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  1. c0rpsmakr

    Mammoth AI changed?

    Thank you for bringing this up Sol, the new change drastically changes the meta allowing for people without decent control to be able to do things they shouldn't just by targeting the ground with mk.
  2. c0rpsmakr


    Happy New Year! xwis has been gone as far as the ts sector for years now. come on cncnet , but dont fall victim to the giants map games, its the new version of battle day8 but so much worse.
  3. c0rpsmakr


    Wow, welcome back!
  4. c0rpsmakr

    command issue

    Yes, in fact this is the exact opposite issue I have at the start of the game, where I'm Q scouting and several of the clicks dont register and I have to redo a bunch of them over again for multiple units. Also, several ts players, along with me, experience units continuing in the same path after we command them to go elsewhere, as if we never told them to change course. This next issue is something that TS has had for decades, but it would be cool if cncnet created a fix for it. When selecting a group of units, especially planes, regularly 1-3 of them don't travel along with the rest of the group when commanded to do so. It typically happens with 6+ planes.
  5. c0rpsmakr

    command issue

    What information is needed? Its a recurring issue with multiple players where commands arent listened to by units. What needs to be noted for the next time it happens?
  6. c0rpsmakr

    command issue

    No response in this topic? Got it, thanks.
  7. c0rpsmakr

    command issue

    There seems to be a lot of problems lately with commanding units to do something and it not working. Is there something that can be done to resolve this, as it's really not fun to play, especially when you're forced to click multiple times to do the same command. For instance, when controlling infantry today, I commanded them to go somewhere, but they continued to go in the direction that i previously told them to. It's not just me that this is happening to.
  8. c0rpsmakr


    I already said this, but welcome
  9. c0rpsmakr


    yeah, you dont need to do all that now. when you log on cncnet, go to settings, then tiberian sun, and you can change your resolution right there in the lobby.
  10. c0rpsmakr

    Old Ts Forums

    Yes, bring jake back lol. Yeah I do, i play it a couple nights a week, but there are quite a few that still play
  11. c0rpsmakr


    lol Joe, yes. Tight4lif (using redrumurder), cambriaaa, avan, mola, t0nyblair, and others still play
  12. c0rpsmakr


    Lol wow, welcome back teddy
  13. c0rpsmakr

    Old Ts Forums

    wow, great post mole (there's a second one for you to take a ss of lol). I totally forgot cncwarzone turned into gamerwarzone and I forgot about t1tanrush, he was one of the original annoying players lol
  14. c0rpsmakr

    Old Ts Forums

    Just some fun bits of TS history and community from ages passed. Found one of the older forums that we used when xwis was active, lots of entertaining and nostalgic reads there: http://xwis.net/forums/index.php?/forum/388-tiberian-sun-firestorm/ This was one of the earliest forums that European players used before xwis: http://www.united-forum.de/tiberian-sun-f87/ The others we used that I don't think are active anymore were: cncgamer (This was the primary forum after stefor shut down champ-site.) gamerwarzone (This was where we all migrated to after cncgamer shut down.) cncreloaded (If I remember correctly, this was the site that hosted the WUU server, which was used during one of the earlier times that xwis crashed, but people stopped using it because it was rumored that a player by the name of Revolt was hacking people who used it. This was when I was like 12, so I can't remember if this was true or not.) tibfields (I believe about half of the players began using tibfields while the other half of the community used gamerwarzone after cncgamer shut down.) champ-site (One of the earliest created by stefor. It kept getting hacked and he eventually got tired of it and decided to shut it down.) If any of the older players have any others that I'm missing, feel free to drop them in. I think dan3157 had some nuggets that he pulled from waybackmachine or something to find old pages.
  15. c0rpsmakr

    Is 1 ref'ing something thats frowned upon in TS?

    This will be my last time responding to you, whoever you are. Don't cherry pick statements out of my comments and twist them, as I clearly stated that 1 reffing is fair, it is just entirely gimmicky and for those wanting to actually improve, it won't allow someone to grow if they only utilize the skills that are necessary in very short games. And from your posts, it's clear that you aren't someone who has been playing to the point where they have a good understanding of how everything works.