ruined just because of these. Removing the bottom of the barrel with this huge total mission number is a good decision.
  8. You guessed wrong! Followed all instructions back then and I always use the RA95_SP.exe for the pack. Seems like there are still quite a few bugs from the old days to fix I am on a new pc now and set the compilation beta up again and I will do some more recordings in the next time, as my Mental Omega playthrough on Mental difficulty is slowly coming to an end in the next weeks. Shameless advertisement link to a recent upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2w9H7ZVkbY The game still seems to run just fine on my new machine (Win 10 now) and the only very small annoyance I noticed is a small black area under the right sidebar menu, as if it is the only thing that's not completely streched out over the max height, but well it doesn't really matter. At least it seems to work fine otherwise, unlike C&C95 Gold not starting and not responding at all anymore even after trying out a ton of configurations. Edit: Fixed the small black area with playing around with resolutions some more, yay ! =) When testing some recording set-ups I noticed some false starting screen locations for some missions (you start somewhere in the dark) and also a case of a missing end trigger for "mission accomplished" (mission does not end properly). Will especially look out for those in my recordings so you can fix these missions to have proper starts and endings.
  9. Nearly all custom buildings. And they are not invisible everytime. At the start/loading of the mission it seems to be determined if they are invisible or not. An exception are the advanced guard towers and relay stations (in the missions with the TV transmissions), they were visible everytime. I had for example cases of invisible Nod Temples, Ore Stations (in the mission with the fast growing ore), Nod Light cannons (not sure about the exact name :P) and terrorist mosques. The buildings are still visible on the radar map -- that's why I was able to notice them -- also units are still shooting at them, but they only seem to take splash damage from tanks like the SSM launchers or flamers. In the last mission tons of gdi units were trying to destroy these invisible Nod Light cannons, but without success because of a lack of splash damage. The mission with the demo track attack in -- I think -- Jerusalem is where I had the case of 2 tiles of invisible (black) terrain. Everything can be seen in my playthrough if you want to see it yourself.
  10. I think I also needed to destroy the other 5 naval yards located in this mission. Seems like I sneaked myself the victory through an error there I will test some more missions in the future, but now as I already mentioned Mental Omega on Mental is waiting! I really love these custom missions and I am happy to have something new to play through/test After testing thousands of custom Lemming levels and creating hundreds myself I am getting quite good at level testing, seeing faults and pointing out level parts that are a bit let's say "supoptinal". Hinting at a certain mission comming up that felt very dragged out for me (cough killing the griffin cough) Not to brag, but I think I am mentioned in most of the credits of 2015 and onward custom Lemming level packs. I simply love chewing through these puzzles and of course also playing new C&C missions! I'm glad that I could be of help in this forum as well and contribute to keeping these old games alive.
  11. I noticed some other missions don't have functional "mission accomplished" triggers. If you reached the objectives it just keeps on going. "-Added 11 brand new missions by Bask185! They are at the very top of the list. " I think these may all having that problem. At least the first 2 of them I took a look at. I don't know if this project is also there to fix faults in these missions and not just pack them all together, if so I would advice checking and fixing the mission end triggers again and the other errors I found in Set 2 of the Flame Dancers campaign before going out of beta.
  12. I've played through the Flame Dancers Set 2 missions on hard now and even recorded my playthrough. I really liked the missions just as the 1st set! I've noticed some errors: Sometimes custom buildings are invisible and after revisiting some missions I've encountered a situation where Destroyers have submarine dive abilities and my Flame Tanks could go invisible like the Nod Stealth Tanks. That only happened once though. Restarting or reloading the mission can fix this. Otherwise I had much fun with these missions and in the future I might record some more of these, but now I want to record some Mental Omega first. Link to the first video (I will upload one video per day usually): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRDP6_9Xbuc&list=PLKR1N9oJTTlL2DZTj0l1DGHM_vWhbXAc8&index=1 Yes I even failed in the 1st episode , but no worries I had no bigger problems beating all the missions. Here the timer got me stuck in a bad situation.
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