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  1. I figured it out! The growth rate kept on changing itself back to 0 for some reason. I would open the Map Editor, it would ask me if I want to start a new map, I would say no, I would find my map from the list, and it would say "Growth Rate in General changed from 2 to 0", and I would open the map, and I would open the Text field, and I would change it back to 2, and I would "Save Scenario", and then I would close the editor. Then I would re-open the editor and when I find the map in the list, it still says that the Growth Rate in General is changed from 2 to 0. I repeated this process several times, and it kept on repeating. Then I remembered my previous post where I said that I have not used "Save As" once since the first time I saved. On a random hunch, I decided "maybe that's the problem," and it would seem that I was right. When I used "Save As" instead of "Save Scenario", the change actually registered, and now the map is working. This would be that esoteric detail I was looking for. I'm glad I found it. But I never would've found it at all without your help. You were very much correct. Thank you very much.
  2. In fact, I have even closed the scenario in the map editor, and then re-opened it to make absolute certain that the updated save is actually taking, and it is. When I re-open the only map, and I check the "Text" field, the GrowthRate has, indeed, remained updated.
  3. After initially saving it, I have never used "Save as" again, I have only used "Save Scenario", so there should only be one copy of the map. I never *made* a second copy of it. And when I'm in the game lobby choosing the map, there's only *one* copy of the map there *to* choose. So unless there's something really esoteric about CnC that I have no way of knowing until someone tells me, there's no possible way that there could be two copies of the map. And yes, the error is still giving the same address.
  4. Alright. Well, you are indeed correct that I had changed the growth rate to 0. I forgot about that. I'm fairly certain that that's the only text value I altered anywhere. So I changed it back to .2, which I recall it being before I changed it. But the crash kept on happening. So I changed it to 1, and the crash is still happening. :\
  5. Hi. I've spent the last two days making a custom map, and every time that my friend and I try to launch it, both of our clients crash immediately upon game start, and we both get the same error: "Red Alert crashed at address 0x004fef6c. Ask in the CnCNet forums for more information." So... here I am in the CnCNet forums asking for more information. lol. I have no idea what this error means, or how to decode it, and I have no idea what I might have done wrong in the map to botch it so hard. lol. I did absolutely zero trigger or AI meddling. I just started a new blank map, painted it up, reset the starting locations, and saved it. Is there something I'm missing? I've tried googling the error, and I've found absolutely nothing. I've also tried googling things like "Red Alert custom map keeps crashing", and that's also begotten no results. Everything's all for RA 2 or 3. Can someone please shed some light on the situation?
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