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  1. I like the new effects you made! Do you know how to make AI do naval transport invasion?
  2. Desolator, especially deployed attack.
  3. My god, you need to tell me.
  4. What did you find? I personally think I am not that good because I do not play PVP often. But I do know AI in and out and I opened up Final Alert to see the scripts first, so no element of surprises here.
  5. Give how slow they were at building I could have used dogs and engineer rush. I can see it getting hard if I did not delete my rulesmd.ini that made them build multi factory.
  6. 3, the max map allowed. I used the starting unit to rush down the base of first AI. I moved MCV closer to the corner to avoid flankings, leaving only 2 routes of attack. The rest was a cake walk.
  7. Even Soviet leave the base pretty open. 1 prism tank can break the base while I use mirage tank to camp my miners.
  8. I gave it a try. I really liked the idea of engineer flak attack is comboed with drone, I will borrow that. The down side is AI build no practical base defense. Only Soviet is doing anything others build nothing.
  9. Have you tried naval transport? I can never get it to work in general AI editing.
  10. who can help me getting gamecapture on obs studio ?

    Have you tried Shadowplay or AMD Relive for your graphic card?
  11. Should I clear my own mod before I use it?
  12. Update: 1. Grizzly Tank and Rhino tank now automatically respond to approaching enemy. While it has some undesired effects of player tank moving, it helped AI tremendously. I will try make it not affect player next patch. 2. New script: Allied country will rush your shipyard with dolphin. Without defense it makes short work of shipyard. 3. Fixed wrong target bugs in naval bombardment against Yuri. 4. Changed AI target priority to favor high threat units more. 5. New script: Soviet occasionally send large amount of Rhino attack unpredictably. 6. AI will less likely to get too close to enemy base in small maps by mistake. 7. New Script: Korea now target superweapon with air strikes. 8. Terrorist buff: No longer deal damage to other terrorists upon death. 9. Rhino tanks less likely to ignore interception while grouping at enemy base. 10. Fixed spy failing to steal money when enemy has multiple refinery. 11. AI now use iron curtain more frequently. 12. Fixed kirov support unit for distracting AA units. 13. AI respond to kirov air ships faster. 14. Terror drone, apocalypse tank no longer ignore interception. 15. Soviet occasionally harass with siege chopper. 16. Demo truck buff: Slightly more radiation from explosion, meant to kill infantry from destroyed buildings. 17. AI now properly repair bridges. Try play Arctic Circle, AI will repair destroyed bridges.
  13. Do you know the names of them?
  14. Have you figured out a way to do desobomb? I have been trying to emulate that in vain.