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  1. Ok thank you for your help. I actually got the game running yesterday. Just as you said it needed a long time to load and I cannot interrupt it by clicking somewhere for instance. Other missions loaded quicker but every few minutes the screen freezes but the game keeps running. It can solve it by returning to desktop and then opening the game again but it is not ideal. I also tried shutting down al background software that I have but it did not seem to matter. When I have a final solution I will you know.
  2. Hello, Yes I exited the game before saving the log. I started the log before i started the game, and it is constantly searching for game.exe when the log is on. So 6 seconds is from the moment that the game starts as a whole to breakdown. How do I start TiSun in windowed mode? My anti virus is AVG free. I have no other problems with my pc being slow, the game is even installed on a SSD disk.
  3. Ok done, I think. I have attached the logfile. /edit the logfile is from starting the game, to starting a skirmish ingame, to crash. Logfile.rar
  4. Yes skirmish works via the CnC lobby. Ingame it has the same problem as with the campaign. Creating a exe copy does not work unfortunately.
  5. Hello, First of all you guys do a great job with keeping these strategy games alive! I always wanted to play Tiberian Sun; when it came out the game was too difficult for me. I bought The First Decade when it came out but here Tiberian Sun was unplayable due to a high number of defects. I thought I give a change again using your website, but as the title implies I cannot get Tiberian Sun to run on Windows 10. I have installed all of your patches, updated my Nvidea 970 Card drivers. The Skirmish mode works. But when I want to start with the campaign it get stuck on the loading screen, saying: ''creating theories on likely enemy plan'' I hope you have some suggestions on how to fix this problem.
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