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    Downloaded 6.3 Update

    Hello, I just recently logged back in and seen I had to update the servers I had installed already, I downloaded the new 6.3 update for the Yuri's Revenge server and now when I click on the icon to open the server it doesnt load or open. It just does nothing. I have uninstalled everything cncnet on my computer and reinstalled the yr server and it still wanted the 6.3 update to be done. So again I did the update and again when I click the icon to open the server it does nothing. Help please.
  2. I have downloaded the new yr client and I also downloaded this tool from the link above and done what they said. But I am still having issues with getting the cncnet client to open and run. It continues to say DTA Client Not Responding. I am running windows vista idk if this may be part of the problem
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