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  1. Amazing man, totally awesome. Havent begun playing yet, but all menus work and i made my way into being able to create my custom large map with extreme amounts of tiberium!!!!! This is what internet was invented for. Holy holidays I wish FunkyFresh some real nice things to happen for you. Thank you alot, from Sweden
  2. I just want to be able to play my old and "cracked" version of Tib Sun, not the updated version. I play "Skirmish" as NOD and win every time, but listen to music in the background, and relax. I want the game to be as it was without the update. I want to be able to create "unlimited maps" (the click and redraw trick for more ore) (Infact I used to like the actual redrawing of maps too, since my cpus got faster and faster, from about 40 seconds per mapload down to below 1 second last time i played) Is there any fix for win 10? Standalone from your cncnet? Perhaps any emulator type of sorts? Any idea? I remember I tried some fixes from "majorgeeks" when I updated to win 10, but they didn't work. My game loads to start screen, and music works, but I can't see the menus where to chose "skirmish" and so on. The menu is there, because mouse is visible and I hear the sound of my click, but no new menu loads. Advice?
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