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  1. I have created maps, named them with the .map format and played them online on yuris revenge. they work fine. When i use the mental omega map maker and rename them .map and try to play them on mental omega via cncnet, it says the other players dont have the map and we cant play them. The maps just wont upload so that we can play. What could be causing this?
  2. The error is always: Yuris revenge has encountered an internal error and is unable to continue normally. I have included 3 maps we used to be able to play, but now crash every time. They are amped up with lots of extra war factories for the enemies that are AI against us. When we use the brutal option in the setup screen, there are way more units that attack us. And when we have lots of armies built up and go on the attack, that is when it errors out. When not on brutal, we seem to be able to complete the game. michaels2topbrutaljuly18.map michaels2topjune21of2018.map michaels3middlenonbrutal.map I do have my maps at 200 x 200 so maybe that is part of it? I also give the enemies an extra mcv and they end up making 2 of every building they build. Let me know what you think.
  3. I make maps giving the enemy multiple war factories and my friend and cousin play as allies against 5 enemies. They send a lot of stuff, especially since they have 10 extra war factories (the AI players) each and when combined with the BRUTAL option on the setup screen, it is fun. The maps have been working great, but lately since some of these updates, towards the end, (even after killing off 2 of the enemies) we are attacking with our huge armies and the game will get a game crashed message. This happens almost every game now when they used to be able to handle it. Is there just too much units and stuff on the map for the game to handle? What do you think?
  4. After today's may 27th update, my friends and I cannot add 6 Ai players like we always have to our game. it only let's us add 4. We are unable to pick the difficulty, countries, colors, teams, or positions on the map either with the drop down arrows. It lets us click and choose, but wont select and save the option we choose. Please help. Maybe roll back the version of this program until you can fix it.
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