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  1. You said you're willing to spend between $500 and $700 and then you settle for a laptop that costs $1,200?? What a pointless thread 🙄
  2. Never heard of it? That doesn't surprise me. Dark Reign was a big deal in Australia, New Zealand and Germany back in 1997. There was even an expansion that came out a year after initial release. Published by Activision and Developed by Auran. Created in the back of a fish & chip shop in Brisbane, Australia - Dark Reign is among the most oft-overlooked entries into our beloved genre. And it's good, really good! Good enough that people still play it in 2019. So I'm posting here to let ya'll know the multiplayer community for this hidden-gem of an RTS is in full swing . There's even been a community patch released in Jan 2019. The first in over a decade! Fully Windows 10 compatible, working online multiplayer, a fully featured single-player campaign. Dark Reign has everything you would want from a retro RTS made contemporary. Perhaps you're an old fan of Dark Reign, or just curious about what it has to offer? It's a fantastic RTS among the best in the genre. Come and check out the community in the discord at https://discord.gg/fhgQwub or visit the community websites @ http://www.darkreign.ws , https://www.darkreignws.com Feel free to comment below any other overlooked RTS games from the 1990's era that still have a thriving multiplayer community. A few that you may already be familiar with; War2.ru, NetstormHQ and Populous: Reincarnated. I would like to consider the rebooted Dark Reign community as like a 'sister project' to CNCnet and its ilk. The people behind the project are hard at work to deliver the same level of quality as our dear CNCnet. There's even a community trailer; https://youtu.be/Oo6ZAqDUTJM I hope to see you on the battlefield soon
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