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  1. Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Feedback

    Care to explain? I don't deal with the maps currently other than offer my opinions on some of them, but I think the analysis from Luci (while having great points) is far too harsh. We have to keep in mind that Yuri is in QM and can only be played on certain maps. Offense Defense / Dry Heat/ Offici Map B while being simplistic in their nature are all highly enjoyable and competitive maps. They've been in QM since WOL times, and I think would be supported by the large majority of the community. Same with Dune. If you want to get technical, I don't particularly like having Dune + Blood + Urban all in QM, but that is subject to change as we go. On all of the other maps he comments on, I think he is being too harsh still. GSF/DMZ are in QM for Yuri games. Stormy Weather is a fun map and I disagree that it is all about getting the middle. ToE is one of the better AvS maps. I have np with other choices as well. So, to sum up, unless he can suggest better maps for YvS/YvA warfare, we are left with things like DMZ/GSF in QM. From what I know, this QM map list was not meant to please just the competitive players as well, it was meant to please the whole -- so maps like Offic map B / Dry Heat / Offense Defense are likely not going anywhere. Quite frankly, I would be sick of QM if all it consisted of was copies of Reconcile / Jungle of Vietnam / Snow Valley / Unrepentant styles where it's based on a super competitive long game BO. I like the mixture of maps styles. note: I'm not suggesting that Dry Heat/ Offense Def / Dune / Offic Map B are uncompetitive. However, I do agree with Luci in that these are more simple maps... but they are competitive (just not AS super competitive as the latter). I wanted to take this note to distinguish when I talk about creating a competitive and balanced QM field (my previous post) and having maps that offer a wide variety of scenarios.
  2. Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Feedback

    It all seems completely pointless. What are gaining by having certain options on "25%" of the time? It largely negatively affects competitive play. I just don't understand what you'd want out of this other than a chaotic QM environment. How are you sure others would agree? I'd think a LARGE majority consensus would not want these options on random. You've also stated in other topics that you want several (absurd) maps in QM. I get your stance -- you want a more chaotic and random environment, but it's just so far away from having a balanced and competitive environment.
  3. Sunny praying to the dark lord again

    We (or at least I) never said they were even, but that they are the best we have. Imagine taking Yuri on on other maps.... Can't really make Yuri even based on maps alone.
  4. Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Feedback

    I was thinking about this last night. However, while there is inherent advantage against lamers if they are both on together, then I imagine scenarios that Anthony pointed out. What If I just send my engis to capture every derrick? The opponent can't kill my engis with dogs. That's a problem central to no dog eng and would really be annoying, I think. I don't think the benefits outweigh the negatives for these settings.
  5. Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Feedback

    Personally, I'd like to find stronger reasons then to just try it out :p. I mean no dog engi eat makes engi-rushing very strong, having random multi-engineer and random destroyable bridges seems totally counterproductive to a fun and competitive environment. Superweapons are, of course, the more important option here. But all in all, PrezSpammer is the only one I've seen promoting these ideas as all random. It takes more than one here (and for these drastic changes, a large force). So, kind of moot points there and we should probably get back on to topic of QM ranked matches. He did, however, mention some fun maps... although many of his maps are a bit broken (Lake Blitzen for instance).
  6. Quick (Ranked) Match Map Pool Feedback

    I'm with Frequency here. Having things tinkered to random does not do well in a competitive environment. Destroyable bridges being random is kind of silly and borderline useless. And when it is useful it is absolutely critical to the game usually (and I don't want my game determined by whether or not a silly setting was on or off). No dog Engi eat is much more interesting of an option, but lends to problems with lamers (i.e. if dog can't eat engi, then my engi is super engi and I can engi walk 10x better, and engi rush 100x better). Having it set to random is borderline suicide. It's already bad enough as it is, there's just no reason to have this setting as random. Multi-engineer is most likely the only option worth trying as it would be very harmful to lamers. I'm interested in this, but either have it ON or OFF. Not random. Supers being random is debatable, has worked before, and I can see it working as random. I have no real problem personally with it -- I think the current set up of ALWAYS supers ON is bad for gameplay as CekaJ has discussed -- it puts allies in a very bad spot on most situations. I think some work here could be done. So TLDR: Multi-engi? Maybe ON worth experimenting. SW OFF on all or certain situations is really worth exploring. Others? Bad idea.
  7. Marko(Iraq) vs MustacheX(Yuri) on Heck TL vs BR

    That was NOT one of marko's best games :p. I thought he had a significant amount of chances to end it early, and also with various superweapons timed. MustacheX played well tho, and Marko showed some excellent tactics, but when you make just a few mistakes against Yuri, you will pay dearly as this game shows. Great game, thanks.
  8. CNCNet + Ra2/YR On Linux??

    Damn, doesn't seem like there's enough on this subject. I haven't even been able to get Ra2/YR installed on my Ubuntu Linux, let a lone CNCNet.
  9. Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    Nah, Get @CekaJ (Jake) to organize this shit and stream it for us all with Kinkys3x on the commentary or whatever :D.
  10. qm map pool

    Hopefully not. That seemed to be a quick trial run prior to the map functionality update. Still a work in progress -- but hopeful that we will only need 1 selection per map.
  11. qm map pool

    By the way -- Blood feud should be removed now.
  12. Marko, I'm with you in the opinion that players should clearly not avoid playing Yuri, but don't you think you are being a bit harsh here? We know Yuri is overpowered, heldro likely has very minimal amounts of experience vs. Yuri and doesn't enjoy the match up yet. Of course, I'd suggest to heldro to play the games and learn the tactics against it and have fun that way, but there is a problem that the yuri players playing right now really know how to take advantage of the faction, so he has a steep learning curve. All I'm trying to say is -- your posts are looking more reminiscent of Tomi here. On that note -- I did bring this subject up to the QM staff in the testers forum some 10 days ago. I'll make it known in there again.
  13. qm map pool

    Yes, we are working on tools that will allow us to have Yuri faction war on a base of maps and other maps will still be available to us for AvS warfare. The addition of blood feud was (apparently) premature, I believe they meant it to be a mirror match only. The good news is that the functionality is starting to get better and we should have more control over the QM map listing very soon.
  14. Also @Omituinen there are rumors of a 'reputation' system being implemented. This will take into account things like DC's, bailing too much, and what not. Not sure on how it will work precisely, but I imagine an act like this would be negative to one's reputation measure.
  15. The bail time for QM system is supposed to be at 0:00 seconds. However, as we see -- bailing results in a +0/+0 currently. Something is a miss and it is recognized in the ladder tester forum. @Grant Maybe we can get @Omituinen into the ladder tester forum? Anyway, this is a work in progress regarding bailing and also what to do if people don't want to face the Yuri faction. Heldro is kind of notorious for bailing yuri right now.