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  1. Guess the reason might be that we just get accustomed to our own server and own big community, the server is laggy to us. Another reason might be the all-English environment is unfriendly for most players.
  2. Hi all: For those who would like to communicate with some Chinese top players like CsOH, GAOKE, Jayaxi and Yes-clan and watch interesting videos from them, a bilibili account can make it easier! Here is a registration tutorial: 1: Put the cursor on the grey circle, a box like the upper click the blue link in the red circle, 2 Then you just need to fill in your nickname and password in the new page. And you need verification code from your cellphone(you can use a translator to find the chinese translation of your country, like USA---美国)。When it's all done, just click the bottom bar(注册), then you can subscribe and comment etc
  3. hmmmmmmm. no one interested in it?
  4. QQ isn't optional.Ra2ol, a cnc-like platform is preferred, but I guess cncnet would also be optional if it's not lagging. You can ask CsOH via discord for more information on servers to be used.
  5. Hi all: CsOH is holding a 2v2 tournament around the New Year's Day, welcome to participate in this tournament! For who would like to enroll, you can cantact CsOH via discord or his Youtube Channel. And it would be better if you can sign up a QQ acount and join group 567141030, where all participants will communicate in. The prize pool is about 200 dollars, the allocation hasn't been decides yet. Time: 12.31-1.2 Competition system: undecided. Number of team numbers: unlimited. Rules of competition in first stage: Bo7, every team can't take Yuri more than twice. The map is Offense and Defense, then the losing team picks map and position. Positions are not allowed to pick in some maps. In-game ally are allowed. map pool: City under Siege Texas Austin Big Trouble Dry Heat (ladder version) Country Swing Sea of Isolation Arm of Portmac Sedona Pig Bay Near ore Far Death valley Girl South Pacific Tour of Egypt Tanya's Train Yard Heartland Face Down(left vs right)* Lost Lake Beach(left vs right) Yin-Yang Snow Nitro Snow Patrol Lakeside* Maps where postion can't be picked: Heck Freeze Moon Patrol Snow Valley Tsunami No Wimp Pacific Height Roundhouse Kick Bridge Gap Divide & Conquer Coldest Peak Bull Run Caverns Of Siberia* Jungle Of Vietnam* Morning Tide*
  6. Hi, all: A top player, CsOH(i.e. IS_LM, iPlaytoWin), who frequently ranks 1st on ladder, has set a YouTube channel and uploaded a lot of videos, welcome to watch and subscribe!
  7. I don't know, mine doesn't work either.
  8. I hope you could enjoy this video Moon3 vs HBK08 King of Heck Final in 2015 I added another moon3vHBK08 2015 Here is another series of Moon3 vs HBK08, I can't download it, so watch it in original website. it might not be opened in chrome; if so, use IE or Edge Moon3 vs HBK08 patronized game in 2015
  9. Ask your QQ friend to tell you that
  10. Hi all: So far, there have been some players in CnCnet and XWIS community participate in the China's King of Heck tournament. I appreciate your participate hope more to join. If everything goes well, there will be more tournaments, not just king heck, in China in the future. China's RA2 community welcomes and expect more players to join. Here I will introduce two main platforms that Chinese ra2 players play on: QQ BattleZone: (1) Download RA2 This is a RA2 original-only platform. So you need the XWIS version of RA2 to play on this server. You should download Red Alert 2 from this link: XWIS downloads . (2) Install QQ and Get a QQ account You need a qq account to play on this QQ owned platform. You can download QQ from its website: QQ software center. The first big penguin icon is QQ downloading link You can then install QQ, but remember Customize the path before it: After installation, you can sign up a new account by clicking the link on bottom left. (3) Install QQ BattleZone You can download the installation file here : QQ Battle Zone. Download it by clicking the icon below:
  11. but at least it should be balanced for two soviets
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