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  1. look here https://www.modenc.renegadeprojects.com/Internal_Error#Known_causes_of_Internal_Errors_and_their_EIPs maybe a secondary weapon is missing
  2. well ok as I already said this crash report was not the bug, but just to be sure I rechecked everything and every unit has the correct Image. there are sometimes little display errors you might be familiar with when using the old TS models like BIKE. But IMHO they don't cause the crash. Hm...
  3. good idea...so you let the tanks and ggis attack the BF or what? or do you let AI attack? I have these files (several), but the newest is from 01.03, so the crash is IMHO not included there... it goes like this:
  4. thanks - well the crash occured on 20.3 the last edit in the except files is from 01.03, so I guess it is not included there...
  5. funny. they should've used leggionaires... well you obviously modded this ttrooper, but even without modding elite teslatroopers + boris are very hard in BF's!
  6. Hey everyone, I experience crashes in late game nearly (or even) every time I play a certain map I made. I don't know why it happens (there is no certain unit f.e. which causes it) and I don't know how to debug it. All I found is client.log which gives the following information : the last game crashed after 30min+ ... any guess why? (this map is heavily modded btw, but it works fine in singleplayer and every unit works in multiplayer too)
  7. Did a Magma version with balance changes, hope u like it... mag_balanced.map
  8. fyi new version with soviet mig, soviet airpod, allied b2 bomber and german chronotank
  9. its the one in the opening post : https://forums.cncnet.org/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=49677 3.75
  10. the download button is right below the map-preview (top of the entry)
  11. yea thats right, but my question was more about the text-messages/naming ofr the vehicle UIName=Mission:MOJOTIP
  12. u mean the airplanes have the same mod?
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