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  1. Burning_wreck

    C&C Gold does not start

    This seemed to have done the trick, I can use the mouse normaly now As for the 2 display windows, I think I've read somwhere thats because the map was smaller than my screen, on other maps I don't have that problem. Thank you very mutch for your help now I can play this game on my pc with the mouse, I have the first 2 C&C's on my playstation, and RTS with a controler sucks.
  2. Burning_wreck

    C&C Gold does not start

    I have the same issue, mouse pointer jumping from edge to edge. I can slowly move my pointer a few centimeters from the ege before it jumps so I don't think its the speed. I can use the mouse sort of normaly if I hold the right mouse button, ofcourse playing like that is not realy an option. Also when playing the first mission of the GDI I get 2 screens, a small one in the right lower corner, that freezes after a sec, and the rest that I can sort of play on with RMB pressed. If you found a fix I would very mutch like to know it.