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  1. Thanks , I knew i seen the road pieces before but wasnt sure , thanks
  2. I just have a few simple questions, whats the MAX size a map can be? (100/100 is what ive used so far seems to find.) roads cant find the "ground tool" for roads just pavement What catagory is it located under? THANKS
  3. What ports do I need to Forward?
  4. no I didn't post a lot in lobby , it just happened when we tried to play. earlier the same day we where able to see another.
  5. https://cncnet.org/red-alert-2 https://cncnet.org/yuris-revenge I know that they are two different games BUT , are they separated on CNCNET or do they use the same SERVERS? the reason I am asking is because my friends and me are having issues see each other while where are in the lobby!
  6. ok it just started happening today I cant seem to find my friends in the RA2 lobby but I do see them online in general lobby. weve never had this problem yesterday , I is it possible we are connected to different server? if so how do we get connect on the same server so we can play together. other solution is it possible to invite friends to game?
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