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  1. JSDS dc'ing (the horror!)

    Yeah mate -- server seems to be doing it's job as you got the points correctly for the game and he lost correct points.
  2. I should probably talk about this in the correct topic... but to answer your question, there is a player base that really wants 'more creative' style maps that involve oil derricks. This has kind of been debated in the map topic thread. If you are strongly opinionated about this, I suggest finding 5 maps that you really disagree with and posing 5 replacements for them and see how the community reacts.
  3. Why? This seems to defeat the purpose. The people that do not want it to be shown, do not want their nickname to be known. The people that do want it to be shown, want to see who they are playing. If it is optional, that is precisely where we are now, where each player could chat in the game to see each others name. So 'optional' isn't really a good stance, unless im misinterpreting what you mean.
  4. Lets talk about noobs

    Yup, that's the truth... unfortunately Ra2/YR isn't like the easy to play games of Fortnite/RL/PUBG storming through the gaming world. You have to really love Ra2/YR in 2018 to get good at it. It sounds like you have a small interest tho -- best way is to find a buddy that's a pro on here, team up with them, have some fun and learn the game that way. As far as the barriers -- the way around them is to find 4-7 other people playing consistent games. Get in with them, and then you know you are getting games constantly with no lag. For me, the most fun I had on cncnet was when 7 other players and I were in a lobby together playing for 2-3-4 hours straight just non-stop good games.
  5. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    As far as deadman's go... it's one hell of an allied map IMO and most importantly is a very different map than the typical maps we see. It's balanced and doesn't tend to be an engi-kill fest either, so I think it's a pretty great map choice. Soviets only chance is to get supers/tech units on this map, but that doesn't mean they are at a severe disadvantage... they are still mighty with the IC+Nuke on there if done right, but that map with SW off is super-allied camp map. Face Down as Allies can be very frustrating, I agree... I've seen some great allied builds there, but it's easy for pro's to talk about how FD is OK with allies, but another thing for lower skilled players to try FD as allies against soviets. Not the easiest map to play... but at the same time, I'm not sure that I'd recc. taking it out.
  6. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Is there a reason why you can't do it when SW are on? That is the precise point of our last page of talking.
  7. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    It's early... and this is a small sample size... and this may have nothing to do about the SW on/off debate but... There are only two allied players in the top 20.... Vwww at rank 17 and "gg" at rank 20 and Vwww has played half or more of his games as soviets and gg has played half or more of his games as sovs/yuri. So, really can't be called allied players too much. There's 2 yuri players in the top 20. That means there's 16 hardcore soviets, 2 hardcore yuris, and 2 ehhh sometimes allied players. Just for what it's worth.
  8. QM issues

    My guess is that it is this one: https://ladder.cncnet.org/ladder/3-2018/yr/games/13529 Duration of 5 seconds and a loss.
  9. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    You read it wrong. I said I look forward to you kicking my ass in QM, not the other way around. So you don't have an argument here.
  10. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Why? I'm 26-25 this month and haven't played in 4 months (sans this QM period). What do you seek to prove? If you are losing (0-2) to me in QM, then you are not polished enough to be the champion of this ladder with the current set of players. You should have not lost to me based on our skills right now, but your lack of experience cost you twice. There's no debate that you are more skilled than me in our current states. I fail to see what a 1on1 series would prove.
  11. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    I did just successfully engi rush him on GSF. I'm sorry Matt -- when I saw GSF my eyes lit up with old time strategy. The engi walk on GSF is absolutely deadly and I created that strategy over 10 years ago... don't feel bad tho, that strategy is what got me many times clan rank 1 on Ra2 XWIS against players like Tommi/Steffen/Joku/Edd/Sash/w0nna and the like :p. No one expects it on GSF because people don't scout the outskirts of the map and focus entirely on the middle. I look forward to you kicking my ass in QM.
  12. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    "Overall the IC is pretty powerful, but almost all map's with bridges the chronosphere is better. If you take the IC away from Sov's late game it becomes almost impossible to deal with the clusterfuck of mirage/bf/prizim, only mass Siege deployed have a chance and on most map's allies can just go around them." In no world is the chronosphere ever better than the IC. Even on a map like Tsunami, IC is still preferable IMO. That's the only situation where it comes close to 50/50. Chronospheres 7-minute timer and the allied power plant absolutely kill it's usefulness. While by the time your first IC is ready you have an actual army to use.
  13. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    To be fair, I didn't mention any advantage... other than the map has a potential to become an endless battle and no one wants that in QM. DVG has a very high potential of both teams camping their respective side of the bridges and without supers it easily becomes a 'first person to attack loses' game. I particularly remember a game against ZigZag like this on XWIS YR QM when SW's were random (and off in this situation).
  14. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Yeah - SW's would have to always be on on maps like Hammer, Isle of war, and Death Valley. That's the way it was on XWIS YR. Those maps are awful SvA with SW off.
  15. What things make the ladder/ranked unappealing?

    Yeah... it is somewhat insulting to suggest I do not know the dynamic between soviets and allieds in this thread and to suggest that one merely needs to harass (but at the same time tech up on 4 miners as allieds). It's clear the META is pretty simple in SvA combat. Soviets go fast IC on most generalized maps, while allieds try to tech up if they are permitted. I've never seen a game where I can casually tech up as allieds, get my forces, and then fight. That's too be expected... but it's incredibly frustrating trying to do this every game when the sov IC is up in 3 minutes. As Kireek has pointed out, there are ways the soviets can combat late game allieds. Really, it's like a time bar in general... Soviets have the 100% advantage starting out and as every minute goes by the bar creeps to allieds advantage... Or at least it should in theory. With the IC in play, it basically makes it sov advantage entirely. Now, with that being said... I think Frequenzy makes a good point that in a ranked atmosphere it is important to have standards... So... do with that as you may. If I am the only one that is getting wrecked and a touch bored of the constant rush to IC, then so be it -- do not mind me and I will continue to enjoy QM in different ways (Rushing/ playing as sovs etc). But I have to imagine other (allied) players are bit peeved at constant IC battles.