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  1. Also Ferret you took down my other reply to Myg in his other thread when it was a perfectly non rule breaking answer, Myg had a very kind attitude to toxic people which shows intelligence understanding and good heart, I disagreed with it but that wasn't me being passive aggressive. I just have slightly different ideas about the subject matter, I have no idea why you took it down? Did you not read it and assumed it was me being passive aggressive?
  2. Anyway I hope BluSY will be a good guy from now on and not a troll I look forward to playing a game with him again, I will give him another chance for sure.
  3. xDDDDDDDDD This is really funny, I cant tell if im crazy or not xDDDDDDDDDDDDD Holy crap what just happened. Gas lighted by Ferret xDDDDDDDDDDDDD I think you didn't read it properly Ferret , I was wrong about BluSY he is not such a good guy after all, and I wasn't being passive aggressive, I was being aggressive without trying to hide it or rather direct (aggressive is too strong a word) BluSY is not the good guy I thought he was, hes a troll . I know this for certain im not imagining it. Thanks for your leniency none the less its much appreciated bro. You delt with that really well, but I wasn't doing what I used to do or allegedly used to do you jumped to that conclusion early which is totally understandable. This is a different situation to me and whites arguments. This is funny because I have a hard time telling whats real in real life im quite paranoid , so then when you added another layer of doubt to what I think reality is, it was quite the reality twister for me lol, but I realise now (I hope so anyway otherwise I am completely mad) that you thought I was jumping to the wrong conclusion about what people were saying when I wasn't , I havnt passive aggressively jabbed anyone in the thread ive directly made an accurate negative statement about BluSY . I was wrong originally when I was being nice about him. I havnt jabbed at anyone else in this thread just thumbed up their answers since I agree with them/ found them funny. Nariac and Myg have been very nice to me, they are top guys. I would never be passive aggressive to them, I like them.
  4. Pence you are a troll too hence why you back him up, also whats confusing about him having a picture of a troll job in his avatar that he was so proud of? How is that troll job not definitive evidence that he is a troll , not just a funny harmless troll but a truly bad low empathy sadistic angry human being that uses your own empathy, and kindness as a way to hurt you more? Hes a sicko! He will also try to make you feel sorry for him, "I hurt my back in judo my lifes ruined etc" but hes being trolling people since westwood online, long before he hurt his back, that's what that picture is from. His manipulative method is to be polite and nice once uve caught him out, meek and un - confrontational this is his manipulative method ie his whole game is to try and fool you into thinking hes not bad so he can get more hits in. So many vile people about these days! Whats worse is some of them mascaraed as good people. I know im not the best guy around but I don't enjoy hurting peoples feelings for pleasure, I don't try to do it day in day out, like these 2 and I do look out for other people in the community esp good ones. Anyway I wont go on about it (and im not bothered for myself but I have been in the past with these types and I try to fight them where I can) so its just a warning to all others that play and interact with BluSY! Pence is also a troll obviously he gets off on hurting your feelings. Watch out for these 2!
  5. so why do you do it? Theres some good people in the community theres people with mental health problems (not just me) this can be more damaging than it seems at face value. Some people in our community are suicidal on the edge etc. Are you going to continue it? We all saw your avatar b4 you changed it, it was of a nerd you used to troll, stop hiding your real personality behind fluffy animals and your fake niceness
  6. Turns out hes a troll, that picture is something he trolled someone with a long time ago, he enjoys making people angry in the community, he did help me when I was down though. But hes the type of guy that is nice nice nice then he gets his hits in, denies it goes back to being nice to fool you before getting more hits in. The being nice allows him to get more anger out of you than if he was just plain mean its also a way of being deceptive ie to fool people into thinking hes a good guy. I was wrong hes an emotional vampire! Im not annoyed with him or anything this isn't an attack, its the truth, ive delt with some nasty toxic people in my time im getting good at spotting them, they use kindness and empathy as a deceptive weapon these types! He will deny it and protest innocence but that very picture in his avatar is all the evidence you need, that's a troll job hes very proud of in the past,. (mainly a funny one that isn't very abusive granted) I don't want to break the rules but I thought it was important to not mislead people into thinking he was a good guy I was wrong I was fooled, I don't want people to be victimised by him because of my thread, where I got it wrong! BlySY I have no problem with you but I do care about other people, and don't want them to get victimised by you (especially because of my thread) because you are down or something over your life circumstances, its not their fault you are angry or have an injury from judo that's messed your life up, so they don't deserve the abuse.
  7. I have a feeling he is on a covert operation, 007 style, master of disguises that chem, I don't like him personally but hes strong
  8. Just thought it needs to be said, not many people that are selfless and good hearted as he just acted, infact ive never seen it before online. Just thought it warranted some attention. I nominate him highly as a good character. I know its not a question but I just thought it deserved a thread because there's so many threads about bad characters griefing others and its so rare to find a good character in the community.
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