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  1. Has anyone had issues with building the spinning discs in Yuris Revenge? I am using the Origin version(Command and Conquer 17) and I've noticed there is no option to build spinning discs during skirmishes when playing as the Yuri faction. Also, I cannot build the Yuri tech center. Even after tweaking the .ini files, The spinning discs never show up in the side bar when playing. So, there is no option available to produce them. CnC.net is an amazing application all in all. Being able to play on Windows 10 is a miracle in itself . Still though, it would be nice to have all aspects of the original game playable. Please let me know if anyone has a workaround for this issue. Thanks again
  2. Greetings, I am so glad to finally have the ability to play Yuris Revenge on my Windows 10 operating system, via CnC.Net. One issue I am having is with the Yuris Revenge expansion pack. The version I am using is the (E.A.) Origin Command and conquer 17 edition. If playing as the Yuri faction, I cannot seem to build the Yuri Tech center and also I cannot build the floating disc ufo's. I have actually tried to edit the configuration settings (Rules ini) to change the prerequisites to where only the Yuri weapons factory was needed. Either way, it seems impossible to build the floating discs. The icon to build them simply never show up in the side bar. They do not exist when running the game. Can someone please help me with this? Everything else seems to work perfectly. Thank you in advance
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