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  1. Would be a tough fix, you can’t really make walls unsellable, I guess you can make the sellable units give u 0 money. I just wonder how that would effect the yuri grinder?
  2. This was a super old glitch, i thought would’ve been patched out by now. Didn’t know about the miner one but the wall behind Kirov was pretty common knowledge at one point. Craziness!
  3. CAn someone please turn this into an AI only enhancement and create an EXTREME ai for cncnet online? thank you =]
  4. Soviets are easier to play and stronger. Allies rely on misdirection and speed. Rhinos are almost a tier better than grizzlies in my opinion. For example, I feel pretty safe splitting 3 rhinos to attack parts of an enemies base, but if I’m not pressuring hard with other units or something I wouldn’t dare split 3 grizzlies by themselves. Now I understand allied infantry counter this but the main OP is the desolator. I suppose what I’m getting at is it’s hard to just compare rhino to grizzly without bringing up other units from their faction, so I wouldn’t balance them based on tank vs tank unless you do that for every unit 1by1 on the tech tree. I don’t have an answer how to balance it, but I do have an idea that may spark creativity. What if a gi in yellow/red health spawns after each grizzly is destroyed? Just random thoughts
  5. That’s fair, I don’t think they are anything special. There were some pretty oddball build orders/rushes that took advantage of how fast tank destroyers are built In Yuris revenge, like going 2-3 miners then quickly getting td’s for Defense to supplement.. or when using in rushes, Seal Ifvs To kill infantry/drones and blow up buildings. edit: I didn’t watch the video
  6. I’d argue if you ctrl*shift backwards you have a higher chance of winning with prism tanks as well; unit control favors the prism tanks. Also if you manage to get elite prism tanks I think the brutes are done for regardless
  7. Ivan’s are good, flak troopers aren’t bad, robot tanks are average against Yuri and useful on water maps sometimes. Tank destroyers are ok since the build speed is quick... America/Korea are just better.
  8. Here are some initial thoughts -Can’t be mind controlled, I’ve thought about this and maybe it’s a bit op. Maybe they can’t be mind controlled by yuris and they take up 2-3 slots on a mastermind? -maybe give them an ability for Boris to ride in them as an extra gun(anti infantry, more damage to tanks/bfs, Boris apoc can’t be controlled) ...talk about anti Yuri units ^side note, maybe put Tesla troopers into Tesla tanks kinda like Tesla coils? also mustache had some good upgrades in one of his mod modes, but I forget what they were.. I think one was shoot as it moves I think those would be nice features
  9. Just thinking with the level of skill modders have these days, what game types would you like to see? I have a few ideas I wonder if anybody else has any. Maybe some of these can be implemented even! 1. Team support game - ideally it would be a 3v3 with two players starting a 1v1 then after one minute an MCV paradrops and two more players are in the game and after another minute the final players would paradrop in. I think this would add a cool team dynamic, and could be pretty fun. I’m sure it would have to be map specific tho. 2. Another team support game- ideally 2v2 but where one player starts with a premade(good) base. And your ally starts with just an mcv! You would have to turn off unallying to stop allies from engiing there allies service depots. Or put the three engi rule on as well. I think this could be fun depending on how the premade bases are designed! what are your thoughts, any ideas??
  10. Forgive me, because I haven’t played in a long time so I may miss somethings, also I will only focus on things that seem to be a bit overpowered from yuri and not the counters: 1.Infinite money -in a long grinding game against Soviets yuri can simply just outlast the opponent until there is no money in the map with their grinder+mutator combo keeping infinite money. 2.quick boomer sub-being able to gain a quick undetectable naval unit that quickly kills bases is extremely overpowered. 3.magnetron-a magnetron can lift an ore miner and kill a refinery very easily 4. wave tactics- yuri can attack allies in waves that with one mistake can cause the allied player to lose. Even defending accurately puts a lot of strain on the allied players economy . The allied player needed to be an extremely skilled talent in order to survive these.. with the ending wave usually two discs splitting. Pressure yuri at its finest. yuri has a lot of other strengths and I have a topic on there weaknesses. But Iirc these are the most dominant strengths of yuri making them deemed overpowered and unfair. I may have missed some but yuri definitely has more advantages than other factions
  11. Answer is not in any practical situation. 95% of the time prism wanks will win, especially in mass.
  12. I can tell you on Xwis, I would always have my miners mine around the ore regenerator so you could have more money in long game, and you could physically see the ore regenerating throughout gameplay. It was slow, but Not epically slow.
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