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  1. XXxPrePxX


    Very interesting map. I'm not sure that it needs the gems in the middle tho. I think that's a bit of an overkill on money and it stops some strategy of base-stretching in the early game. I also don't think it needs gems near the base as it kinda takes away from what Blood feud was about. I'm also uneasy on the oil derricks.
  2. XXxPrePxX

    I've opened a new Youtube Channel

    Awesome, nice clear commentary with good speed (no lag) and crisp viewing! Great start to the channel.
  3. XXxPrePxX

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    Thanks! As far as most important -- The rank-lobby interface and potential for hosting ones own tournament games -- Is this a more simple operation? Or would this require a ton of work and not likely to get done within the next year time frame? From my (limited) understanding, I would assume all one needs to do is set up the *ability* to log into the CNCNet Client with one's ranked account (connected via email sign up) and then one would have access at hosting tournament games and having rank displayed in lobby. That, at least to me, doesn't seem like too much work to accomplish?
  4. XXxPrePxX

    Map Concept, Good idea or bad?

    It would be an 8 player map. 4 seperate 1on1's start the game off. As soon as one person wins his/her match up, he can then enter the next match up or patiently waits until they are done and then he goes on to 'fight the winner' so to speak. This process continues until we have 1 champion out of the 8.
  5. XXxPrePxX

    Map Concept, Good idea or bad?

    I'm going to throw this idea out there: A map that is 8 players. This map is to be played as Free for all, or perhaps 4on4: It's where the map sets up 4 seperate one on ones, perhaps shielded by barriers that only go down once one of the persons die. So, you start out against one person (4 seperate one on ones on the map). As soon as you kill that person, your first barrier opens up and you can venture into the next persons one on one, perhaps these guys are still fighting you can choose to join in or wait it out and then fight. Etc. Or maybe you don't even need the barriers, just set it up such that it promotes fighting between the 4 seperate one on ones.
  6. XXxPrePxX

    troll games and wasted matches

    The discord is actually really awesome and developed by the players. They even have a chatroom for 'tips for newbies' that would be idea for this situation. Mad props to Mustache and the crew for creating that whole set up.
  7. XXxPrePxX

    Six new maps! [YR]

    I like it and i think it is a map that could potentially be added toquick match (ranking system). It has a unique feel to it and seems balanced.
  8. XXxPrePxX

    troll games and wasted matches

    Sure, the inequality in competition is definitely a problem, but that also gets easier to deal with as you get better as a player. My advice would be that you just need to get more experienced and better at the game to enjoy it more. Maybe find a good group of people to play with on the Ra2 Discord that WILL help you instead of being ass holes.
  9. XXxPrePxX

    Six new maps! [YR]

    Agree with Ravage's remarks. I'm not an extra-small map person so those are irrelevant to me, but looking at the last map I was very interested in it but does seem to have problems with too many gems and not enough home-base ore. It almost has a little big lake feel to it (and that's a good thing). The second map is also interesting to me.
  10. XXxPrePxX

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    Yeah -- that doesn't happen even on the dead Ra2 XWIS ladder and it didn't happen for the majority of it's existence. There's a much larger player pool here and there's still competitive spirit that lends to QM. Besides, even if we assumed that a large percentage would want to only play hosted-ladder games, whats the problem with that? As long as people are getting games the system is working. But again -- I think this won't be an issue as there will be enough people to enjoy QMing and hosted games.
  11. XXxPrePxX

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    I see your point, but I disagree that it would be that big of an impact. There was never really any serious problems on Ra2 with it-- Sure, you had a number of players who one-mapped Little Big Lake or Mount Olympus with crates on, but those players almost never entered the top 10 at the end of month as they would get bashed hard (considering thier playing +5 games, just bash them on a low points nickname). Even when the ladders were dead, those types of players weren't competitive in the end of the month. They had their fun and added activity to the ladder. It's also a simple fix by adding a map quota % if that's what we're worried about. The one point you bring up that is important is the negative population of QM activity, but I think this is STRONGLY offset by the additional activity found by this type of interface with the lobby and increased players playing due to tournament games being hosted.
  12. XXxPrePxX

    yuri in competitive games?

    I was going to start a discussion on this as well -- as it stands in the ladder we have the top 4 ranks as yuri players. Of course, this is a small statistical anomaly, but I fear that as time goes on, more and more players will adopt yuri to win in the ladder. We went through a period of 5 or so years where there was no yuri's revenge competitive scene, and now that it's finally back I feel like more and more yuri-faction players are going to continue to use the faction to reach higher ranks. One possible work-around here is my suggestion of lobby-interface. This would allow players to host their own ladder games. From here we can either ban yuri from QM and have QM more balanced sov/allied warfare, or hell -- keep it in, and those who do not want to face off against yuri can make their own ladder games. I feel like that would solve this issue immediately.
  13. XXxPrePxX

    Top 10 Things CNCNET YR needs

    @dkeeton @Grant Any thoughts on how we can get the players to log in to the lobby and thus show off their rank/badges in lobby and perhaps Host one's own ladder games? Would it be very difficult?
  14. XXxPrePxX

    [4] Storm

    You didn’t understand... for soviet this is actually a major disadvantage you give the allies an early spy sat to stop any rushes you force the soviet player to depend on protecting the spy sat otherwise they are fucked its easy for the allied player to kill the soviets spy satellite so soviets are screwed on a map that already favors allies strongly besides its useless in ava games other than giving everyone a free map hack and making the game too easy
  15. XXxPrePxX

    [4] Storm

    Yup spy satellites ruin the map. Cant do any proper rush against them and such. As a soviet player i have no problem playing without it and in some respects actually prefer no spy sat as it becomes a big problem if it dies and as you so eloquently stated... the allies can kill it rather easy with planes while the soviets dont have tge capacity to rebuild it...