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  1. I along with Jerry helped create GAMER ....I then left GAMER and made my own clan, I created YDT. This created tension between GAMER clan and YDT I was there everyday many hours long. I was lucky enough to win a couple of prizes from westwood studios I eventually lost interest and handed the reins over to Sam.
  2. j1r2

    Back during my TS days, I was so good

    Hey how are you?
  3. of course we did lol if there is anybody who can remind you of all it will be Stej
  4. j1r2

    Old School Tiberian Sun Players

    when FS came out I abandoned TS
  5. did you play TS or FS or were you in any clans?
  6. been checking out xwis it looks abandoned ?
  7. I'm J1R2 and I am looking for some old players from Command & Conquer both TS & FS Had quite a few players in a lot of clans sometimes jumping from one clan to another haha some were even in several clans same time the clan I created was YDT ( you'll die trying) if there is any players from around that era get in contact cheers J1R2