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  1. XXxPrePxX

    [4] Rolake

    Looks like a fantastic map. I'd love to play it.
  2. XXxPrePxX

    24 years later... someone finally 100%s Doom 2

    Wow, that's awesome. Thanks for the story there.
  3. XXxPrePxX

    Super weapons

    It boils down to different styles of play. In ranked games, SW's have always been on or at the very least random as we all have recognized the need for SW's to be on for most situations (lengthy discussions on that all over the board). So, the good news is -- you are right in your logic here. However, in most 'fun for all games' SW's become an annoyance for players as it forces games to end quicker than many intend. Many players enjoy playing big team battles and don't want that ruined by a 5 minute iron curtain rush of 8 invincible tanks. Instead, they'd like to build an army of 30 elite battle fortresses and play a massive game. There's really nothing wrong with that, but your logic based balance thinking is correct -- most of the time the soviet players get the shaft in the long games. Most of the very best players I've seen on CNCNet still are playing their FFG's with SW's on as to avoid camping games, but to each their own. That's the beauty of being the Host.
  4. XXxPrePxX

    1x1 tournament on 15 September 2018

    Just finished watching the #1 game France vs. Iraq. Huge mistake by blue to be sitting on 20k all game :p.
  5. XXxPrePxX

    1x1 tournament on 15 September 2018

    Well done, impressive job! Congrats all.
  6. XXxPrePxX

    Update: [4] Presidential Lake v1.1

    It's an interesting map. I agree with RaVaGe's comments here. I think it would be more interesting for the gems to be closer to the cliff edge as he stated. It would indeed be a much more strategic point of contention that way. You don't need to move the much, just 'hugging' the cliff point there. I also think having the 2 oils there is somewhat of an overkill. Players get early gems, early oil and then have middle gems. That's ALOT of big time money early on, yet there's no real ore for long games/longevity. Maybe I'd do away with the gems inside each person's base and make the ore much larger instead.
  7. XXxPrePxX

    battle log ! NO FINISHED MATCHES !

    Those statistics in the game hub do NOT work correctly for anyone. I think it's a work in progress. Your stats for the month in ranked games can be found here: https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/9-2018/yr/player/El-deeb
  8. XXxPrePxX

    battle log ! NO FINISHED MATCHES !

    Can you give us more specifics of what you are talking about? Do you have a link to the problem (stats)?
  9. XXxPrePxX

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    NEVER play at FPS 45 or lower in multiplayer. ALWAYS play at FPS 60 (aka MAX). The lower FPS almost always means the game will lag and you will be learning the game at a much slower play level than what you will need for the majority games AND you'll be pissing off whomever is playing with you.
  10. XXxPrePxX

    Give a Tip to a New Player on CNCNet

    The only worthwhile soviet team is IRAQ. For the allies you can play as America, Korea, and Great Britan. France and Yuri are almost always OFF-Limits in games due to how they disrupt the gameplay. DO NOT play as any other soviet faction other than Iraq or as Germany.
  11. New thread idea: If you were to give ONE tip to a player who just recently joined the Ra2/YR CNCNet server what would it be? RULES: TRY not to double post the same tip. If you post the same tip as someone else, you are the newb :|. Try to keep it short. ONLY ONE TIP PER POST! Mine: DO NOT join games that are hosted and say "PRO only" or "GOOD PLAYERS" or "Pro". This will result in you getting laughed at, beaten up extremely quickly, and you will ruin everyone elses game.
  12. XXxPrePxX

    *New Map* Tournament Players

    Kinda cool... Looks like an extremely fun 1v1v1v1 or 2on2, but not such a good 1on1. It's not really good competitive-wise as there is too much dependence on the middle of the map, but it does look like a FUN map to play. Nice.
  13. XXxPrePxX

    QM Client Feedback

    My first game in month(s)... ok I average about 1-2 games per month... Anyway, double count game vs Korc. https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/9-2018/yr/player/XXxPrePxX This shit needs to get under control. Messing up the system big time and it's highly detrimental to ladder credibility.
  14. XXxPrePxX

    League Champions for August 2018!

    Few comments - HOF and the ladder is working beautifully. The points are very well distributed with the top players on top (Marko / Tim both extremely talented players). Love it. - These league champion threads are not really visible on the forums. I had to search for it rather than see it. 😛
  15. XXxPrePxX

    Zhasulan vs max (Ali)

    Yeah -- for me, anything can happen in any one game, but if you play a series with someone it shows some true colors (although, statistically there is some variation even still). I'd be more interested in watching a series on YouTube with 2 highly skilled players compared to just one game. Series tell stories.