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  1. @Nyerguds That is exactly the missing info I needed! I just didn't know that the MRF files had that mapping. Updating my code now. Many thanks!!!
  2. Slowly continuing the process of doing screen shot compares and trying to come up with the shadow color mapping. Here is my latest list: 55 -> 249 58 -> 240 60 -> 240 66 -> 241 67 -> 241 68 -> 241 70 -> 242 72 -> 243 77 -> 242 78 -> 243 79 -> 243 80 -> 244 81 -> 244 84 -> 244 189 -> 243 @Nyerguds I still feel some of your work must already have this mapping figured out? Anywhere you can point me to for this mapping?
  3. (Having a lovely conversation with myself here). More mappings I think I've figured out: 58 -> 240 60 -> 240 67 -> 241 70 -> 242 So maybe it's a range of original colors that map to the same shadow color? Continuing to compare screenshots......
  4. By manually pulling screenshots and comparing, I _think_ I've at least determined that palette index 70, maps to 242. And then looking at Nyerguds FilterCreator files, I see there a units.mrp file, which might have the info I'm looking for? Because it has this line Indices=240,241,242,243,244,245,246,247,248,249,250,251,252,253,254 which has 242. So does that then mean 68 maps to 240, 69 maps to 241, 70 maps to 242, etc? I'll keep manually doing screenshots compares and see if this pans out. But anyone feel free to jump in with help.
  5. I'm programming my own remake of the original C&C. I'm able to draw a map and units on the map. All my units are currently being drawn with green pixels instead of a proper shadow. I'm currently trying to figure out how to render them with the proper shadow. I previously asked this question, https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/3922-color-palette-for-nod/, and was able to remap the colors properly to draw units with Nod colors I'm hoping that handling shadow is similar to this. Based on reading other posts and looking at the MRF Filter Creator tool, https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/2253-mrf-creation-tool-finished/?tab=comments#comment-19244, I _believe_ it's the case that the palette entries for shadow are the 31 values from E0 to to FE in a palette file. But what I'm not sure of is what offsets those palette entries get mapped to when trying to draw shadows. Can anybody provide more guidance here?
  6. DummyMike

    Password reset

    I've forgotten my password for my account and the password reset seems to not be working(I created this temporary dummy account to login and ask this question). When I indicate that I've forgotten my password, it prompts me to enter my email address and says it will email me password reset instructions. But it's been several hours and I have not received the email. -Mike
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