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  1. XXxPrePxX

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    Yeah, this one looks a lot better imo. It's more open for players to build their bases properly and it gives the players on the right side more ore protection. Love the revised version!
  2. XXxPrePxX

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    Yeah, I'd definitely love to play this map with some friends in some classic FFA :D. It's a very fun map. Cheers
  3. XXxPrePxX

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    Oh! I love these types of maps... the maps that mimic the real world. I have some thoughts: First, North America part seems overpowered. Whomever wins/gets that part has 50% of the map on their own (the left side) while the others fight on the right. Although, you did a good job of not adding a lot of tech buildings/ore/gems to the left to try and even it out a bit. Second, some of the spots on the right are *really* close and in some tough positions to build on. The middle east spot, for instance, has nowhere to build really, but has extraordinary land defensive capabilities. Maybe the mini-map is just too small for me to gauge... maybe there is a lot of room there. But where is the ore for them to build ? Just next to the derricks? That's a real rough starting spot for free for alls unless that spot can secure that ore.. but then the bottom middle position is absolutely trapped. Then in the top right, if it's FFA you have the top right spot fighting off immediately against France and Germany with one of them in the middle of the other in a real messed up position. Overall, a fun map, but has some difficult starting spots that don't really allow the teams to build out properly and instead forces immediate fights over the limited gems/ore in any sort of FFA fight.
  4. XXxPrePxX


    Commentary is awesome, great voice for commentating in general. At least at first music and the music's advertisements were rough. Seems to be better towards end. Interestingly enough, it seems your stream generated at least a few 'noobies' of ra2/yr online in the comments. That's pretty cool. Nice stream, i'll look out for it!
  5. XXxPrePxX

    New map Facedown 8p version.

    Awesome idea, but yes could use a bit of work IMO to get the true feel of face down. First, original FD is a 4 player map, so they make it 8 players here, but the overall ore/gems is not scaled up anywhere close to the feel of 4-way face down. I also very much dislike the additional tech buildings, especially airports. Airports make the version less credible IMO.
  6. XXxPrePxX

    [4] Blizzard

    Land rush there looks quite fun, is land rush only capable for 4 players? I'd imagine it's easily possible to have 8 players on the land rush version? That might be fun sometime :p.
  7. XXxPrePxX

    it is just me or....

    Yes that should be correct. If someone wants to be yuri just select Yuri as your faction in the QM menu and you will automatically only get the yuri games.
  8. XXxPrePxX

    League Champions for April 2018!

    Well deserved to olaugh and d0wndariv! Great stats and another amazing month for the ladder.
  9. XXxPrePxX

    Who is the best player ever?

    Marko has faced every single challenge thrown his way and has consistently been on top. I don't think it's fair at this point to say the best player in Ra2/YR is not Marko. The only real competition he has is Tomislav as he did what Marko did in the first part of Ra2/Yr's life cycle. Tomi has the case that he did it when 100,000's played the game, but Marko has the case that he did it when the players perfected the game. To me, those 2 players are the only ones you can call the best ever. (Again, with some consideration available for moon3, but such an unknown entity that he can't be put on my list).
  10. XXxPrePxX

    Who is the best player ever?

    Probably Marko with his list of credentials. Tomislav, moon3 are popular choices as well. Then you have Latof, Sash, w0nnapl4y, and a number of others as the next very close tier that just don't have as much longevity perhaps as Tomi or Marko. Moon3 gets the recognition for being the chinese god, but admittedly, I can't speak much more of him other then he dominated players when he played against our guys.
  11. XXxPrePxX

    My map

    Sorry, but I see no problem from Freq's posts here. In fact, if I was the map maker I would be very grateful that someone is going out of their way to detail an error in the map I created. Especially since the map is being posted for the public to criticize and use. I don't think you have a point here outside of trolling this thread (even if you didn't mean to troll it).
  12. XXxPrePxX


    d0wndariv is a (very) old school YR (or ra2, I forgot) player (talking somewhere around pre-2003?) who was a top player. This new d0wndariv is Marsh, likely with the name out of honor? I don't know, but to answer Biz's question, "no."
  13. XXxPrePxX

    League Champions for March 2018!

    Bravo! Sorry I didn't get around to doing the achievements. My motivation for this game is dieing out. I'm trying to keep myself productive here! With that being said, amazing post and what an incredible month for CNCNet. Is there any thought into starting a top 10/ Hall of fame? I think that would be an incredible incentive to many players who would try to fight there way into a top 10 spot. Anyway, this post needs more recognition somehow! It's stuffed away on the forums and I only now found it :p.
  14. Haha, well, I think the 'meaning' is somewhere in between useless and useful. It can tell us something if the results are very strong in one direction or the other, but if the results are this close, it is hard to tell since only a fraction of the community voted.
  15. God damn, you guys bicker over the most useless shit! Marko said it best "stop complaining about something as unimportant as seeing opponents nickname." There's been some good points on both sides of the argument clouded with flames and spam. Overall, the poll showed inconclusive results and we can't draw anything from the poll other than the community is divided on this issue. For that reason, status quo should continue, is it really that big of a problem that you can't see who you are playing? I could care less either way.