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  1. XXxPrePxX

    Yuri Rebalance Patch (Community) Changelog

    There's definitely some nice ideas here. A lot of thought went into this. Props!
  2. XXxPrePxX

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    I don't have a dog in this race, but this does seem to be a problem with the CNCNet ladder... due to their being no auto-ss and no way of telling what is going on in the games, I could theoretically push with someone for 30 wins in a given month and there would never be conclusive evidence available to stop me. I don't have a solution for it, and I'd wish there would be a better competitive spirit than what we saw with that particular incident... anyway, thanks for the reply Grant!
  3. XXxPrePxX

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    So it seems like 1. We definitely need to look at the DC and win rate problem and get that fixed. I can't imagine this being too hard... @dkeeton Is there any way to fix this easily? All we need to do is not let the win rate count DC wins as losses. If you need further explanation of the problem, let us know. and 2. Yuri is an annoying problem in QM. Which there is not much to help against other than the hope that Ra2 QM will some day be on CNCNet. I never had a problem with 'lamers' like engi eat and engi rush. My suggestion would be to know your strats/maps and focus on getting yours in QM. Make an extra dog or two or three in the beginning to make sure you get your oil derricks and that you scout as well as possible. If your soviets, make a drone and keep it around, hell make two. If you are allies, it's a bit harder to stop. Making a few extra dogs and 2 drones won't cost you the game, but it will make you much much more safe.
  4. XXxPrePxX

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    What I mean is on these forums there is a "Ladder" Sub forum, and in this sub forum we have another sub-forum for ladder testers. I can post in the ladder testers, but there is no way to make a new topic in the original ladder sub forum (which is visible to all, instead of just ladder testers). It just seems like a very minor mistake. Ra2/YR just doesn't hold my interest. When I want to chill, I continually decide to play Fortnite or watch something with the wifey. Every now and then I get on it, but can't ever imagine competing again. With that being said, someone has to make sure there's some discussion going on -- I'd prefer if it wasn't me, an inactive player, but topics like these are healthy. Only way the place will continue to thrive is with opinions from the active community. Only way things like HOF and rank 1 will matter is if people make them matter.
  5. XXxPrePxX

    Let's get some Ladder Talk Going

    1. So, how come I can't post in the subforum entitled "Ladder" on these forums? 2. Is Andy going to be recieving any punishment for the apparent push from last month (October 2018)? Topic here: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/9178-andy-pushing-with-zen/ @Grant @dkeeton might be a good idea to at least acknowledge this and whether or not there will be any action done, to prevent further issues like this. 3. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/11-2018/yr/ How's everyone's preception of the ladder, point system, maps, and settings? Let's avoid the debate of whether yuri should be allowed in QM or not and instead focus on things like point system, maps and overall fun/activity. 4. Does the hall of fame mean anything to you, yet? https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder-champions/yr 5. What happened to the Award posts at the end of the month for the ladder champions? Is there a in-lobby chat bot that is promoting the ladder winners? Any other recent talk, let's hear it
  6. XXxPrePxX

    Yuri's Revenge Ladder Map Pool November Update

    yup -- Yuri's naval is actually quite a detriment to them in late games. That was originally why I had Hammer and sickle in the QM map pool for AvY in YR XWIS.. I figured that the boomer rush on Hammer was pretty hard to pull off, so it would allow the allied team to build up a navy late game allowing them to take out yuri that way. Seems like the same situation here -- especially because the boomers have to go through very tiny pinch points allowing the defensive team to set up any squids/subs/dolphins at the pinch points to intercept them.
  7. XXxPrePxX

    Yuri's Revenge Ladder Map Pool November Update

    I like what you did there -- cutting off the navy element from the early game and allowing it in the later game. That's perfect to combat boomer rushes.
  8. XXxPrePxX

    Yuri's Revenge Ladder Map Pool November Update

    Yup -- extremely well done as always and nice updates to make sure the maps are working best as possible. Bravo.
  9. XXxPrePxX

    Who play Red Alert 3?

    I played Ra3 and actually enjoyed it for the 2 months or so that I played it. It didn't have the staying power that Ra2/YR had for me because of the social settings, I think. I can't really recall exactly, but Ra2/YR did so well with the clanning system and their point system... I don't feel like Ra3 had these, so it was tough to get addicted to. It certaintly had a point system and a ranked ladder, just not as good as Ra2/YR if I recall.
  10. XXxPrePxX

    Champions of Yuris Revenge 2v2 Tournament

    Cool games, love watching Matt+Max play. Nice to see the yuri game as well.
  11. XXxPrePxX

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    Yup, can confirm some of that. What's done is done and in the past, CNCNet is a new grounds where I believe maphacking/trainer based cheating is not possible, however Andy will always remain in the club of SirAlex types to me. You got SirAlex + Andy as the top tier of the club, and then players like Sunny, kickyou73, and many others in the next tier.
  12. XXxPrePxX

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    Andy, why or how could you go 29-0 against a player, have a 96% win rate vs. all, but yet go 1-12 against the same player on different accounts? Either it's a blatant push, or it's a not so blatant push with you just giving free wins as you mess around. The problem with the later is that it happened repeatedly to the point where dumb luck of match ups and matching isn't helpful to your case.
  13. XXxPrePxX

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    djentyboi is 29-0 against Zen. The 2 other Andy nicknames are 1-12 against Zen. This is a clear push, those stats just don't happen... you don't go 29-0 against someone unless you absolutely own them.... but then go 1-12 against the same person. @Grant how can this be resolved?
  14. XXxPrePxX

    Andy pushing with "Zen"

    It looks like "Zen" is 12-1 against AndyisOP and i7j, but what is Andy's main nickname? MAny of these games do appear fishy with sub 2 minute results.
  15. XXxPrePxX

    Champions of Yuris Revenge 2v2 Tournament

    No problem! Just curious of the teams and glad to see that this seems to be going well! I'll be looking forward to any streams and I can fill in if anyone absolutely needs (but forewarning, I haven't really played in what seems like over a year :p). p.s. Who is 'sash'? Is that the sash of old or is it a new sash or just someone impersonating the old sash?