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  1. The thing is I want to have different variants, f.e. not all players want to have balances. It is easier with the method you mentioned, but I don't want two versions of each map. The other thing is : When QM comes, custom maps won't be playable I suggest. Can you edit crate rates etc in a map file?
  2. cypher

    [4] Storm

    I just talked to CCP84 - he was fine with an edit with no tech buildings. [4] storm(cccp84 no tech buldings edit).map
  3. cypher

    troll games and wasted matches

    The vast majority of games I play are FFA's. I have to say - I host them myself. It didn't happen to me a single time that two players are obviously allied. It often comes to 2v1 situations, which is normal in FFA. But then it switches again. I know that many players can't deal with 2v1 and start flaming. But I also know that there are some trolls who open their room and do the nasty tactics you mentioned. Can't confirm, that they are the majority.
  4. cypher

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    What about a fundraising campaign for the programmers with different goals for the money raised. I would spend some money. I'm sure many players would. To give something back to the hard work necessary to make things happen.
  5. Especially the spy topic is a common one in FFA setups. I did maps with a balance (gave soviets spy's too). But I still think it's a good thing, you can't have several variants of each map f.e.. Regarding to crates - can you adjust them in a map file? Didn't know that. But again it's a common topic many ppl like to adjust on each map. With patriot SAM balance I'm kind of with you, but I still think it's a good thing to think about how to prevent rocketeer imbalance (especially in FFA setups, not in 1v1 etc.) Yuri BF is considered imba in every setup IMHO.
  6. I know @mustache. But it's still an issue for a patch IMHO.
  7. cypher

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    I like the points you make. We are different kinds of players, you are more pro/competetive player so you care more about ladders n stuff. I think the first seven point are important for many players, but not me personally. For me point 8 and 10 are most important. I opened a similiar thread where I prefered the variant, that a spy can't infiltrate barracks and war factory . Because money stealing, gap scouting, radar sabotage and power sabotage are fine for me. Super units like chrono commando are a matter of taste IMHO. I also feel like there's a need for a ping icon next to the player because as a host I don't always watch the incoming players ping and it's messy to look it up when a lot of chat happens. Also an icon for players with different game files is important IMHO.
  8. Hey there, First of all - I wish everyone a happy new year. I made a poll with a wishlist / feature request for the next patch (or even the next patches). Unfortunately I can't make a poll where everyone can add options. So I will add them manually, when you type them in this thread. Best wishes, cy
  9. Thanks for your answer ! I also got crashes from your files which I downloaded with no final alert in between and tried it with the latest YR Client in skirmish mode. I will get back to this on a later time.
  10. cypher

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Ty, did so. Maybe it would be a nice feature in the sound settings of a future patch.
  11. cypher

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    Is it possible to deactivate the player-voices on the F buttons?
  12. cypher

    Geo Mappack [YR,RR]

    EUROPE FFA Balanced (added little balances and a map preview) Major Balances : Added soviet spy Ivan can swim Better patriot SAM against mass rocketeer Minor Balances : France Grand Cannon Build Limit 5 Boomer Tech 3 Cuba has desolator (terrorist removed to add spy) [4] europe ffa.map Edit: Disabled Grinders ability to sell units to prevent players from clone cheating
  13. ty. I don't know why it is saved as .mpr. Now I tried : -"Save as..." -"Reinf test 5.yrm" -Rename to "*.map" - keep getting crashes in skirmish mode -then I tried to download the files from @YosefAnan (http://www.mediafire.com/file/9y3yznh7skkav1u/reinforcement_passengers.rar/file) - where I also get crashes (from both files) ??? 😕