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  1. maybe the neutral buildings dont have enough energy. this causes an immediate crash due to LAEL (low-algorithm-energy-level).
  2. can you show some pics of this antisatan stuff? And isn't it a bit tricky to maneuver fighter manually each time to fight against auto-spawn v3 rockets?
  3. That's what I thought too....
  4. it's a mod for this map only...it depends what the mapcreator setup
  5. you need the cnc mixer and put the shp files in the appropriate directory. look at this tutorial f.e.
  6. cypher

    New map

    You should at least show a preview
  7. 2.) I'm pretty sure this isnt possible 3.) same here 4.) should be possible IMHO...don't have the time atm to explain 5.) AFAIK no
  8. Modify an existing unit, f.e. [LTNK] (=lasher tank) - change the image to the voxel you want , f.e. Image=HTNK, and change the stats...then you have a new unit with the cameo of Lasher Tank.
  9. you can change it when you make your own mod, but if you just want to make a map for RA2 YR you cannot change it, but you can use camoes of other units.
  10. Did you have the right amount (3-4 brutes on 1 prism tank) ??? @XGalaxyZ
  11. Yuri is OP if you have average playing skills. So in pro-games you may choose yuri, in fun-games better not.
  12. This squid thing is a real problem IMHO...i don't know how to handel them as a soviet too... allies only have air with radar, so soviet AA with radar seems fine for me. aircraft carrier is ok. destroyers are also ok - they don't have to be as same as typhoon. you can micromanage + they have land attack. dolphins are also ok IMHO. same as flak building-radius
  13. brute is faster as prism (regarding cnc.fandom) + you don't have unlimited free space...it depends on the map
  14. well I'm not so sure about that...how much is a brute - like 500? When you have the clonelab it's 250. A prism is 900? So when you spam brutes you can have 3 for 1 prims...or 7 for 2 prisms....+ you can additionally build units in the warfactory
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