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  1. Unanimous Change

    My buff is to increase range to 6.5 and damage to buildings and infantry to 5%
  2. Unanimous Change

    That would be terrorist lol.
  3. Unanimous Change

    What about siege chopper? They are slow and vulnerable to HE. Too slow for offensives too. Conscripts too I think can beat them per dollar, with 5 v 1.
  4. Unanimous Change

    I am not much of a PvP pro but I thought deso bomb is a counter to mirage tanks and prism tanks.
  5. Unanimous Change

    Not to say desolator, sniper, virus eat them for dinner and are available before battle lab. By the time base gets large there will be no mobility against tank harassment. By late game tesla trooper is useless unlike Rhino.
  6. How to check which file was changed?

    The delete version file method worked for me.
  7. how to play Campaign?

    You said you have a version that is different from mine that my method worked.
  8. Unanimous Change

    1) Niche is the key. The entire design of RA2 is asymmetrical. Some unit's niche is way too small, not even close. I believe with enough effort there can be a fairly balanced arsenal. 2) Tesla trooper's speed make it destined to not used offensively. It can only zone tanks out. Right now it is only used when desperate or charge tesla coil. I think with same range of grizzly it will do fine. 3) You are definitely right, nation unique units are competing for each other, not regular one. Just some of us think Tesla tank fully replace Rhino is too much as an upper limit. But you can make a counter argument of Tesla tank's tech requirement and loss of desolator. 4) Right now apoc is mostly used with deso. For a high tier unit it is barely better than Rhino. I agree. You are going to like my mod haha, apocalypse fire on move! 5) No comment, SW is a very intricate balance. 6) With a few exceptions Yuri is alright. Garrisoned initiate deal absurd amount of damage. Mastermind fires 2X faster than GI. I am conflicted on magnetron. It is a one trick, and environmental kill is all or nothing, no nerf is possible without remove it. As a siege weapon it sucks so bad. Mutate slaves is cheesy, but same can be said for chronosphere tanks to water. I fear overnerf can be too much for highest level.
  9. My games lag when playing multiplayer

    It is bad connection with other players. The game slow down to synchronize.
  10. how to play Campaign?

    Yes. If they are not updating to support win10, and user paid for the product, pirating is just using what you paid for.
  11. how to play Campaign?

    In that case you are justified to pirate because you paid developers already.
  12. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v0cb7wppv5jfl7d/AACojjruADf32B_Xwfw_ij8ja?dl=0 You probably have heard of this mod already, it should be on front page. https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7959-red-alert-2yr-ai-improvement-mod-update-1180204/ I managed to make it work in CnCnet client. Why do I made a different post? There are some important differences: 1. It uses files of the client! If you delete the mod make sure to grab the backup file included in the folder to restore the original! 2. It may be detected as a cheat online, so delete it before playing online! If this works without causing issues, I will include it in the original topic. Thanks for testing this! (Mods, move this to the right section if this is the wrong section.)
  13. I will update less frequently now life becomes busy. Probably in a biweekly schedule instead of every week.
  14. Update! 1. Soviet AI use Rhino pool unit. When built, they will respond to base attacks. They can be recruited to other attack units, creating a versatile force. 2. Dreadnaught can conduct generic naval strikes. No longer does it have to attack building scripted predictably. 3. Further reduced AI stuck at regrouping. 4. Allied and Yuri will respond to naval bombardment with AA units. 5. Allied AI will respond to squid with Dolphins 6. Improved AI submarine script 7. Soviet has special harassment team against Yuri. 8. Buff medium AI to build units more frequently 9. Yuri AI tanks actually try take down bases instead of only harass units. 10. Larger Yuri attack teams 11. Special rocketeer attack against those who turtle too much. 12. Yuri can now attack amphibiously. 13. Soviet send apocalypse tanks on naval transport. 14. Increased maximum AI defense force. 15. Fixed Soviet Ivan attack stuck at regrouping. 16. Libya follow up apocalypse attack with demo trucks. 17. In rare occasion Soviet use large apocalypse tank attacks. 18. Reduced arbitrary build delay on hard AI 19. Removed default guard area on prism tank because it attack on its on when player controlled. 20. Brutal AI build units more frequently. 21. AI targeting improvement. 22. Fixed Yuri floating disc ignore AA units. 23. Fixed Yuri tanks ignore counter attacks. 24. Yuri will use repair IFV should it capture one. 25. Yuri counter desolator with virus sniper. 26. Yuri boomer will retaliate when fired on. 27. Soviet counter apocalypse tanks with terror drones. 28. AI builds 2nd barrack only after having war factory
  15. How to check which file was changed?

    You mean if I keep a folder of my mod as back up, which is not used in game, it is still detected as cheat?