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  1. Joel

    Hey everyone!

    Hey guys! I use to play RA2/ Yuri a lot back in the day under the name j0eI and L1tnStRm. I'm having issues on getting everything set-up to play online again. Can someone direct me to a link that has updated info on what to install?
  2. Hey bud! It is j0eI from back in the day. Also L1tnStorm. I want to start playing again, I just need to figure how to get it working...

    1. XXxPrePxX


      Yo Joel I'm at work now so I can't give a long message but let me help u out


      To Download the games go to www.xwis.net/xcl and ins downloads in top right

      Download both ra2 and yr


      Then download the cncnet client here and get on

      You don't need anything else and you'll be ready to play

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