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  1. In RAED the option is labeled "Charge towards target ignoring distractions". I didn't even think to try it until your reply, so thanks a bunch! I would have thought that option made it so they didn't even shoot, but it seems they do. I was thinking it would have been a specific move order itself, or some other instruction I wasn't seeing.
  2. Is there a way to make reinforcement ships attack and move at the same time, while taking fire? I want to do something like the first GDI mission of C&C 1. I've got the reinforcements set up as a house allied to the player, and triggering/spawning correctly, but they never make it to the waypoint because the moment they take fire they sail right up next to the thing attacking them and sit there. I can't see an option anywhere in RAED to tell them to move and shoot at the same time. I'm definitely a newbie at this, only started using the editor yesterday. But I've done mapping and modding for many other games, so even if I have to manually edit the map ini file I can do that.
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