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  1. Using these settings Windowed mode didn't work.
  2. 🙈after trying all sorts of combos, simply changing/experimenting with the resolution has managed to fix it; I'm a little more zoomed out (actually beneficial for my smaller screen laptop), but this seems to have solved the issue. I can play again !!!!!!!!!!! All very strange as the issue occurred randomly after months of perfect gameplay. So glad its sorted 🤪 Thanks for all your help
  3. Can confirm when i use full screen and automatic it simply shows a black screen and then my mac force closes all applications and shows my login screen.
  4. This is what i am using I have tried going online and getting the updates. When i set the renderer to automatic and try and launch a game i just get a black screen... i waited but my laptop forced itself onto my login screen and then everything had disappeared. I then heard the surrender sequence (from the game lol) about 5 minutes later. no idea where this came from.
  5. On 1st August 2018 i tried to play online and on Skirmish. After setting games up (on both custom and standard maps) and launching, the load screen and subsequent gameplay would be purple and black with the resolution not quite as usual. This makes the game unplayable . My brother also experienced this on his laptop. I have just tried again on Skirmish (Aug 3) and am experiencing the same problem. We both have Macs (relatively new, top condition) and have not tweaked any settings at all. Have attached a screenshot to help (below). Anyone know why this is and what the solution or fix is?