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  1. As allie how much miners do u need?

    Showtime, the difference you are looking for is that you have more money on YR then you do on RA2. Sodsw has best post in thread so far... 5 miners is ideal in the most general case, 6 would be really f**king cool, but unlikely to get 6 in most cases. Leo's post is also pretty good, but v. hard to pull off going only 4 miners to tech in most situations vs. a challenging opponent (especially a sov). To answer: 4-6 miners are needed and the most general case would be considered 5. Can probably get 6 on a map like heck, can easily go with 4 on a map like offense defense with tons of gems and 2 strong oils.
  2. 1v1 Tourny

    I'm cool with being a competitor. You know i'll play and you know i'll likely end up getting stomped early :D. So sign me up for some fun, competitive challenges!
  3. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    You will be in control as much as I am, so your ideas are fine with me. However, I think Kinky+orange vs. Gun_man+ank only need like 2-3 more games to be played (I think it's like 4-3 to Kinky/orange?). So it's best to find a way to get that series done. The others.... it's in your full discretion as to what you'd like to do. I have given the nickname Win4ester admin privledges over the bracket. Sorry I did not see your PM earlier today, just travelled to Florida for the week :D. I won't be as around this week as I have been, so you are in full control wit hthe way you want to approach this.
  4. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Can you guys talk in PM or discord or lobby? Or find JSDS/Leo? Or anything here? I mean, we got to get the top of the ladder going, so... anything you guys can do....
  5. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    I don't know what your deal is. I was in the lobby multiple times willing to take literally anyone as my teammate, and you couldn't give me a time to get online until the last week. In any sense, with the way tournaments work so miserably here, I could have just kicked your team out within the first two weeks (as well as other teams not competing). As a community, we need to try and stick together and get this working, which is why I replaced your team when other teams were ready and even still allow you to play if you get your shit together and match up with one of these teams that need games. Get you and leo on, find scalpem/marsh or Frequenzy/heldro. Have the games recorded, let me know score and boom your in. The team that wants it the most will get it. Oh and my team is out, I got owned by Buffalo/Chandler.
  6. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Out of Scalpem/Marsh vs. Freq/Heldro vs. JSDS/Leo, I don't really care who gets games in out of these teams. Just two teams play a series and they got the spot.
  7. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Yes, we had to get the games in so Gun_man+ ank took on Kinky+Orange in that spot. If tim/zigzag or Scalpem/Marsh vs. Freq/Heldro have further issues you are free to replace one of those teams to get games in.
  8. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Thank you ZigZag and Win4ester for streaming the series so far of Gun_man+Ankarar vs. Kinkys3x and Orange. So far series is: 4 wins to kinky's team and 3 wins to Gun_man's team. Gun_man's team had the last win on Country Swing so that means Kinky's team gets to pick next map.
  9. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Any chance we get a link to the stream? That'd be cool!
  10. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    Orange? Who's orange? lol. But very very cool. I'll update the bracket. http://challonge.com/ra2yrdec2017
  11. December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules

    He doesn't seem to post here... he just showed interest to me via CNCNet lobby last week. If you can -- get in touch with him via CNCNet Lobby when you and ank are on. He will likely want to play, then play your series. Report back winners and ill update the bracket. OR If you see @ZiGZaG on, ask him for games 2on2 vs Tim/Zigzag. Either of those options work and we will continue the bracket that way. So, in essence, you have two options here to find challengers.
  12. December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    Updated bracket: http://challonge.com/ra2yrdec2017 GG's with Chandler/Buffalo. Now, Chandler/Buffalo vs. Matt/Max is set up for an excellent series. Gun_Man+Ankarar are now in the top of the bracket facing a bye or To be Filled. @ZiGZaG if you are on tomorrow, your opponents will be Gun_man+Ankarar. Alternatively, if Kinkys3x/ico0 or some form wants to take over JSDS/Leo spot, they may and face off with Gun_man+ankarar, but we need to know asap. Also, thanks to Joe (AuFruler) for the quick recording. Thanks @SodswSov for the teammate! Sorry you had to carry me throughout :D.
  13. December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    Actually, that's a cool idea. I don't think we have a streamer, but f*** it, it's not like I'm going to cheat you guys out of your wins. We can get on now, I think.
  14. December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    I can't stream/record. My old computer won't work with that. Do you have an update on Chandler's series? Are they playing with a streamer or no streamer? Or not playing at all?
  15. December Holiday 2v2 Tournament Sign up

    Win4ester is likely sleeping due to where he is from. Try to find anyone in the lobby that can upload games. If you absolutely can't, I have no problem with you guys getting the series in unrecorded -- although, that's up to you guys (it's kinda nice to have your games recorded tho).