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  1. Hey, as someone who's just started playing others I appreciate this topic. I've been getting bored with playing "hard AI" in skirmish mode, so the last few days I've started to play real people. It's a whole different beast! Is there any kind of FAQ (general etiquette, things people expect, etc.) for playing with others on Cncnet? Kikematamitos, I knew a lot of those commands, but I definitely learned some from watching your video, thanks!
  2. InTents

    Brutal AI

    Thanks for the answer!
  3. InTents

    Brutal AI

    Hi, I bought YR a couple of months ago and have been playing it lately on my own in skirmish mode, so please forgive me is this is a noob question. I noticed that some youtube videos have a "brutal" AI. I can only seem to select up to "hard". Is there a way I can access a more difficult AI? I run the 4.26 CNCnet version of YR. Thanks
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