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  1. a1nthony

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    I’d argue a pr0 Korea is legit. Time for changes sure but I think my main points stand true in that yuri only had a few major problems. and if we are talking about restructuring the game than we can expand more on just completely changing the yuri faction. How about adding a navy, buffing special units. Adding more units (mobile gap generator was always one of my favs in convos like this)and changing unefficient units like apocalypse tank. Changes like that are good to make but they change the core of the game. I’m all for something like that, and I can’t give enough props to Martin for executing on what he thinks is best for this game and nerfing yuri. But if you want to update everything I think u should make a poll and have veterans and skilled players put forward there thoughts I mean shave 30 seconds off of chromosphere timer, give sovs some anti BF units and long game weapons (defensive structures etc..) lol I’m sure you guys get the point. Just off an overnigh shift excuse the long post
  2. a1nthony

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Ok did a quick read and Cekaj no offense but yuri have several “op” / unrealistically powerful points to them that need to be changed. Just because you haven’t played a true top tier yuri player doesn’t mean these problems don’t exist. The main problems are infinite money and yuri navy. There are some other OP points to a magnetron u like lists so here. 1)infinite money: yuri auto wins grinding games just because they can continuously rebuild and nobody else can. All they need to do is camp until resources are low. Maps like hidden valley and offense defense come to mind first. 2)Boomer Sub: A boomer sub can pop half of your base before the first American paradrop is ready.. even if you build afc before war (which again you auto lose) 3)magnetRon: Ctrl shift is dangerous and it doesn’t take skill, find someone who numbers their magnetrons and your done. Any maps with a bunch of trees or cliffs automatically add to magnetrons advantage... they can pop any unit in one hit, sometimes two units. And they easily dodge harrier strikes, not to mention they work in perfect unison with the yuri army. Sorry if you think infinite money should be a part of yuri then you must not play at a high level.
  3. a1nthony

    How to beat yuri?

    Anti-scout and engi!
  4. a1nthony

    Micr0 Pocket book(do you even micro bro???)

    Bump so I can find this easier, thanks
  5. a1nthony

    How to beat yuri?

    Hi, this has been a tough question for decades, although yuri is OP.. there are tactics, tips, and tricks to try balance this out. In this topic you can ask any questions Be they general or sceneraio specific and I will answer to the best of my ability/ and or maybe a veteran will chime in once or twice. The most frequently asked questions and best answer will be edited into this first post... maybe this will help people get a better grasp against yuri! so what are you waiting for? Ask away....
  6. a1nthony

    2v2 qm

    Would be pretty cool, randomized or not!
  7. a1nthony

    How to lower the laming in QM?

    Just addressing OP. I think engi eating is fine, but I played in a different era I suppose. All you have to do is build walls to stop engiing, and as much as multi- Engi would be great.. engiing is a strong tactic against the yuri faction. But back to my reasoning to why “engi eating” should be kept. 1)If I don’t know the map, I auto lose because they get an oil derrick and I don’t. Edit: and on large maps if I don’t know who gets what Derrick and I grab the wrong ones I’m still called a lamer 2)leads to unique gameplay on maps. Sure a small amount of maps are auto lose if you don’t get the Derrick, but most of them are not. This forces you to think outside the box of your normal build orders and learn to adapt to the situation. This was proven many moons ago when EDD challenged Marko to a series with engi eat on. Alting is a tough one, as much as alting needs to just go, you gotta love rushing yuri and alting their bunker with your flak while u crush them. Every hear a yuri player cry lamer? edit: I think not showing nicknames was a great decision.
  8. a1nthony

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Can’t really comment on specifics since I don’t play too much.. but I think yuri could’ve been patched with the “more is less” approach. Just a few things I took out of this. Yuri seems More prone to lose against high level rushes from sobs now that drones are a bit more effective and miners build slow, however I think yuri can rush allies earlier, but classic wave tactics won’t work now and yuri loses effectiveness towards end of mid/long-game vs allied. there any change to yuri navy? I don’t want to say scratch these changes and start again.. but there were just a few major problems with the yuri faction imho and I think there was a lot more change than necessary. If u do play around with this I would look at mostly these changes moving forward. -can’t mutate your own slaves/brutes ungrindable -change yuri navy, just downgrade boomer and put a moveable tank bunker and now yuri has a navy I would’ve just took out Ctrl-shift for magnetrons and miners need two magnetrons to pick up. anyways good job on the changes it’s good to see somebody actively trying to work on the game, I’ll try to hop on eventually and play. good efforts!
  9. Didn’t read all replies, and since not entirely sure which game this is for my answer will be very generalized. Things that are sacred: -Tank Battles (somebody being able to win 7 tanks against 9 with good skill) -manipulating economy( being able to Manipulate cash flow into having more money than an opponent with the same amount of miners) Things you should enhance(on top of everything else ) : -Naval battles(a diverse variety of naval units to fight on the sea, probably would need something in the sea to fight over in order to justify such a diverse fleet, would immensely improve naval battle game mode ) That’s all I got right now, just a couple quick thoughts hope it was helpful
  10. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    You are delusional, n44bj aka kollektiv got rank 2 twice in the last 3 months? Have you seen the recorded tournament games with Marko? For as much as the game has “been perfected” its 18 years old and 16+ years without an update, the only thing that has changed is the addition of new maps. I like your attitude the “here and now” it sparks competition. but i don’t name drop for no reason! These people have skills lol. But how can you not bring up older players in a “best ever to play” convo! I will admit the names do bring back a lot of memories for me tho. If I wanted to name drop older players for nostalgia reasons I would’ve named a top ten.
  11. a1nthony

    Who is the best player ever?

    It’s funny I said sammo before and I was definitely thinking sammo. I know how good he is but I just think his yr accomplishments are lacking. He was a superb pressure player and definitely intelligent enough to play with any good players style. But the main accomplishment was in -eco- when we got the most clan points ever in cm (forget the amount 900 something beating clan 21 I think) and that was before it moved to the 7 win rule. With as good as a player as he is and I do think if he tried qming on yr he definitely would’ve achieved rank 1 multiple times, he was a pure ra2 player who came to Yr to clan match iirc. I did learn a lot of unique tactics playing against/with him. But I’m just not sure. That -eco- clan had A very strong line up sammo,Alan(mindcntrl aka mostgames),Me, Matt(iraqctrl),Luke(honour) Greg and Tyler who were 8/10 in their own right, Don’t remember too much others but I think Avery, n44bj etc.. everybody in there had a resume. so I’m not sure those points were contributed to just sammo(I think he had the most) point being I just don’t have enough awards to put sammo as best ever as far as yr. I’m not sure how he would’ve faired against consistent Yuri players like desrlator, mostgames, Sunny(with maphack), etc... even tho he is definitely good enough to beat anybody to ever play this game.
  12. a1nthony

    Rhino and Grizzly question.

    lol I might be biased because I’ve tried a lot of tc tactics over the years for fun, it’s my favorite part of this game and I love the maneuvers/quick reaction needed in high level games especially when you’re firing on all cylinders (labeling tanks in groups of 5 and clicking each rhino etc..) I’ve won/lost so many battles trying different splitting tactics like that and if you surround your opponent from two sides, all they have to do in that situation is drive into one side, it’s easier to pull off with one type of tank, but with the mix if they drive into the grizzlies I think grizzlies pop, just my two cents
  13. a1nthony

    Ignore Feature is coming to the next release

    I think we have PAF to thank for this feature. Jkjk nice work admins. Does blocking someone’s pm cause them to not connect in game?
  14. Sw’s off city under siege, France vs Yuri let’s do it!