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  1. MapDesigner

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Hmmm, why dont CNCnet update it so that all soviet factions can have desolators? and then give iraq another unit (either crazy ivan or Cosmonaut)
  2. Hello Mr. TK, I was thinking that paradropped GIs should auto deploy and destroy units around them. after they kill units/sentry guns, then they destroy buildings. after that they undeploy and move on. they will do much better damage when they deploy. i hope thats not too much bother to do lol
  3. MapDesigner

    Red Alert 2 Laboratory

    time for todays test Multiple ore purifiers stack additively; having 4 of them doubles each ore load Multiple Industrial plants stack multiplicatively. War miner price is 1050 @ 1 plant 787 @ 2 plants 590 @ 3 plants terror drone goes down to 281 and then 210 lol, Rhino is something like 379 @ 3 plants.
  4. Hey Mr. TK So I have noticed the 3 factories making 3 tanks, and 2 rax making 2 boris/tanya and acting like cloning vat, But there is something new about your ai So i created new map and, with trigger, gave your AI 3 MCV. He made 9 war factories, and 3 nuclear power plants + 4 industrial plants LOOOL. makes me wonder how much does it reduce cost XD Im impressed with your trigger. I like it. Each MCV duplicate buildings just like cloning vat. I havent tried it with superweapons yet xD
  5. MapDesigner

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Miners speed test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtXSghJiP6M which re-inforces what has already been established by @fir3w0rx that War miner has its obvious gun advantage War miner goes less times to drop ore > thus needs less ore refinaries. Chrono miner brings more continuous/constant cash flow than war miner can. Chrono miner can be arrange and re-aranged more easily than war miner, be it in islands ore even different ore spots in the same island. the war miner will have to walk all the distance to re-arrange and change ore fields. chrono miners can usually easily teleport to safety; However, if there are many chrono miners in one field, it will be hard for all of them to survive using chrono shift. not sure about HP/Armor comparison yet not entirely sure about the following statement: I think there is maximum teleport distance for Chrono miner, in which case it cant teleport, which will make war miner gather ore faster than chrono miner.
  6. MapDesigner

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    I never play Iraq. Btw, Im thinking desolator should be regular soviet unit thats not special to iraq. anyway, I think im just bad with desos that I never use them anyway, even when available. yea im just bad I know as for manual targeting isnt good when there are more than 10+ tanks (1 mirage only need 3 hits to die anyway). there will be a lot of waste. as opposed to when Rhinoes are atuo-attacking random close mirage tanks, in which case there will be less wasted shots (yes maybe not 0 waste but still). also, to add a little bit, what about allied infantry? dont you think they are much stronger than soviets infantry? I think sovs infantry must have half price
  7. MapDesigner

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Soooo, There is one more thing to look for: the Mirage Rhino battle. What do you think about it? as far as single tank test, Rhino do win vs mirage. However, during movment, Rhinos might not auto attack some mirage tanks. Mirage tank also is faster, has longer range, and is trained faster too (although more expensive than rhinos). How would soviets deal with mirage? I still think thats more balanced than Battle Fortresses LOL
  8. Hmmmm, I also noticed that the AI onetime para-drop troops in his ally base 😐 and then they walk to my base after that
  9. MapDesigner

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    hmmm, I recently learned that Scorpion flak cannon is good vs dolphins. is there a link for such test? but I have seen dolphins > subs tests and its proven (this is due to dolphin area attack) as for Battle fortressess.... hmmmm so Rhinos are much better than apocalypse tank vs this battle fortress right? becuz is much faster (and can strike while moving). also, BF cost about 4k ore, so its same cost as 5 rhinose. maybe 5 BF vs 25 Rhinos, and if sovs can win then they are good.
  10. Hello, so I tried the new AI and here is the feedback: this AI for some reason control my units. I can never stop hornet airplanes or dreadnoughts from kill my units. for dreadnought I can still attack, but with AirCraftCarrier, I cant even strike. Hornet planes are always dead and I cant do shit... I cant even stop them from attacking... but on the good side, this AI give me the ability to auto repair my buildngs xD AI sometimes only use 2 dreadnoughts, and leave the third one standng but never attacking. sometimes the AI only has 2 dreadnoughts and still not use one of them: it will be standing and doing nothing. dolphins never try to rescue destroyer or other ships from giant squids. amphibious transport deploy troops in wrong islands: he will go to his ally base instead of my base LOL. sometimes amphibious transport go to correct island but still not deploy troops correctly; instead, it will keep circulating around some of my tech buildings. My guess is that the AI want to deploy troops in the position of this tech airport but cant go there unliss I destroy the building. AI does not capture all neutral buildings. in some maps, there is nuclear reactor near every base and the AI still not capture it. I noticed the AI do capture neotral construction yard, but he will never use it to develop new technology. the AI will only use it to build his buildings. for example, there is an allied construction yard in one map, and the AI do capture it, but if he was soviet, he will never build allied barracks/tanks/spies/etc sometimes, the AI does not even capture tech airport. My guess is that the AI only capture airport if there is oil derrick in the map, but I cant be 100% sure. the AI sometimes try to attack my base with typhone submarines. Well, they cant attack ground xD I have seen allied AI stuck before building warfactory; the AI built so many pill boxes such that there is no space next to his buildings for the war factory. I suggest make the AI not restricted on the position like human player is; you should let the AI able to go further with his base than human can (yes cheat but its ok) I noticd the AI never expand his base for new Ore collection. on some maps, there are 2 or 3 ore generators near each base. The AI usually only goes for one and leaves the other 2 full ore spots and never collects them. I suggest that the AI send miners to each spot. it is better to divide the miners rather than make them all mine 1 spot even when its empty. I could still sometims kite kirov airships with my flak tracks and the AI never attacks the base I suggest Korea and allies in general striker with BlackEagle from a good angle where there is no Anti-Air defenses (gg will be too hard to win) When I set up defenses on all entrances (put GI and GGI and some towers), the AI will walk his tanks into my units. not sure if this is correct or bad I think the soviets must bring some infantry with their attacks just to be fodder. GI and GGI defense can repell soviet tanks, but if they have lots of conscripts, they will suck up some of the damage and are able to counter GGI anti-tank missiles
  11. MapDesigner

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

  12. MapDesigner

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    @@ @ore_truck @XXxPrePxX I think allied has an answer to anything soviet does, but soviets doesnt have an answer to all what allies can do; what can soviets do vs Battle Fortress + GGI + seal? even apocalypse tank cant stand. on the other hand, these hard things do have answer: harriers/eagles X matched with flaks prism tanks X deployed vulture hellicopter. dreadnought X although allies AA is bad, they can kill it with harriers or eagles soviets cant kill most allied infantry unliss they pick iraq; which doesnt mean soviet is balanced. maybe only iraq is balanced. Chrono legion/chrono commando/ chrono ivan all hard to deal with. allied mobility is in way balanced. the only thing that the soviets may have without a counter strategy is: subs + scorpion boats, or dreadnought + scorpions. in that case allied players cant kill dreadnought with eagles. but still, if allies go for dolphins then they are going to win naval battle anyway. dolphins are OP as far as I have seen in these discutions (but I never like dolphins so i havent tried) thats why allies are OP.
  13. MapDesigner

    Red Alert 2 Laboratory

    hi, so, time for todays test: When Barracks is surrounded by walls or other buildings, refund is given for the created unit; Moreover, cloning vat, in this case, will never produce a clone. However, when cloning vat is surrounded, no refund is given. Rhino tank production time is 46 secs, whereas grizzlies are produced in 42 secs (both tests in yuris reveng). This has been verified by conscript creation: 13 conscripts are trained for each 1 rhino tank, and 12 conscripts are trained for 1 grizzly There seems to be false claims in the wiki regarding ore purifier; Wiki claims ore purifier increases the income from grinder as well as tech oil derricks. However, as tested in yuris revenge, patch 1.01, this is false. cloning vat + grinder doesnt give any more than refund Oh I thought he was talking about build speed. but still, thinking of it in terms of speed is better; if built time first time is reduced from 20 to 14 (6 seconds less), and the second time is reduced from 14 to 9 (5 seconds less), the second time is clearly better becuz: the first time makes 1.42 tanks built instead of 1: in other words it amplifies tanks by 142% the second time it makes 2.22 tanks made instead of 1.42 from the first time and instead of 1 initially. if we compare this second time to the first time 2.22/1.42 =1.556 ; in other words, it amplifies tank production by 155.6% though, somebody mentioned its constant 120% amplification. although I really doubt that, I would argue that even if it is true, the third WF would still be better than the second one. imagine the 2nd WF makes 2 tanks instead of 1, and the 3rd WF makes 4 instead of 2, would this make both WF with equal value? or would 3rd one be better? but on the other hand, if 2nd WF make it 2 tanks instead of 1, and 3rd WF make it produce 3 tanks instead of 2, would they then be of equal value? I would choose the second option (but maybe someone who knows math can explain) none the less, becuz of the data I pulled and exist in the first post, I doubt this information to begin with: i.e., adding WF or Barrax would not amplify production/training by 20% at all.
  14. MapDesigner

    Red Alert 2 Laboratory

    so I tested more than 6 WarFactories speed. Indeed, the benifit is not limited to 6 war factories. I tested MCV with 50 warfactories, and I could make each in 4 seconds instead of 180 (as fastas conscript): I could produce 30 MCV in 120 seconds. Each 10 MCV built by my WF only 1 spy is built from barracks. your statement is questionable though. I only find it to be increasing benifit not decreasing one (look numbers in OP). the benifit of exponential functions increase every step; they never have decreasing benifit. but I think it is capped at conscript build time. in fact, I barely noticed any difference between 1 and 2 WFs, but 3 and 4 it is clear.
  15. MapDesigner

    Using service depot to repair Harriers/Black Eagles

    its only fair though, I was surprised to see IFV cant repair airplanes xD