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  1. Tell them if its better than RA2. and that if miners there are as tough as ra2
  2. 1 2 3 thats how I see the implication, becuz they can Deal with split better than soviets. xD
  3. someone Compare Prism vs Tesla Pls for reference
  4. why Yuri para is stronger? I thought they are the same (8 GI's)
  5. how does prism tower work? I remember I kill Yuri miner with 1 hit.
  6. it didnt work when I launched the game only in desktop
  7. So you think that allies, overall, are better than soviets?
  8. you forgot V3 launch unit. this is actually great map. just saying. there are not many maps where V3 is that useful.
  9. So, first engineer will make building neutral, and the second one will make him belong to me?
  10. 😮 RA2 or YR too? anyway Q1: what would you hate your opponent will do when you plan to make battle fortresses? Q2: What units would you hate to face when you already built some or many Battle Fortresses? Q3: is there anything you ever face harder than Sov. Rush? if yes, what is it?
  11. alright, so I will have to re-arrange the ore fields so that its equally distributed. just wanted to say, that I dont like maps to be exact mirrors of each other. I rather have the map slightly different at each side (but Also I wouldnt want to make one side have complete advantage over the other, but rather mixture) Tell me when you like the update
  12. I thought its similar to extra small map
  13. even multiplayer you can play close combat game (but for 7 players and the last one is empty space)
  14. Updated Map With This Update, Youre supposed to start at the furthest place and do some Naval assault
  15. hmmmm so I tried editting some values when I change (via NotePad++) the animation rate = 3 then my game crashes everytime. even if I changed it back. Wierd If I change animation probability=0.003 to 0.01 & 0.06 (tried both), it makes ore faster. not sure how fast though, need to check with oil derricks to quantify. I havent edited ore/Gems values as of yet. I'll edit this post when I miss up other values.
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