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  1. I have the latest tiberian sun game download from the link on this site. I have activated the core defender as buildable from the firestorm ini files and even managed to get it redeployable into the folded away structure version (I'm a total modding noob so this is a surprise) For fairness I set the build limit to 1 for both building the structure version and the unit from the war factory with the idea that you can never have more than 1 defender at a time. But there's a way round it if you build one, and deploy into the other the other version becomes available to build once again (obviously the trigger is whether the game can still detect another in the exact same state). So you can basically fool the game into letting you build lots by deploying it if its the vehicle (turning it into the structure version with the game no longer detecting the unit version and letting another become buildable). Sorry for the essay type post but my question is, how can I program the game to let me build only 1 core defender whether that be in the deployed state or undeployed state? Also is there a more recent download on here that restores the missing animations from the nod war factory (flashing lights above door) and civilian array (extra dishes rotating) etc? As the one I have from here doesn't have these animation fixes. Thanks
  2. Hi there. New to the forum and first time poster but long term cnc fanatic from day 1. Recently downloaded the first 3 games from this great site and have added several bits to the ini files like enabling sandbags and allowing them to link up, spotlight alarm tower etc. I want to maybe fix the building animations such as the nod war factory lights and civilian array graphics etc but all patches I've seen seem to overhaul the ini files and I fear my mods will be wiped out. So my question really is, is there a way to fix just the animations with a patch and not lose my changes? I saw on one persons video he was able to build the firestorm units on original tiberian sun after downloading a patch which fixed the animations and more, and I like to keep the game true to the original for the most part. Bit of a noob with this modding so apologies if this is a daft question. Thanks
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