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  1. A Chinese player managed to build the severs successfully, which perform well in 1v1 games (Yichang Hubei China). He has shared some of their experience: 1 - Public IP is required. If the IP is start with, it means that there's no public IP and cannot build a server. 2 - Yeah, the router should have port forwarding. He used his PC's own ID and 'ALL' Protocol. Also some people try to use their own servers. A player who use his Linux server also managed to build a server (Jiangsu Sky).
  2. The cncnet-tunnel.exe is 404 for me, so I have to download cncnet-server. We tried to build some servers, and they appeared in https://cncnet.org/status . But we don't know how to change its indexs, so it's still 'Unnamed Server' for now, with default values. BTW, the news have been published to Chinese MO community, so let's see if there'll be more volunteers.
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