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  1. have you found a way to make AI reuse their harvestor after losing all ore refinery but rebuild new ones?
  2. Your method is much better quality, but I just dont have the energy to make one for every map. That is why I choose the global approach. Besides map specific tailoring, is there extra parameter to tweak?
  3. Oh, so you have AI made too. I wonder whose AI is better. I think we can learn from each other. I will see if I can convert my AI into your version, and edit the global AI thing you have mentioned.
  4. so you think FA2 has a good interface for greater potential? I might look into it.
  5. mix of ai vs ai and me vs ai. former mostly for debugging. Lastly, I heard you can make a functional naval AI as good as mine without any of my 'hacks' by simply put them in single groups. You claim to be able to do it, and I am intrigued. I sure as hell tried every simpler solution before settled on the unconventional ways.
  6. It only happens in mind control situation, which is very rare. Player variant is unchanged.
  7. are you sure? I am 99% sure even if you put carrier alone it wont work. I had to make an AI only version of carrier with large auto target distance to make it work. Also the Aegis does target air, I made it able to fire on move.
  8. yeah, those are known issue. You see I had to do quite a lot of hacks on the rule.ini to implement some of my changes. For example, if not for my hacky edits the naval AI never would have worked using dreadnought and carrier. No one else made it work, only I did.
  9. that is because you are looking at wrong places. ai.md is where you should look. And believe me, it is like quadruple the size of original AI file.
  10. TBH my AI mod already addressed most of the balance problems.
  11. 2021 small update 4 years later! 1. Reduced money stolen via spy, 50>35%. 2. AI is less likely to be stuck.
  12. I have tried and I can't do it. I guess it is hard coded too. Only modify exe file can do it.
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