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  1. Max is ALi, been playing on XWIS with Matt for a while now. Mainly known for his exceptional dominance over the clan ladder in the past few years ( Definitely isn't a bad 1on1 player as well ( Seems to play a little less than Matt and has a slightly better attitude as well (lol). Both are cool guys and exceptional players!
  2. Awh come on y'all. Ziggy is a good player, what'd you guys do to piss him off?
  3. I hear you regarding Latof. I remember back in the early 00's when he was getting pretty good, but still not competing at the high level. Nowadays tho, he is one of the very best soviet players on ra2. Latof and Marko are in a very select league.
  4. I also noticed the tech power plant and was going to say something about camping in that pinch point. Really, the reason I want to play this is because I want to camp using prism towers on the cliffs and shit, haha. No one would be able to attack my base that way.
  5. Realllllly interesting map here. I think this is a VERY creative map, and it has me wanting to play this map. With that being said, I think my biggest complaint about it would be the power that the south part holds. The relative money (and free paradrop to boot) make it an extremely lucrative power compared to the rest of the map. The person that owns that part of the map, will likely win 99% of the games as they will have likely 2x or more money than the opponent.
  6. Albert, go to the top right where you have a drop down menu on your logged in account name. Click Account Settings. From there, you can see "Signature" and then you can update it. I do not think images are allowed in signatures on CNCNET forums, but I'm not sure yet.
  7. Albert, it should be loaded onto your maps as it comes with CNCNET client.
  8. I can help out with this. I am on every day, but not for long periods of time. I can play a few arranged games with someone and report back almost everyday with the right person. Ideally, I'd have FB chat ability with a person to arrange games.
  9. I was only trying to express that your map was not a proper rendition of little big lake into 2on2 form. I still think your map is good! The map image that I presented does have it's errors as it has been discussed here: Yes, the issue occurs when players try playing a new map that they do not have in their map library. It will recon-error on start up sometimes (maybe all the time?). This is fixed by re playing the game. It happens with any map, not just yours, so it is a cncnet issue. You can talk to Grant here on the forums or maybe post in this topic: if you are concerned about it. However, I find it is not that big of a deal to just restart the game and since most common players know about it, they can expect it and just re connect quickly. Cheers!
  10. This is much more reasonable for LBL 2v2
  11. First, that is not a bug of the map, that is a bug that regularly occurs for all created maps on CNCNet, for whatever reason. Next, the map itself is nothing like Little big Lake. This map has oil derricks, tons of gems, is more darker, and just entirely overall not like the 1on1 map little big lake. With that being said, it's not a bad map, just wanted to point that out. There has been 2on2 creations of little big lake previously that were more accurate.
  12. I've played this map a number of times, didn't know it was recently made by resident scalpem. Great fun in 4on4 combat, very entertaining map.
  13. It was just curious noting the many different problems happening over the span of 30-45 minutes (especially getting kicked from my own game). It likely will be fixed, however, I just wanted to report the unusualness of the instances. I am sure it is back to normal now.
  14. So many "host error" bugs where 6/8 players are ready to go and host presses start but doesn't connect while all other players connect. Had this happen 3-4 times. Meanwhile, some game lag, but that could be not the server problem. Getting kicked out of my own game. Leaving games to enter other games only to see chat/players being kicked from my PREVIOUS games. Taking 1 minute to boot a player from game. Really rough right now.