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  1. Hello, OP Tesla Coil weapon seems to be triggered only when Tesla Troopers is close. Is there a way to change when it is triggered? I even tried to add AssaultBolt weapon to units other than Tesla Troopers but it failed to trigger (although weapon is firing). Thank you.
  2. I played the video frame by frame again and I'm not sure if projectile reached him or not. Maybe the left Rhino has killed the engineer.
  3. Hello, In one of my online gaming, I killed an engineer while he was capturing the building I was selling. Also there were 2 Rhinos attacking him at the same time, so I was a little confused. Fortunately I was recording the whole match. Later, I watched the video frame by frame and the killing happened before one of the Rhino's projectiles reached him. I believe I killed the engineer by selling the structure. I uploaded a clip yesterday that shows this happens and I would like your opinions. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78VBxDfbyMU
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