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  1. KKND2 OpenRA version is planned too. Anyways, the plan is to have two versions - classic and modern. As you might have guessed, the classic version is supposed to be as faithful as possible to vanilla game, including all imbalances. The modern version is supposed to have more cool stuff like overhauling Bomber superweapons or rebalancing the game (true, snipers are mega OP ). Our current build is mixbag of both modes which will be properly split in the future. And once KKND1 OpenRA is established, it will be super easy to build KKND2 on top of that. Heh... that's how KKND2 was made, it was built on top of KKND: Xtreme.
  2. There's still a lot of to be done or adjust. A lot of things have changed since that video (like proper sequence animation speed). There's a high possibility the first release will be launched still this year. It will only feature multiplayer/skirmish, as SP missions can be added later.
  3. You can buy both KKND games on GoG. However KKND2 has a bug which tells you "mission failed" after playing approximately 1.5 hours. However using custom HD patch fixes that (it's actually based on different KKND2.exe, that's why it's not bugged, GOG's one is cracked) Running KKND Xtreme is easier than KKND DOS, because of Xtreme one was complied for Windows. On Windows 10 it works flawlessly, although some people might experience crashing when launching a mission. I don't want to advertise it too much, but I am part of team of who recreates the whole KKND game in OpenRA engine. If you're interested, check out this link https://www.kknd-game.com/
  4. A lot of missions have smaller or bigger secrets, like controlable T-rex in 1st YR Soviet mission (which I only discovered recently just because I watched YR speedrun). However polar bears were undocumented. I wasn't certainly the first person who found that, there was one particular comment on Youtube saying that someone found it too. But it appears I am the first who documented that. And funny, at first I thought maybe I had the Mandela effect, just because at first I couldn't find any information about this secret, but I remembered that it was too real to be just a false memory ;).
  5. Hey there! Years ago I was playing Yuri's Revenge mission "Romanov on the run". While playing this mission, I noticed a huge pack of polar bears coming off the map from the north direction. I knew I was witnessing a secret. However I was never able to reproduce that secret. Years have passed and I've decided to come back to this topic. My first attempts of trying to produce that secret failed. Untill I finally looked into Final Alert editor and discovered there are special triggers. It appears one unit has to be exactly in a specific spot (in the attached picture, it's the halftrack in the middle of screen), wait there a moment and this will trigger the polar bears! Those teddies will shape the word "HI". It's kinda a funny secret and I am astonished how this one was out of the radar for so long. Yes, I've been trying to search everywhere whether there was any other person who found it, but I had no luck. Ohh and these teddies are controllable :D.
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