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  1. If not an exact remake, perhaps using the same unit parameters, and just reprogramming it from scratch as an entirely new game would be more practical for newer platforms. I can see it being kind of a waste of time, seeing as an entire team is already doing kinda similar thing, but I want my own :]
  2. I've been playing command and conquer games for a long while, since I was a kid even. I'm by no means a pro or superior to any player, I just enjoy playing the game because of how simple it is to understand and to play. My problem lies within the newer operating systems and platforms becoming so far ahead of this old game, that the game has become unstable and requires constant patchwork just to run.. So I'm not a programmer yet. Or much of one at all, but how cool would it be to have an entirely new engine to run a game that uses the same parameters as RA2, same setups and everything, just visually and mechanically enhanced to be more "playable"? Keeping the entity stats all the exact same, changing nothing except for the visual and overall stability. I would get into programming just for this purpose. Like the title says, it sounds a little far-fetched considering I know jack-all about programming, but I am well practiced in the design and audio parts of production, so I just need the third piece of the puzzle. I'd love a team to work with if anyone's interested.
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