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  1. Yeah of course, all you have to do is copy your edited parts of the .ini into the map itself. Easiest way is to open the map in wordpad and paste into there. Example if you just wanted to lower the cost of GI you would insert the unit tag and the edit. I.e: [E1] Cost=150 Thats all there is to it. You can also do this by opening the map in final alert and then clicking on edit > ini editor 🙂
  2. eliteGi

    Map Project

    I'll take the silence as non-interest then 😂
  3. eliteGi

    Map Project

    I made a tower defense map for Tibetian and the planning alone was a few hours. There were over 100 triggers. I like to do the full shazam - full conversion style map with full mods 😁
  4. eliteGi

    Map Project

    Hi guys, thinking of starting a new little project map. Got a few ideas, but not decided what or if to do. Some ideas would be: Full tower defense map with full tower defense build style and layout Survival map where you have to hold different territory positions against AI League of Legends style map where you have a few very strong towers and build one or two strong units to battle Each of these would take many hours (easily up to 100) to make but if theres interest I may go ahead with it
  5. Yep it's 49.8% left side 50.2% right side total ore/gem value so tournament split
  6. Updated! Happy with how it looks and performs now
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I've changed most of the trees, I think it still looks natural but it's far clearer in the middle for tank movement! Lighting is a good point, my thought process was I like how lower points look darker with the level numbers but I'll achieve that with negative light posts instead as it'll look more natural. Appreciated
  8. I'm all for lighting detailing but I was under the impression it was better to keep it simple in that respect if it's to be used for online or competitive play 😕 Just looked for that sumbitch LAT tile on my FA2. I found 2 little ones that would be barely noticeable in game - but 2 errors nonetheless. Found 1 to the right of the bottom oil derrick in centre and one to the left of the top centre derrick. I'll wait to see if there's any other feedback and I can reupload
  9. Not sure, it looks fine in my FA2 (although I think my FA2 may be dodgy). Looks fine in game though Edit: Did I overdo it with the trees? I tried removing them but I honestly like the character of the map with them in, it blends the terrain height differences well and feels more natural, but not sure if they'll make tank battles too difficult. A lot of them are placed in positions to make choke points.
  10. This can be played 2v2 (left vs right or north vs south, depending on what pace of game is preferred) or even FFA.... The map has several pathing choices so there are different ways you can split your opponent during battle. EDIT: I have modified the tree placement to make path choices more clear-cut and more open for battles. Also changes lighting properties so should look smoother now. Enjoy! mosh pit.map
  11. I agree with the square shaped cliffs - could have spent more time detailing there for sure! My intent was to actually keep it unskinned with square cliffs to test it online - but couldn't get 6 in a game so I played a couple of AI games and then just skinned it after shaping some of the cliffs. Having re-read the thread whilst in a better frame of mind I realise I was being a drama queen. I was in a negative environment earlier so I blame that . Sorry, I do appreciate the feedback
  12. Here's a screenshot of what is the largest plain in the preview... and at least to my eye this does not look unfinished or bland. But maybe it's just me? Keep in mind the map is more detailed everywhere else - this is the largest plain. Anyway, as for the map in general it didn't turn out the way I'd hoped in creation - I didn't really stick to my original idea. So don't really think I want to make adjustments purely on the basis that editing cliffs once they are made is more effort than it's worth in this scenario. But thanks for the feedback Ezer. I think the map would play well though, purely on the fact that the right side has easier access to the middle island and they are better situated to the choke points. You talked about bottom left having the cliff advantage but top right has the closest access to the middle island derricks and gems. Not all maps have to be strictly tournament style, sometimes the fun in maps is playing around the little niches.
  13. My job mainly consists of giving others feedback and criticism, so it riles me when someone gives purely negative feedback. The other comments from the otger guys are fine, and to an extent I agree - but again I designed the map to be large and plentiful. Dont call it bland though because that was intentional design based on real terrain. No need to tell me your credentials or 'pull rank' i have been using the editor for longer. Why not encourage map makers instead of trying to impose yourself? Dont you have any meaningful way of imposing authority in the real world?
  14. The right side has slightly more access to resources and proximity to centre island so that was a trade-off I had in mind. Also each player does have 1 oil derrick, with the bottom and top tussling over an extra one which is in a vulnerable choke point. 😀
  15. I've not been here long at all and I've noticed you do this on several occasions. You look at the map preview and crticise / make assumptions from there in quite a few threads. The reality is that you don't play a map from a preview and quite frankly the renderer isn't perfect. I'm all for feedback but even that feedback - I detailed it like tgat intentionally to keep it fairly natural and clean. It's based on terrain where I live....
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