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  1. though I still couldnt figure it out for Yuri faction himself. even when I add YuriCountry it still doesnt work 😐
  2. Wait he is playing vs himself? you havent included the Fe3O4 basically anything with chemistry is for him LOL but other than that, I dont mind someone having as many accounts as they want.
  3. is the AI good in water maps? does he use naval units well? how is this mod compared to @TK_3600 ? does all soviets have deso?
  4. I did it for germany Its not that difficult. Just change the INI file. Look for snipers, go down to Owner or owned by= Britain. Add germany, now germany can build snipers. In my INI i made germany able to build all, including tesla and demo tank. Most units are owned by all factions. Special units are only owned by 1 country.
  5. I just edited the INI to make cloning vats limitless and now I dont have to worry about not massing enough infantry 😛
  6. Can psychic dominator controll hidden submarines and dolphins? I wonder. I expect so but i guess ill have to test
  7. Hello, Here is my idea on what Yuri's Balanced Naval Arsenal Should be: Gattling ship (800) Magnetron Ship (2000, requires battle lab) Remove artillery rockets for boomer sub (1750 still requires radar) so basically, boomer is like apocalyples, sub like rhino, and destroyer like grizzly. what do you think? I kinda also want mastermind but that might be too imba and also too similar to a special unit.
  8. found it https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-red-alert-yuris-revenge/addons/arustyspoons-yuri-campaign-missions-1-3 though this one is only 3 missions. I thought there was a full Yuri Campaign there is also Alert sun Allied Custom Campaign.
  9. try easy first, then normal, then brutal. also, you might not be this bad if this was Modified AI. not sure if they use normal AI or new AI like that of @TK3600 if its that AI you're playing against, then you are not that bad. that AI so strong. THERE ARE EVEN MORE STRONGER though, but I havent tried them.
  10. YES, I almost forgot. this isnt even documented properly in the wiki. Here are the stats for GIs; I just pulled the data now from the INI files. but perhaps they had to do this change to counter soviet rush.
  11. I am only aware of the fan made Yuri Scenario. are there any other custom campaigns (not mods, not mental omega etc)
  12. but this also delete the porpose of this thread 😐 we very will know desolator can counter it (also mentioned in OP) but I was explicitly asking if we are not choosing iraq (also mentioned in OP) meh
  13. if he is massing* GIs and GGIs yes. but if he is having few and massing tanks, then that would be another story.
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