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  1. Odd indeed... after a reinstall of Windows I'd been meaning to do, it seems to be working fine with the default TSPatch settings now *shrug*.
  2. I played it safe and reinstalled the game before shutting down Origin and applying TSpatch. Same issues as before: default has menu issues, ts-ddraw crashes on startup, ie-ddraw has menu issues, ddwrapper has menu issues.
  3. Ah yes I should have mentioned - with the default settings I have the menu issue where the new campaign/options screens etc do not appear when clicked on. DxWnd is the only option where this is not an issue. I have disabled Origin In-Game Overlay and cloud saves and have game.exe set to run as administrator.
  4. I've has some success running TS on Windows 10 using the DxWnd option, although I have the issue where the game can hard crash after 5 minutes or so. The main question I have was that trying the ts-ddraw option just causes the game to crash on startup - is there a paticular reason this might happen i.e. a incorrect compatibility mode set somewhere? I have the Origin Ultimate Collection version.
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