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  1. pm me when your mod is done. preferably if someone also showed illustrations in youtube video.
  2. why dont you download AI mod and play offline? its much more enjoyable blv me 😛
  3. New Test: These attacks Cannot Destroy Ore: GGI, All Tesla Weapons, Prism Tower, IFV Tanks, These Weapons Can Destroy Gem or Ore: France Grand Cannon Tower, Harrier and Korea air plane I havent tested kirov or flaks. I can only assume flaks do not destroy it. Test 2: miners cannot mine if units are standing on ore. Deployed GIs will not move out of the way for the miners. miners can get stuck if too many units are on ore, miners will stuck sucking ore, but still getting nothing.
  4. ya lets choose something more imba than BF xD on topic though, if it was for me, id make BF cost 5-6K gold instead of 2k. or maybe make it move slower than apocalypse tanks. tbh the beggest advantage for BF is that its top tier vehicle who can still fire while moving. id make it have semilar speed to kirov
  5. Yes Find it in Einstein mission. Availbe on YouTube
  6. I guess. It kinda feels like same strength as V3 launchers or so (or basically weak version of prism tank) but yes I use them a lot to destroy buildings just like I use prism tanks. with 5 of them you can destroy buidlings. Edit: but I never thought they will be OP vs ships, only OP vs land units perhaps (since most seas have no terrains and mag ships wouldnt be able to cursh them I guess; but yes there are few games where there is a little island in the middle of the sea, but most maps do not have that as far as I know) only scenario where they can crush ships is if they stand behind their naval shipyard, or if there is a battle going right along the shore, and so there would be chance that mag-ship will drop them on land. am I missing something? Edit: mag tank have 12 range. V3 have 13, dread have 25, France tower have 15; I was thinking mag ships should have about 14-18 range or so, not sure if it should outrange france tower or not (im thinking 16 range is best balance). (problem is they will be very hard to defend from land, but AAC and dread AA can be used to counter them.)
  7. But my Magnetron ship does attack buildings. Further it also pulls vehicles just like Magnetron Tank. Now Yuris problem would be to deal with infantries, but gattling ships will partially do that. So yuri might be better than Allied naval units against infantries too. So I guess my suggestions solve that too. (Ofc the mag ship will need some more range than the tank counter part)
  8. the most important test of all time is: When short game is OFF, i.e. all units having to die in order to lose, the Paradrop airplane is considered a unit. if you lose all your units but you happened to shoot a paradrop, then you will not lose unliss the plane dies or all your coming reinforcements die. How I found out: Pick US Capture soviet build radar next to nuclear plant sell all your buildings except radar and plant kill ur miners gather all your infantry around nuclear plant. drop the paras in the middle of the map destroy the nuclear plant before para-drops ur units. Result: all your units are now dead, but you still have not lost. Continue and win the mission.
  9. how do I know which renderer to choose? and how do I change it?
  10. Make Desolator available to all soviets. This will make every game look different from 2 sides instead of 1 I cant wait to see tesla tank or Libya demo in a pro game.
  11. Hello, which Unitscan fire while moving? as far as I know: All basic Tanks Can: Rhino, Grizzly, and Lasher Flak Tracks can only fire AA weapon while moving if im not mistaken. Aegis Cruiser can also fire AA weapon while moving, but it will be weaker than if it had stopped. also Obviously units garrisoned inside BattleFortress, but that doesnt count are there any other units I have missed? Can Gattling tank fire AA?
  12. Rhino vs Veteran Grizzly, who would win? I think its grizzly but im not too sure. I guess that adds one more point to our discussion
  13. http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search=Offense Defense thnx to Mr. @Fr3sh :3
  14. Hello, what is this map called? Edit: its Offense Defense right? but where to download 4 vs 4 version? Cant find it in Xwis or cnclabs.com 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ok6oVDfSL98 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m00TCSm-BsU
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