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  1. Wow, Hileman lol. I can't remember the last time I saw that name.
  2. Lmao, no matter the game, he always spelled out insults/profanity on the map.
  3. I was informed of some incredibly depressing news by my friend, F0odli0n, that Fakemammy (Mike) passed away on December 2, 2020 at 31 years old. He was one of the very few people from TS that I had a connection with outside of the game and although we had a falling out, I know that he was, in reality, a very kind person underneath the volatile persona he displayed while playing. From the time Avan recruited me and Mike into his clan around 2005 or 6, we quickly became great teammates and friends. He was by far my favorite and best clan partner from 2006 until the time xwis shut down, and he remained a powerful ally for me into the start of cncnet. He was one of the top players of that era when he was on his A game, and pulled off many remarkable feats in the time I spent gaming with him. After Avan became busy in his personal life, I created my clan Karma, and together with Mike we recruited and trained so many people. He was always willing to teach anyone that had a genuine interest in improving their skills and helped a slowly dying game retain some of its player base over 10 years later. He was a very polarizing figure in the community due to his constant trolling by rapping in caps lock and early occasional trainer usage (he did stop using them after i threatened to quit clanning with him, and he used them more for trolling purposes than to actually win games). He alone is responsible for making Eatme quit TS, after Eatme's months of ladder pushing using cheatmaps and reconnection errors; Mike gave Eatme his only loss on the xwis ladder using an instant win trainer, causing him to spiral into a furious tantrum and finally leave forever. During the years I spent with Mike as my go-to teammate in clan battles, he managed to piss me off more than anybody I've ever known on this game. He would sometimes completely dominate our opponents from the start to where I didn't have to do much work at all, and other times intentionally let me get doubleteamed the entire game before finally stepping in and giving us the win. One game in particular that I will never forget, he made about 6 carryalls and picked up all of my harvesters, and flew them into enemy sams, just to make me rage. He is the reason that I grew so much as a player in the last days of xwis because he forced me to learn how to play from such a disadvantage, as his antics were always at random and for no reason whatsoever. Outside of TS, we constantly had heart to hearts about our lives and tried to help eachother out in dark times, offering insight, encouragement, and shared in one another's accomplishments. He even bought me starcraft 2 as a gift in 2009 after I had gotten out of a really shitty situation in my personal life. We laughed and fought more times than I can recall, and he was a person unlike any other I've had the privilege of meeting. He was someone that has created so many fond memories for me in the 14 years I knew him, and will forever be a highlight for me and an iconic figure in the history of Tiberian Sun & its community. You have made your mark on me and so many others and it will be remembered by us all. You are loved and missed my friend. -Joe If you have any fond memories with Mike that you can remember, feel free to share them with the rest of us.
  4. I decided it was about time I made some first person vods and uploaded them on youtube, more to come https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOl3YUYAuv5Yg6sYffauAhw Feel free to learn some things.
  5. Look you delusional nobody, you stroll on the forums after playing for a few months as if you know shit from piss calling almost everything a bug, not knowing the history of this game, its players, or any fundamentals, spewing your toxic inflammatory nothingness every. single. post. and somehow think you have anything credible or valid to say? And the sad part is you wont realize it, you are incapable of doing so. You dont read to absorb, you read to respond, you dont have the ability to grasp information and never have been able to. You are THE prime example of what i was referring to, this forum is full of empty false anecdotal who did whats and who owned who on the first tuesday of september, when you really dont know shit, at all. Also, nobody gives a single fuck about the remaining players constantly bickering, that isn't productive in the slightest and makes newer people not want to play ts. You and other people that don't add anything of value to the forum are to blame for its decline, along with the constant altering of the game. Now YOU shut up and stop blabbing your nonsensical idiocy.
  6. Funky or some mod, please close this topic and preserve any sort of dignity there may be left on this section of your forum.
  7. The original version was nonvet, which was made by Seb, so your drivel isn't relevant as you have 0 idea what Seb wants. I'd wager he wouldn't even bother speaking with you the way I don't because you love to come pollute posts with idiocy as per usual. Any actual productive posts from useful individuals are welcome.
  8. Is there a nonvet version of Seb's map "The Pit" anywhere? I can't seem to find it, but if anyone can forward it to me I'd like to use it for an upcoming idea of mine.
  9. Hi admins, this has probably been asked in the past, but I'm curious as to if it's possible to enable passwords for our logins?
  10. I'd love to have some games with you, I'll be on today on this log. Welcome back
  11. You're not following the very clearly worded post where I pointed out how you blamed someone else for not checking the settings prior to playing a game set by a random host. Jesus, you can't be that dense. Anywho, back to disregarding you now.
  12. So it's my fault that an unknown person set a game with low credits and you're mad that I actually looked at the settings before the game started while you didn't? Must be another bug, right? Lol. Mods might as well close this topic, there's 0 point in entertaining these ramblings.
  13. Out of boredom I'll reply I guess... So by not having these imaginary rules that you and other modders try to set prior to a game starting, that implies that there ARE rules.....? Is that actually what you are saying? And by nobody joining my games, do you mean YOU not being allowed? Lol. "Look at the $ count in a noob game?" So you mean by me informing new players what the standard settings are and helping them get acquainted with not having essentially unlimited funds, that's me "doing anything for a win"? Lol. As far as Ray beating me, I'm sorry, were you even allowed in any games that Ray and I have had? Do you know our record? Are you even capable of taking a building off me in a 1v1, with this attempt at riding someone else's games as if its your own. Lol. Just an entire topic of laughs, why is this here?
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