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  1. Hello, So i see the command window? i am guessing that it is called with play offline, play online, skirmish, finalsun editor and settings. I click play offline and the game looks like it wants to load with a little black box on the my task bar then drops out Clicking the game.exe brings up with icon on the taskbar then it drops out doesn't even load I click on Settings and nothing happens sadly the computer hums try to load something up and it doesn't want to work Thank you Kirk
  2. Yes, I have and it loads up and then stops and doesn't go into the actual game
  3. Hey All, Windows 10 did an update that murdered my computer and i was halfway through a command and conquer binge. I installed Tiberian Sun and went to play it and got the menu freezes error. I have tried two unofficial patches, and they won't even start up the game anymore, tried running it in compatibility modes, tried running as administrator, tried deleting files/adding files and can't get it working. Before the update no issue everything worked and was having a grand old time, since the update and my computer dying i have had nothing but issues. So is there any last solutions to get this bad boy back up and running?
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