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  1. Hi Forum newbie here Hi all, Ive downloaded the origin ultimate collection version of tiberium sun + Firestorm . When i first tried to run it i experienced a full screen display of the mock EVA setup video, but on hitting esc to get to the game menu the westwood logo vid and game selection menu only appear as circa 1/4 of the full display in the screen centre. firestorm is beyond selection but on starting tiberium sun its menus also suffer the same problem (only the upper left quadrant being visible) I modded the compatibility -> win xp sp3, colour detail -> 16bit, and 'run as admin' for each .exe in the game folder. added a video section to the .ini to specify 800x600 in ra2 syntax??? applied your patch And selected each of the graphic modes in turn with different resolution combos 640 x400 800x600 1024 x 800? (dont quote me on the resolutions..) to no avail I thought getting Ra2 and Yuri's Revenge going was a pita, Can someone please advise as what to try next? Many thanks in advance..
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