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  1. a1nthony

    Allied vs Soviets (RUSH GAME)

    You rush him first!
  2. So can somebody just copy the ai.ini or whatever into the cnc net client as an update for extreme ai? I’m sure even if all the unit changes aren’t out in, the ai would be 100x better then what we have now
  3. a1nthony


    Just seen this on Facebook. I played yuri with him since 2005 and he was one of the people I grew up playing this game with. He taught me a lot when I first started playing, and I have a lot of fun memories and stories with him on this game and just talking in general. Was a really good guy sad to see him go, RIP brother
  4. Not being able to see your opponent was the coolest thing ever to happen in QM!
  5. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    You wish m8
  6. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    Whatever helps you sleep good at night!
  7. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    Lol false
  8. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    Pfft too bad you only played ra2 way back when.
  9. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    The problem with the “top ten skilled players nowadays could win the ladder back in 2007”, is all the top players are virtually the same from my understanding (Marko latof etc..). Barring a few who don’t play who I would argue are/were in a top tier league like Tim koning. The problem with best ever is you have to look at consistency, there were plenty of one and dones who got very skilled and then quit when they were on top. It’s all about eras, I’ve played in 2006-08 2010-12 and Some on cnc net and I’ve played with the top players from all those eras (clanned with mason Adam latof Tim etc..) and have played against people like marko a lot so I understand their skill level. Consistency is the key, I can only bring up the people I hated playing against as the best ever because you know to win you would have to be on point. I was usually a high ranked clanner but was a top ten qmer for a bit, I’ll give you the hardest people I ever faced that I can remember in no order. Sunny +maphack, N44bj, Marko, Latof, Tomi, , Adam from ra2. I’m sure there were others, but 1v1ing these names pop out and are probably the only ones that are relevant today. 2v2s are a whole other story, and this is limited to yr, if u say ra2, then u start getting into people like sammo, that’s my 2 cents
  10. a1nthony

    What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    I think there has to be variety to keep people coming back, I quit because I started lagging but when I come back to qm what’s going on for the month.. anything? Is qm still in alpha stages? There definitely needs to be a sub-forum and recognition for playing/competing on the ladder, what that is exactly? I’m sure there are ideas in the works. Also as far as a map list, everyone just needs to agree on balanced maps, and then just put it in a random generator for the month. Quit the bs and just make things happen. If it’s a big problem make a poll for every single map and use the input of older players while you still can. Those are my thoughts..
  11. Can you just make your edited “mods” affect the AI only? That would probably help. And while a general buff to brutal ai is good. Taking it to the next level by being map specific would definitely be the next step in improving the ai
  12. a1nthony

    Yuri's Revenge - January 2018 QM Map List

    **heavy opinion*** Map rotation will only work if a lot of the maps change with rotation, hence the “theme idea”. There is no point in rotation if the maps list basically looks the same month in and month out.
  13. a1nthony

    Yuri's Revenge - January 2018 QM Map List

    My thoughts are that it would be nice if the maps in QM had some relation to each other. As a generic example, all desert maps etc.. but you can easily expand into different things, like city maps, maps surrounded by water, maps with mountains, maps with oil derricks etc.. I mean u can think outside the box. But with the enormous amount of maps, including maybe newer ones yet to be made. I think that this would give reason for almost all the maps available to played eliminating bias and opinions to a certain extent, arguing that it has to fit the theme! Just my two cents
  14. a1nthony

    Yuri's Revenge - January 2018 QM Map List

    This list definitely does have a “classic “ feel to it. I’ve never been a big fan of mayday, but that’s just me. Maps like roundhouse kick, no wimps are fun with a lot of techs, but I feel these and dust bowl will probably get the majority of vetoes. Solid list tho for sure, and there are plenty of other good maps to include off the top of my bias rusty head : sovereign land, lakeside, head for the hills etc.. there are so many but I definitely think this list is solid. I do however still think having a “themed list” is the way to go!
  15. a1nthony

    December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    I’m going to be the third team member for quix and gunman if that’s ok. Can we rotate players throughout a series if all 3 are present?