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  1. Hi community: I was informed that CnCNet client doesn't touch game AI unless you tick "brutal AI" in the launch menu. Can someone link me documents on what "brutal AI" improves compared to original AI? Also does anyone have experience with this AI mod? How is it compared to CnCNet brutal AI? Thanks.
  2. Is it true that AI in CnCNet is improved compared to original AI? Can anyone confirm? I’m actually having trouble understanding CnCNet. Is It just a game lobby or does it modify the game? If it does then if you launch game not through CnCNet client but through the original RA2MD.exe is it still an original game unmodified by CnCNet or a improved game modified by CnCNet? In other word if you launch through RA2MD.exe do you still get improved AI? Thanks.
  3. this is awesome, thanks for explaining! This mod should be made known to the entire community, for how much it enhaces the gameplay
  4. Hi thanks for this mod! So if i see enemy ai pile up a decent size of army before attack, or it tries to send its infantry to garrison the buidlings, does it mean the mod is taking effect? I havent played a lot of red alert 2 so i dont know the original behavior and what to expect in this mod. Thanks for your effort!
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