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  1. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    You are delusional, n44bj aka kollektiv got rank 2 twice in the last 3 months? Have you seen the recorded tournament games with Marko? For as much as the game has “been perfected” its 18 years old and 16+ years without an update, the only thing that has changed is the addition of new maps. I like your attitude the “here and now” it sparks competition. but i don’t name drop for no reason! These people have skills lol. But how can you not bring up older players in a “best ever to play” convo! I will admit the names do bring back a lot of memories for me tho. If I wanted to name drop older players for nostalgia reasons I would’ve named a top ten.
  2. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    It’s funny I said sammo before and I was definitely thinking sammo. I know how good he is but I just think his yr accomplishments are lacking. He was a superb pressure player and definitely intelligent enough to play with any good players style. But the main accomplishment was in -eco- when we got the most clan points ever in cm (forget the amount 900 something beating clan 21 I think) and that was before it moved to the 7 win rule. With as good as a player as he is and I do think if he tried qming on yr he definitely would’ve achieved rank 1 multiple times, he was a pure ra2 player who came to Yr to clan match iirc. I did learn a lot of unique tactics playing against/with him. But I’m just not sure. That -eco- clan had A very strong line up sammo,Alan(mindcntrl aka mostgames),Me, Matt(iraqctrl),Luke(honour) Greg and Tyler who were 8/10 in their own right, Don’t remember too much others but I think Avery, n44bj etc.. everybody in there had a resume. so I’m not sure those points were contributed to just sammo(I think he had the most) point being I just don’t have enough awards to put sammo as best ever as far as yr. I’m not sure how he would’ve faired against consistent Yuri players like desrlator, mostgames, Sunny(with maphack), etc... even tho he is definitely good enough to beat anybody to ever play this game.
  3. a1nthony

    Rhino and Grizzly question.

    lol I might be biased because I’ve tried a lot of tc tactics over the years for fun, it’s my favorite part of this game and I love the maneuvers/quick reaction needed in high level games especially when you’re firing on all cylinders (labeling tanks in groups of 5 and clicking each rhino etc..) I’ve won/lost so many battles trying different splitting tactics like that and if you surround your opponent from two sides, all they have to do in that situation is drive into one side, it’s easier to pull off with one type of tank, but with the mix if they drive into the grizzlies I think grizzlies pop, just my two cents
  4. a1nthony

    Ignore Feature is coming to the next release

    I think we have PAF to thank for this feature. Jkjk nice work admins. Does blocking someone’s pm cause them to not connect in game?
  5. Sw’s off city under siege, France vs Yuri let’s do it!
  6. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    I think we’d have to go era’s on this one. But my vote goes to tomislavic. Played a lot with him over a 3 month span. 1v1 he Was pretty quick and just understood how to control maps and just didn’t make mistakes. I’ve 2 man clanned with a lot of great players and was a top 5 player once upon a time and played with people over a lot of eras. If you want me to throw a top 5 list of 1v1ers I’d list these(with no disrespect to current players whom I may not have significantly played with) tomislavic-pioneered a lot of bo’s on top of what was said above Marko-although is more decorated on ra2 the guy is a machine dean-Best long game player ever in my opinion n44bj (he had disgusting soviets in 07) Latof- this is a tough one for me but the guy is really good, latof problem was that he was always limited to rank 1 on maps he knew. Although he broke out of this in his later years, yr died and he focused more on ra2. there are are so many players that played and hit rank 1 then quit the game or hit rank 1 just with Yuri and I excluded those to favor people who would beat Yuri/ use all factions. best ever is on top and in 1v1 yr those ppl come to mind. p.s. Sunny was a rank1 pressure Yuri at one point but he did fail admin SS a couple of times so his rep has been forever tarnished
  7. a1nthony

    Rhino and Grizzly question.

    Yeah until your opponent decides to drive right into your “flank” and pop goes all ur plastic tanks. TC 101 is make sure your tanks can shoot and their tanks can’t. grizzly tanks are terrible and id be happy if they all died first and my rhinos were barely damaged. If u want to get pr0 with it you could do one line of rhinos. One line of grizzlies, one line of rhinos etc and the. Just run in to muddy the waters and then your opponent will waste a lot of shots on grizzlies if he doesn’t know how to target. But honestly your best best is to keep grizzlies in front when you run in, or when your opponent does
  8. a1nthony

    Rhino and Grizzly question.

    Grizzly’s have smaller range so it would be more effective to drive grizzlies in front.
  9. I said it was map dependant in my original post to Andy about it lol. Anywayss I wonder if anyone will take this bet, I wonder if Andy would even pay up if he lost
  10. I think grand canon walking is very hard to beat as a Yuri. If Yuri doesn’t win In the early/mid game per usual I think they are done, especially if sw is off.
  11. Ur full of false statements. didn’t you play the 2v2 tournament on CNcnet as zigzags partner? 5 years off? Lmao what a fraud. I was actually more for your side that Yuri is Op but not as OP as people make it out to be. But whatever if your good your good, I would think this would be a good opportunity to learn Yuri and beat you for 100 dollars. A lot of these newer players don’t know tactics that annoy and hurt Yuri. I guess you could argue France is better, but Yuri is still op
  12. It’s always good to make a bit of money tho!
  13. Read a bit here so... 1)latof was originally a YR player. 2)Yuri is overpowered but not as OP as people make it. Yes Andy don’t tell me infinite money is fair. 3) a major problem of Yuri is the maps!
  14. a1nthony

    Can we have new colors please

    I think this is something that’s possible? In xwis 2006-2007 some top qmers hacked so they would be the color “white” so I’m sure that’s a color that can be used. But is itpossible to add like.. Black, dark grey etc... would be a nice surprise in a future update
  15. a1nthony

    Lets talk about noobs

    If I’m complain about noibs then take one on as a trainee. It was easier on xwis when you were able to create clans and have some structure with a mass of people. But man up it takes under a month to get a complete newb good enough to learn by himself, and after two months they can be good enough to be considered good. But that’s with training.