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  1. BigTeddy9


    Anyone know why I can't connect this morning?
  2. BigTeddy9


    Fucking he'll, I'll see you on there at some point then lads. How do I change resolution to 17 boxes? Swear it used to be through the westwood patch but I've downloaded the game through this site so can't find it
  3. BigTeddy9


    Who else still plays mate? Is your name Joey or am I imagining it?😂
  4. C0rps are you still playing? I've just installed the game n wasn't expecting anyone to still play, god I've missed this game 😂 I'm gonna get Jake (l3onkers) to come back soon
  5. BigTeddy9


    On and off between 04-10, what players still play? I still remember about 50 lol
  6. BigTeddy9


    Does anyone still play? After talking about how much I used to love ts at work I decided to download it n have a few games. Be good to play with anyone that used to play -_-
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