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  1. a1nthony

    RaVaGe invisible MCV then makes game not count

    Just my two cents, and a general statement; as an admin and an overseer of the ladder. You are a face of cnc net Martin and your behavior is a representation of cnc net admins as a whole. That’s it lol
  2. a1nthony

    New Map! Tectonic Plates(3-6)

    And why’s that
  3. a1nthony

    New Map! Tectonic Plates(3-6)

    What’s wrong with that? Lol
  4. a1nthony

    New Map! Tectonic Plates(3-6)

    Im thinking about sponsoring a 1v1 tournament on this map. With prizes of course... would anyone be interested?
  5. a1nthony

    The Allied Topic

    Here’s one... since Korea/America are the top allies (excluding France) which qm maps would u favor each country on vs a top Soviet player..
  6. a1nthony

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Do you think you half to attack with all of your tanks selected ???
  7. So has anyone put the ai.ini or whatever file into a cncupdate yet???
  8. a1nthony

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    The basic soviet answers to everything the allies have is desolators, iron curtain, and the occasional rhino spam. Subs beat dolphins. If Sws are off and Soviet is not Iraq then allies are definitely in good shape to win most of their matchups. Soviets are usually better at winning middle fights/securing middle gem patches. Allies usually have to take advantage of terrain, better micro and smart decision making. My 2cents
  9. a1nthony

    YR TvB Act1 ! (2v2map)

    Disclaimer- I am nowhere near a good map maker and i understand that, so my maps may be simple; but i enjoy making these so whatever... Briefing: Tensions have risen between the T army and the B army, the B army has decided to launch a surprise offensive...or so they thought! the T army is well positioned in a very crucial territory. With resources already spent the B army has no choice but to charge forward under the leadership of their commanders. What will happen? This is a 2v2 map where one team gets to play as the B(bottom) army and one team gets to play as the T(Top) army; so its TvB. B army- Those playing the B army will need to expand forward as ore and gems are more towards the top/middle of the map. they will need to work together to take the important gem patch on the east side of the map while trying to secure control of the west lake region early. This team has to be aggressive from the start and will need good teamwork to win this match! T army- Those playing the T army will need to try to grab tech buildings and set up strong outposts to keep the B army at bay. they have more resources however they are lacking easy access to gems. Taking the eastern gem patch in the middle of the map would be a vital blow to the B team and should assure victory! I love feedback, if my maps suck tell me.. this is just for fun so i can take bad heat, however remember this isn't meant to be an official map. I'm such a little kid lol GL HF act1.yrm
  10. a1nthony

    [2] Sahara Mirage - Tournament Edition

    You don’t think this adds a bit of power to the yuri faction ?
  11. a1nthony

    Allied vs Soviets (RUSH GAME)

    You rush him first!
  12. So can somebody just copy the ai.ini or whatever into the cnc net client as an update for extreme ai? I’m sure even if all the unit changes aren’t out in, the ai would be 100x better then what we have now
  13. a1nthony


    Just seen this on Facebook. I played yuri with him since 2005 and he was one of the people I grew up playing this game with. He taught me a lot when I first started playing, and I have a lot of fun memories and stories with him on this game and just talking in general. Was a really good guy sad to see him go, RIP brother
  14. Not being able to see your opponent was the coolest thing ever to happen in QM!
  15. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    You wish m8