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  1. I hope everybody is doing okay xD I use 2 play red alert 2, i've joined CnCNet Red alert 2 Yuri for some months now and recently started a Youtubechannel, due to the coronaoutbreak continuing it's spread across the world. My youtube is made for pure entertaiment purpose and hopefully some of you players can also learn/improve from my gameplay, feel free to check out my Youtubechannel and like/subscribe and comment if you have any advice in 1 of my videos how to improve. Cheers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFoQWn0AZCFAML48s2DGO-g/videos
  2. You can join this discord, there some CnC staff memebers that handle this type of things to keep the quickmatch ladder clean/fair. Report your issue in the qm-report with a link of that game between you 2 https://discord.gg/eeWqwg
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