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  1. Maybe run as admin? Dunno...you gave very little information..
  2. @Banafrit use rhinos + dogs (dogs will distract GGI's) never click on a single BF, always move your rhinos to a certain point behind the BF use flaktrack + drone try to control the game early as a soviet use flying vehicles/troops to distract GGI's (f.e. kirov) use sentry gun when near base (build it just in time when the BF arrive in the range and time your rhino attack) build 2 rhino squads and sandwich the BF's use V3/Dreadnought to distract GGI's and/or hit BF maybe use mass chopper to get single BF's (just when economic superior) or mass siege chopper deployed can make areas hard to capture for BF
  3. Good work ! Two points which came to my mind : The players on the right can attack each other via land - dunno, but this might be considered unfair. I also wonder why the pos bottom-right has just a tech power plant, when all others have much better tech-buildings.
  4. Hey folks, I just played a game with RA2 mode. I noticed, that the "ore purifier" was available for the allies. In my memory, ore purifier cam with the industrial plant (as an allied pendant). However, I googled and found my memory to be wrong, but maybe some entries in the database (fandom) are wrong? Is there someone who can remember if there was an ore purifier for the allies before yuris revenge?
  5. Looks good!! Aesthetics : A. Tech buildings are unfair (north-east is easy to capture, north west hard to carpture). I like that you didn't place buildings like spysat or nuclear reactor this time. Some questions : - are the ressources balanced? - why only 2 players have access to the upper road/island with gems? - do these very near buildings work when garrissoned?
  6. Well thanks for that detailed explanation It would be helpful to have the positions marked on the images, but I think i could follow you most times. My personal experience with maps is, that players want to have the positions as balanced as possible. The aspects you integrated look like russian roulette to most players 🙂 But I think it can be fun though, esp. if you have several rounds with random pos. I'm just sayin that it'll be hard to get players in cncnet like this "unfairness". I don't get this sentence " outpost to the South is there for its O.P. turret for paratrooper planes flying onto the map "...but whatever...doesn't matter that much. By contested fields i mean sth. different... of course the city is kinda of a contested field, but for the player mainly the oil is rewarding. And every player has it's part of the city, so to say. You don't have the need for expanding, so you can build and defend your city. I'd like to see a place, where people have to expand to in order to get money, f.e. a central gem field or sth. like that. So f.e. campers have disadvantage.
  7. it looks detailed and well made, but also overloaded....it's like a wimmelpicture, you know? 🙂 Can't tell anything more than that, I don't play survival maps...thanks for the upload anyways!
  8. First of all - good work! It looks fantastic! One point in general : Certain buildings like a nuclear power plant f.e. destroy the balancing of the game and I don't like to see them on maps at all. But some people like it....so I guess it's a matter of taste in the end.... Can you explain the balancing and tactical thoughts a littlebit? The city seems unbalanced to me, one side has 3 oil, the other 1 etc.. I can't see the thought about some buildings, f.e. the outpost at the bottom. There seems to be no "contested" area where players can expand in order to get more ore or sth. like that ?
  9. here comes the latest version, it has a better preview which shows the map + balance changes thanks @YosefAnan for his help ! [6] eurasia ffa balanced 1-8.map
  10. @YosefAnan I tried the pcx file on another map (eurasia), will ping you there
  11. it's like my map "eurasia", which is mostly europe and partly asia....so in this perspective you're right...but naming it north america would be even more irritating, central america seemed the best choice to me
  12. what is the max size @RaVaGe ?
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