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  1. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    No and No. 1. It is an entirely different argument. 2. I'd like to see your statistics to back up your statement that most games are played on those maps. Why? Because that's also wrong.
  2. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    As soon as you take the game and manipulate it the way those maps do, your argument in this thread becomes useless.
  3. Red Alert 2 Laboratory

    Wow, I always thought the maximum was 8 and the function locked at that point in the game. Blows my mind that it is more then 8. Faulty information given to me by a superior when I was a young newb, apparently.
  4. Red Alert 2 Laboratory

    I'm pretty sure the highest is 8 war factories. If you can, you should try that out.
  5. Red Alert 2 Laboratory

    Also, original poster, I always was under the impression that 8x of a factory/barracks/shipyard/mcv is the maximum, not 6.
  6. [YR Map] Aurora (2-8)

    That looks like a great map. I didn't look too much into it, but it looks well thought out based on the mini map preview and very creative. Great.
  7. Advice for good AI that build naval units

    That's less of an issue with CNCNet and more for the community to solve. There are plenty of mods, maps, and balances that attempt to fix this issue. If you are seriously interested in finding these sorts of things they are out there that maek the AI much, much more difficult to handle. CNCNet can not do a thing to change this issue, from what I understand.
  8. What tournaments are best tournaments to watch?

    Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/user/dsect0r/videos enjoy
  9. Question: YR Quick Match Map Pool

    Ceka, your list seems good up until Bay of Pigs. Who in their right mind wants to play bay of pigs in a 1on1 game?? That's worse then playing Sedona Pass in 1on1 games.
  10. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    To me, a bit of imbalance is a very good thing. The way YR is set up is such that the soviets dominate the early part of the game and the allieds dominate the late part of the game. This creates the perfect type of gameplay in competitive 2on2/3on3/4on4 games where sides have to use the best of both worlds to succeed. That is the truly beautiful part of YR. However, in 1on1 competitive games over a wide range of maps, the soviet player has the general advantage. My argument would stem from their ability to rush the allied player. On YR the slightly slower methodical pace allows me as a soviet player to perform almost perfect rushes every time. The APP problem, the slow build of the grizzly's, the less effective rocketeers (seemingly), the pace all factor into this. It is very difficult for an allied player to stop a good rush on most maps in YR.
  11. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Interested topics here. Regarding MustacheX's mod: I think it is one of the best balance options out there. In fact, I highly advise "MapDesigner" to check it out. He will be pleased with the tweaks, I think. With that being said, I'm not interested in playing it... that's because I'm not interested in learning a new set of BO's and balance options. I have 15+ years of experience with YR and I have no interest in replaying the base game with mods to re-learn it at my stage. :p. To Zain's post: I do not think anyone is denying that Yuri is the most OP faction. I'm not sure how you go from calling Yuri OP in the first sentence, and then saying nothing is over powered in the second sentence. The number of usable factions has nothing to do with how over powered the side is. The difference between a deso and a spy/legionnaire is great. First and most importantly, deso's are built from radar tech, meaning they are much more prevalent in the game. This is no short statement. In 1on1 combat (AvS) if you let the allied opponent get to a tech on YR, you are doing something wrong (or the map forces it). In the 1000's of YR AvS games I've played, I've had to deal with spy's rarely and legionaries almost never. When the spy did succeed vs. me, I would just attack with everything I had and usually would win as the allied player had to spend money teching up, getting the spy in, whereas I should have been building a force to defeat them quickly (i.e. you don't want to go toe-to-toe with an allied teched player on YR, so you better be thinking about how you’re going to end the match early and not get to this stage). Next, they cost more money, and they are exceptionally weak against dogs and some basic defense. They can not be compared to the power of the deso. (p.s. if your opponent is able to buy 4 chrono Legionnaire's against you, you are really not doing something right) I've seen a number of Allied players go to soviet and play well. I don't think anyone is whining here, just a fun discussion regarding the game.
  12. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Likely not, the the opposite would occur where the allied player would be far too over powered and don't even get me started on soviet vs. yuri without the desolator. The desolator is the most polar unit in the game, you take it out and the balance switches greatly the other way. You keep it in and the soviets are overpowered.
  13. Naval units revamp

    Hi MapDesigner, I like your enthusiasm for interesting additions in the game and curious concern over balance. I will try to answer your two questions. First, the reason why no team has a naval specialty unit is because it would be worthless compared to other units and also would throw off balance (potentially). First, no one would pick it on 95% of the maps, but then on maps like Depth Charge which is almost strictly naval based, it would give an unfair advantage to said team. I think this is pretty clear to see. Maybe your argument may be that there should be special units added for every team that are naval based, however, this is very challenging to do from a balance perspective. I don't think Ra2/YR was meant to be very 'difficult' to grasp, and adding this would really screw up one part of the game that I feel is really well done -- the navy balance. More on that at the end of my post here. Second, the fact that yuri does not have an aint-air naval component has always stumped me as well. Yuri's naval is very basic, but it is a game changer. The reason yuri shouldn't have an aint-air component is simply because Yuri's navy is ridiculously overpowered. So much so, that in ranked, competitive games, Yuri is almost universally not allowed to participate (it's been banned on ranked games for over 10 years). The fact is that yuri can get boomers after a psychic sensor, which is significantly faster then it's soviet and allied counterparts (dred/aircraft after tech lab) and this allows yuri to rush the opponent on any naval map. The unfair thing about this is that Yuri's boomers go unseen, meaning there is really no reasonable defense against the unit. A soviet/allied player needs to have pre-emptive anti-air units/buildings (which cost way more money then the boomer, and rarely work perfectly against unseen attack angle), AND needs to have some naval units to stop the boomer, where as the yuri player can have the $2000 boomer out early and attack one building and then the game is over. Giving the yuri player anti-air naval units on top of this would simply push the boundary here. The naval element between soviets and allied forces is one of the more beautiful aspects in this game. The goal for soviets on naval maps would be to amass a large amount of submarines which are extremely powerful, but slow, and methodically take out the allied players naval before the allied player can adequately tech up and a mass a flow of dolphins which are much faster and can own the water late games. This is truly a beautiful dynamic, on a map like Beach Frontier, it is simple for a soviet player to own the water as it is linear, but on a map like depth charge it is incredibly difficult. EDIT: Note, when I say yuri is banned from competitive play, I mean that yuri on water/naval maps has been banned from competitive play, NOT the yuri faction entirely.
  14. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Wow, I didn't know about the stats there, so it really is that bad. Yeah, then the argument that allieds are much weaker on YR compared to Ra2 holds with even stronger conviction.
  15. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    No -- I'm with you here in terms of Ra2 / YR allies. I feel YR allies are weaker than in Ra2. The reason why YR players now think allieds are OP/or better than the Ra2 counterpart is because YR has nerfed into a glorified FFG 6-8 player game, where, indeed YR Allies are much stronger than Ra2 Allies. However, in 1on1 combat like quick match, YR allies suffer from getting easily owned by rushes. It's much harder for me to rush an allied player in general on Ra2 then it is on YR. The reason may have to do with the quickness, the focus on allied players getting para/rockies/grizz, etc. On YR the slowness allows for a more methodical push from the soviets in the early going. Perhaps there is more time for a soviet to rush on YR compared to Ra2 and this is a major problem for allieds on YR.