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  1. Just thought it needs to be said, not many people that are selfless and good hearted as he just acted, infact ive never seen it before online. Just thought it warranted some attention. I nominate him highly as a good character. I know its not a question but I just thought it deserved a thread because there's so many threads about bad characters griefing others and its so rare to find a good character in the community.
  2. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    I am not allowed to express my political opinion, its not very PC, so I will keep only to cnc1 matters
  3. RA Multiplayer Mod - "Tiberian Alert" - by Ferret

    Might I make a suggestion, hopefully it wont be taken the wrong way. I want to help because its so good.. Perhaps make a patch where you switch the troop idea around and try my idea see if it gets more people into your mod,? I bet it does! Make troops crushable and make them die to tank shells faster (like in real life) but also make them cheaper and more powerful, for example make it so the bazooka men do some very potent damage to a tank at a low cost, give the mini gunner slightly longer range and lower cost, make the ranger faster and longer /more damaging with better scouting ability etc etc Everything about this mod screams brilliant and clever but I think a big put off for people is the disconnect between reality and the mod, the fact that troops cant be crushed and they don't die to tanks shells to boot, that's like a garden fence stopping the 30 ton tank from moving forward in battlefield 1 the game, people don't like that disconnect from reality, not even in a game. I know the idea is to create more strategy and you have succeeded but at a cost to realism, and I think popularity, can you not boost the potency of the troops and the seldom used units like rangers etc in other ways like the damage done, lower cost , faster build time, range, special abilities and so on, rather than take away a feature people like to create depth that many casual players don't appreciate anyway. It seems to me you have taken away something lots of people like and replaced it with something only smart people like , and in doing so you have created a mod that wont get popular even though its brilliant in many other ways. Also what puts people off is when its not within their comfort zone, if its too different a dynamic it will put people off playing it for long enough to appreciate it. I think uncrushable troops is too far in this direction, but giving troops a different balance that still plays like the normal game is not too far out of peoples comfort zones and they may prefer your mod over the real game. I don't know about anyone else but one of the few things I didnt like about cnc the original game was that tank shells didn't kill troops but grenades did, and that machine gun fire can destroy a building etc if you made it strategic(done), balanced(done) with cool new features (done in spades) AND more realistic I think you would be onto a very popular mod ! I hope this doesn't offend, and this is just an opinion and no better than anyone elses, but it might be worth a temporary switch up in a patch to see if certain changes bring in more players. Also ask people what they DISLIKE about it and why they wont be playing it in the future (under a different user name) that way you can adjust it to make it more popular. Its a clever improvement on the original game I really like it bar the non crushable troops!
  4. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    Look at the genuine authenticity of his expression, hes not guilty, he wont do it again, unban pence! He's learnt so much, about his lesson hes ready to be submissive and a good boy, that follows the rules. You are under our control pence you will do as ordered and follow the rules ok!?
  5. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    xD I saw your thread brother! Maybe we should keep pence muted? Whos with me?
  6. How do you use book marks in a FFA?

    So take the map arena valey extreme, you can no longer just book mark left and right like with p4, so what do you do with bookmarks where theres many enemy bases all over the place and many tiberium fields and points of interest?
  7. (Wht)Elevation

    Cool I respect that , I like the 1v1 myself, yes each game type has its own strategies dynamic and nuances I like them all to be honest, and the variety, except perhaps 3 player FFA or 3v2 I rarely find those enjoyable, needs good players to be fun. Yes good point. The salty players do make it comedy gold though, especially when its happening to someone else, but also shutting down a salty player is also very satisfying, all their anger remains within them and it then gets vented in the chat comments xD and everyone has a laugh and banter
  8. (Wht)Elevation

    Agreed infantry are a must for any proper map, why take away a big part of the fun/strategy. Yes and mess up the dynamic of how a real game should play out. In fairness to FFA games they are not just turtle fests, and while turtling is the number 1 strategy in FFA it doesn't go down like that usually, because there are noobs and pros together in a game, so you can rush and wipe out a noob in an uncommitted way to gain their tiberium/territory or their conyard /cash etc, and even with games with only pros there are differences in play styles, alot of people are very aggressive so if several players are being aggressive several more are fighting on defence which allows you to attack safely etc, or if someone's too powerful you gang up on them then turn on each other when it suits you, , I find it great fun, all sorts of things happen. Its very dynamic in FFA, and very rare for me to experience the long sit where no one wants to make the 1st move, those games are very rare for when I play FFA which is often. Agreed the small maps are very limiting for 5-6 player maps.
  9. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

  10. (Wht)Elevation

    It is a challenge to fit it all on, it really is, but its very doable, look at tiberium power plants that map has so much going on , and I know its full of tiberium which you dislike but its also full of cliffs and terrain etc make room for troops and base sprawl by reducing tiberium and you have a good map for competitive 3v3 LOL re the FFA Yea I cant see that changing , short of some kind of eugenics programme, I have a taste for low money maps but no one else seems to, that's just the way of the monkey/reptilian brain when it comes to both gathering banana's and gathering tiberium
  11. Mike Pence asked me to ask in the forum if he and chem can be unmuted?

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL so funny!!!!!!!!!!! Spilt my drink
  12. He said it had been months or something and maybe they forgot to unmute them? I personally say mute them a bit longer but I lost a bet and have to post this. He also asked how much longer the muting would last and if its permanent? Chem said he wants to get to 35 warning points so he can beat the cnc.net record
  13. (Wht)Elevation

    Don't worry competitive will never die in command and conquer, some are really competitive in FFA even though its not as fair as 1v1, theres still that fighting till the bitter end type thing. In the off peak times when there are few players I think 1v1 is a big thing still. Its like different things are popular in different time zones. People love 3v3 but FFA happens so often because all it takes is 1 noob and 3v3 becomes pointless, you already know who will win before the game begins, at least in ffa the game cant fail because it doesn't matter how many noobs there are or if they can be taught how to ally or not. (its alarming how many people cant be taught how to ally even though they speak English, and you explain it clearly, it very much concerns me regarding the future of our species) Id personally love to see a 3v3 map from you, I think your style in a 3v3 map would make for an insanely fun , competitive fair game with aesthetics to boot.
  14. (Wht)Elevation

    Do you have any 3v3 maps ? At the time I play there's loads of people on and we play 3v3 a lot. Not many 1v1 or 2v2 games are played.