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  1. Hi, While developing maps one has to try it on Skirmish maps list and verify its exact behavior. The problem is that one has to close YR client and start again to see the changes. For example map preview, map "brief" variables can only be verified such way. Even when new map is externally copied to "custom" folder, it does not appear on the YR client map list without restarting it. Would a "reload map list" button possible?
  2. I will unset as best answer. The problem is not solved. It repeated today on a fresh game installation, when first time updating (to 4.24) after installing CnCNet5_YR_Installer.exe. Screenshot is attached. Same as previous work around, by closing 'DTA Client (32 bit)' process under 'Background processes (107)' in the task manager, update can be continued.
  3. Yesterday while updating to 4.24, at first I thought it was not solved. Opened up the task manager, arranged everything for a screenshot and took one. I was opening browser to post it here and then the update continued. So I did not experience any major problem in the latest update. Though it took long time (around 2 to 3 minutes maybe) to proceed.
  4. One day I launched CnCNetClientYR.exe and had an update for version 4.22 waiting. I clicked on update. It showed a command window which said waiting for DTA client to exit to continue with the update. I waited for sometime and nothing moved. Then I opened TaskManager and closed DTA client. Then the update continued and the software was updated to 4.22 version. Today I saw an update for 4.23 version waiting and the same thing happened. Can't you (the updater software) kill DTA client before waiting for it to exit? Who is supposed to close it? DTA client does not show up anywhere other than the task manager while on this situation. If it happens again in the next update, I will surely take a snapshot and share.
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