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  1. XXxPrePxX

    Is Allied vs Soviet Balanced?

    In general, there is some truth to your statement, but this is based on more extreme scenarios. Sure, if an allied player can amass an army of some Battle Fortresses with a heavy amount of mirages and a few prism tanks, then yes -- that's practically an unbeatable force. However, that can only happen if the soviet player allows it to happen by not rushing or fighting the battle earlier. In most AvS games, if the sov player is competent he/she will always engage the fight much earlier -- never allowing an allied player to get that unbeatable force. As far as the single item goes, the Battle Fortress (GGI+Seal) is a very deadly item, but once one learns how to defeat it it isn't too bad. It's really all about micro and running away from the BF then instantly running at it again with your rhino tanks. Doing this, the BF can be destroyed rather easily with around 4-5 rhino tanks. So, the counter to it is just having good tank control (good skill). Siege choppers can also be used to counter it in the longer games. As far as dolphins go, I think the navy battle is remarkable in Ra2/YR. On Allies you have the dolphins and they are speedy and do a lot of damage against buildings, however the soviets have the stronger submarines. Submarines actually defeat dolphins rather easily... the problem is the subs are so slow that the dolphins usually just go take out the naval shipyard to stop soviet building without even worrying about the subs. So it's another interesting fight where it comes down to skill and control. (Desolators are also a very good counter to dolphins as a few hits of the radiation causes the dolphins to die quickly in mass numbers).
  2. XXxPrePxX

    Into the Ravine (2-6)

    I like it a lot based on preview. It has a very WOL ish feel to it with the high amount of oils spread out and good gems/ore. It's somewhat like Death trap in a way. It's a nice 3on3 map. Might be more even if it was 4on4 with all the ore/gems/oil there, but overall very cool map.
  3. XXxPrePxX

    New Yuri's Revenge Tournament Pack Released

    nice post and initiative.
  4. XXxPrePxX

    League Champions for June 2018!

    YR players, who was demoralized and wizard? Demoralized sounds like a Marko name.
  5. XXxPrePxX

    I'm impressed with the Ladder on YR

    For those that don't know about it... the Hall of fame: https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder-champions/yr/ looks great
  6. First time I signed on in a long while... After looking at this months (June 2018) ladder, I'm incredibly impressed with the ladder and it's activity. Things have been great here. A lot of old timers playing the ladder as well as some new faces. I'm curios on players opinions of things like maps, point system, activity, hall of fame progress and credibility, amongst other issues. Anyone have vocal opinions either positive or negative to share? Definitely interested in hearing you out about the feel of the ladder. Is it renovative/new/fresh, yet still fulfilling to reach the top? Or is it just a thing to do when you are bored on YR and not credible?
  7. XXxPrePxX

    Ladder Points

    This is a copy and paste of a post I had in the ladder tester forum. You can kind of get the idea here (sorry for out of context posts, but maybe it will be of value). If you have any questions on any of the calculations, just let me know. You may be unfamiliar with the Elo system, but it is a system classically used in chess ratings. Here, I think it only has a max of +7 or so on the win. So it is only a small factor. Current points system: winner points = wol + rp + rElo loser points = (negative) wol + rElo rp = (Enemy rating * Ally rating) / 230000 rElo = elo(Enemy rating, Ally rating) wol = 1/(10 ^ (ladder points difference)/600) +1) cap: you can't lose more than 10% of your points in one game. guard: If you lose to someone who has less than 10 games, then wol = wol * (enemy games/10) So, we have our traditional WOL points with a very minor adjustment to it. We have two parts on the rating system. One is the rElo which I think ranges from 0 to +7 points if I recall. The other is the rp element which I know has a max rating of 1500, so if we do 1500*1500/230000 = Roughly 10 points. Whereas the lowest rating I think is 1000, so 1000*1000/230000 = 4.3. So, this means that if we compare a newb game (2 newbs vs each other at 1000 rating each) and a pro gram (2 pros at 1500 points each) and we do not care about the WOL points (WOL points are on equal playing field), then the difference in points is at most 13. This to me, is hardly a huge difference. It's the most extreme possible scenario as well (2 super pros face off vs. 2 super- newbs face off). In more likelihood, the ratings will be somewhere between 1300-1400 for the pros and 1050-1200 for the newbs. Edit: To add, the rating system actually benefits those who are lower rated competing against a higher rated in one respect, as if you are rated 1000 and beat a 1500 rated player you gain +14 compared to just the +7 when a 1500 rated player goes up against a 1500 rated player. So that actually benefits the newby rated player.
  8. XXxPrePxX

    Ladder Points

    Hi Allen, The ladder point system is derived from the WOL point system, however the ELO rating system has a small part to play in it as well to reward the skilled players playing on the same accounts etc. It also has been changed to make it less detrimental on the loss of points. WOL had games where you lost a major portion of your points in 1 silly game. WE stopped that here. We also put blocks on rank busters so you can't be rank busted by someone. I can go into further detail if you wish, but it would require me to dig up an old topic in the cncnet testers page :p.
  9. XXxPrePxX

    Big City Life (4-8) - Active Urban Map

    The creativity is excellent. My concern here is the amount of money available for a 4v4 game. It seems like every spot has very limited amounts of ore. It feels like there is a vast importance on the northern-middle plot of gems/ore + 2 oil derricks. The side that captures that early on will not only have the large resource advantage, but also land advantage there.
  10. XXxPrePxX

    Allied vs Soviets (RUSH GAME)

    People are saying pillboxs, grizzlys, rockies, ggi ifvs and that is all true and needed, but the most important part in stopping a soviet rush is your ability to use these units. For the soviets, all they need to do is collect some rhino tanks, maybe some fodder (dogs) and essentially run into you. It will be up to you to counter that force with finesse and skill of camping. When people tell you to build pillboxes, that means having a pillbox on hold and putting it down at the exact right time it is needed in tank battles, then selling it and later doing it over again. GGI IFV's are very useful, but also incredibly risky. If they fail, you will be putting yourself at a major disadvantage, so you'll have to learn how to use them if you plan on doing so. I am not good with these, so I never used them much. I play allieds like most Ra2 allied players -- build lots of Grizzly tanks, some rockies, and have para ready. This usually counters their rushes quite fine.
  11. XXxPrePxX


    Oh my God. This is just awful for the community. Zig was a huge part of the community and was completely instrumental in helping us through CNCNet Ladder's renovation. He was the leader in the map movement here for the ladder and continually updated the map list for the QM feature every month. He had a great knowledge of the games history and ladder systems. He truly made it a better place to play. He always put his money where his mouth was as an old XWIS admin and a leader in the CNCNet QM community he was always helping behind the scenes... far more than he ever needed to. As for me, we've been playing since Zig was new to the game in some 2005 or even earlier. I think his nickname was ellgav3 or something, but don't quote me on that one. The point is, this internet friend has been around me for over 13+ years. This announcement really shook me last night. Zig was incredibly passionate about the games and was willing to make friends with everyone. Such a huge loss for our community.
  12. XXxPrePxX

    *New Map* Blood Diamonds

    Wow that is crazy accurate. Nice.
  13. XXxPrePxX

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    Yeah, this one looks a lot better imo. It's more open for players to build their bases properly and it gives the players on the right side more ore protection. Love the revised version!
  14. XXxPrePxX

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    Yeah, I'd definitely love to play this map with some friends in some classic FFA :D. It's a very fun map. Cheers
  15. XXxPrePxX

    [8] Transatlantique Diplomatique

    Oh! I love these types of maps... the maps that mimic the real world. I have some thoughts: First, North America part seems overpowered. Whomever wins/gets that part has 50% of the map on their own (the left side) while the others fight on the right. Although, you did a good job of not adding a lot of tech buildings/ore/gems to the left to try and even it out a bit. Second, some of the spots on the right are *really* close and in some tough positions to build on. The middle east spot, for instance, has nowhere to build really, but has extraordinary land defensive capabilities. Maybe the mini-map is just too small for me to gauge... maybe there is a lot of room there. But where is the ore for them to build ? Just next to the derricks? That's a real rough starting spot for free for alls unless that spot can secure that ore.. but then the bottom middle position is absolutely trapped. Then in the top right, if it's FFA you have the top right spot fighting off immediately against France and Germany with one of them in the middle of the other in a real messed up position. Overall, a fun map, but has some difficult starting spots that don't really allow the teams to build out properly and instead forces immediate fights over the limited gems/ore in any sort of FFA fight.