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  1. new version (better preview + clean code)[6] eurasia ffa balanced 2-2.map
  2. I thought me meant outside of the current game?
  3. maybe window-mode or second screen?
  4. I played against @RaVaGe and he did complain about it 😉
  5. Greetings, Maybe I'm the only one, but I have to say, the reaction-emoticons often don't express any reaction I'd like to give on a post. What do you think about them?
  6. New Version 2.1 : Gameplay Yuri MCV deploys into Soviet-MCV. So Yuri is like another Soviet Faction. You have psychic-tower and yuri-prime (instead of Boris). You have no spy with yuri. If Super-weapons are enabled Yuri has his own super-weapons. Map Bridges from Africa to Italy Improved Naval Combat with terrain hinderances (Atlantic Ocean) New outpost (Atlantic Ocean) Rearranged New York Rearranged London Lightning improvments [6] eurasia ffa balanced 2-1.map
  7. looks like they didnt make it ...this is a hard map isnt it?!
  8. Greetings, have you tried launching this in different modes (adminstrator mode, win7 support mode?). Do u have sereval instances of final alert installed? If it doesn't fix this try to ask in a discord channel called "C&C Mod Haven", that is the right place - MO programmers are there too
  9. It's not a bug it's a feature : they want to see the nice landscape you created
  10. this map has 4648 lines of custom code at least......🙀
  11. ah now it works!! fantastic map ❤️ wanna play it with me in cncnet?
  12. looks impressive! Unfortunately I get an internal error (skirmish, start at 1 or 2, tried with ally & soviet, ai at 4+5+6).
  13. Please be more specific. Navy seal is a standard unit.
  14. Salaam Salim. It's probably a temporarily server downtime or most likely a local problem of your connection. You can check the status here : https://cncnet.org/status
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