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  1. This is exactly the problem and what happens in QM and unranked matches between top players.
  2. This was fixed in my previous patch.
  3. Nice tutorial, but people can use this to make cheat maps as well...
  4. Oh it does, for the Ai editor. You should check out the new FA2 download in the how to make yuri's revenge maps tutorial thread. I've combined some community patches with some UX improvements of my own and repackaged it.
  5. Find any Unit's or Structure's tag and add the strength amount to it. The text after a semi-colon is a comment, you can add notes to your INI like that. Just use the rulesmd.ini for reference. rulesmd.ini You can try to edit colours by adding these to your map. Structures have a different name in the map editor and map file. Search for Kremlin in the rulesmd.ini file to find the game-engine name for the structure. As you can see here it's called CARUS03.
  6. The YouTube and Twitch channels have now been rebranded to support the CnCNet Creatives Discord community.
  7. You did a very lazy edit of my Malibu Cliffs LE, which I made sure to edit in a way that keeps it look on par with Westwood's quality, then you break a cliff and add some sloppy ramp in there... It was successful at release and targeted casual players, many of whom played with it always on with mod maps and normal maps. Though you are not playing in low level casual games so you wouldn't know that, yet here you're claiming its lack of success as a fact based on statistics. I've been asking for people to play test maps and give feedback nearly every day for the past two years in Yuri's Revenge Discord server to the point it's become a meme. Don't make up lies. This is a good thing, too bad you couldn't just involve me in the process since the start instead of saying "Me and my friends are going to take stab at it" (And you can just sit and wait over there even though you've been working on it for past few years). First I was angry and flaming, then I tried to engage with you and your friends and I got trolled completely. After that I was muted when trying to engage, yet you guys kept trolling. I didn't "try" to rejoin, I was checking the ban. Being part of that toxic discord is traumatizing. Many other players have voiced their concerns for your handling of this specific matter and their agreeance with my stance on it. That's a lot coming from you seeing as you just ignore the points people make and deflect my suggestions with "it's staying the way it is", "Community agreed on this" (yet who is this community?, you and 5 other players, mx, kireek, adam, zain, andy...). I've already helped the community get better on XWIS, here and many other non English C&C communities, so ride your high horse straight outta here. Before I left I already set this into motion. New game mods can be added through "game modes", similar to Battle, Standard, Megawealth, Landrush, each game mode can load an INI mod for the maps. Making all maps playable on your mod. I already requested (nicely) to add my version of YRR as a game mode after Burg forcefully edited it, but he didn't even have the decency to reply after screwing me over.
  8. Open your map file with notepad or a code editor like Visual Studio Code. Copy the following INI code into your map and save.
  9. @AndrewFord @Ezer_2000 I've been continuing on from where I left off in my version of YRR before the guys who made this client "feature" butchered it. Have a look at the changes : C&C Yuri's Revenge - 2021 Mod v1.03b - Pastebin.com It's more of a mod than a balance patch, because I believe that a lot more than a few things need changing to fully refine things. At the current state I've made all factions useful and work with their own playstyle/unique meta, just need to fine tune some units. I haven't implemented any new units, structures or features just yet. The Infantry combat is much improved and varied, numerous unit balance changes made just to make the game more interesting. What I've planned for the future is: Enabling Air to Air combat with jets. Rebalanced Veterancy. More unique SW features, such as a long lasting Weather Storm with fewer lightning strikes, but the possibility of shutting down tesla/mind control weapons for its duration. Psychic Dominator being mostly about mind control and less about dealing damage directly. Tesla coils being chargeable by tesla tanks. Swimming Ivan, Spy. Transport Chopper for Soviets. Being able to place certain defensive structures on water. Eg: Tesla Coil, Flak Cannon, Patriot Missile...etc
  10. They are worth it in conjunction with my other changes that even out AvS at the very top level. Thus I saw no need to buff them anymore, if anything I'd give them better ROT, +1 speed and make sure they have the same range as Rhino. Yes, I believe it's necessary for late game Soviets, with my Apoc changes they weren't all that OP as people claimed and just performed their role as a late game super heavy MBT. In SvS they would replace Rhino at lab level, in SvA they would be circumstancial as building them means you have less numbers and Allied with Chrono Legionnaires and BFs can just kite them all day. In SvY you don't want to build them, because they would have too high of a risk of getting mind controlled.
  11. I asked creators who were available in advance, most of them are happy with my edits and offer their maps up with pleasure.
  12. Basically the Apoc I had in my YRR and the TD had some of those changes but was OP in testing in conjunction with other changes.
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