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  1. Nebuchad

    After Origin Fix Game doesnt start

    Hey, thanks tried ouot my luclk also there, its not only a CnC 3 Issue, i got it with each CnC Version when i installed the Origin Launcher fix
  2. Nebuchad

    Anyone make a Mod fix for Origin C&C games?

    Can anyone help me here i dont get it to work. After aplying the fix i am getting asked to login to origin instead of getting a launcher...
  3. Nebuchad

    After Origin Fix Game doesnt start

    Hey, i downloaded this one here: COMMAND & CONQUER ULTIMATE COLLECTION LAUNCHERS Version: 1.19 Author: Bibber Everything is working fine and as i installed this thing on it i got asked to log in. When i do thats whats you see on screens happens... When i repair the game, it works fine after this... I chatted with EA support yesterday and tried out everything nothing happens, Reinstall game and origin, emty cache, run as admin ...
  4. Nebuchad

    After Origin Fix Game doesnt start

    Hey, i wanted to play with mods the first time, so i downloaded this origin fix thing... Before installing any mods i tried out if i get a launcher but sadly i get an error message. I have to log in in my origin account and then i have to activate CnC 3 first but thats not working xcause he tells me i am not online, if i press reenter a Serial the window hang up... So i dont know what to to, i watched several video guides how to do but i never saw this windows before...