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  1. Hi all! I know that this is a terribly old game, and I see that these forums seem to be pretty strict. But I started this thread because I didn't see anything similar that answered my question, and I greatly long to play renegade. I'll start at the beginning. About 120 million years ago I played CNC. Then I play all the following games. When Renegade came out in 02 or somewhere around there, I played it on and off for nigh 20 years. I used to be part of the jelly community before they disappeared for whatever reason. Well now I'd like to play again and I own the original renegade and the first decade dvd but my renegade cd seems to be scratched and I don't know where my first decade dvd is (I suspect is was stolen lol :( .... so here is where and why I come to you, the loyal, intelligent, steadfast cnc community. Does anyone have a solution for me? If I have to buy a cd oline and use my own code I will... I just miss playing renegade in it's prime tbh. It's a fantastic game, and I don't even know if you guys are active or if any rene servers are active, but I long for the good ol days and I wish to enjoy this massively underrated classic. If you guys could help me out with installing it on my new computer I would be ever grateful. long live Kane. ~Gunny
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